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46 Years

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Gujarati, Hindi, Marathi, English

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Healin Temple

Dr. Atul K. Shah is an M.D. in Allopathy and a Radiologist from Bombay University. He has been a medical doctor for 45 years now; with wide experience in treatment & diagnostic methods in Allopathy as well as Alternative and Complementary Therapies. He is also trained in M.R.I. (Magnetic Resonance Imaging) at different hospitals in USA. He was honorary assistant professor of Radiology in Bombay University. He also has training in ‘Lifestyle Medicine; from the Harvard Medical School, Boston, USA.  For last 35 years, he is practicing & making & researching Indian Himalayan Flower Remedies which are featured in five International Flower essences encyclopedia. He is researching Bio –energy remedies, Health Hazard of Electromagnetic Pollution, Environmental stress, Bio Nano- technology etc.Due to his allopathic background, he has an advantage and privilege of treating various kinds of patients with a variety of diagnosis and so called incurable diseases. He has been frequently invited along with his doctor wife to deliver Guest lectures at various national and International conferences and seminars on Alternative and Complementary therapies. Together, they have opened a health center called as ‘Healin’ Temple’ in the heart of Mumbai city. Here they offer consultation, therapies, products and workshops. He will be very soon starting a teaching course in alternative medicine for medical doctors in a university.

He has delivered lectures at International Flower Remedies Essences Conference in Australia, Canada, U.K., USA, Germany, Italy, France, Spain, Switzerland, Brazil, Greece, Portugal and India. He has been featured in ‘Bombay times’ several times, Mumbai mirror,  also in many other newspapers and magazines. He is been interviewed on Kiran Kher Show, Amul India Show, Better world T.V. Show in New York, Long Island Radio, National radio in the USA and Radio Mid Day. He was featured in the popular TV program called as ‘Mano Ya Na Mano’, ZeeTV & ITV, New York

His other interests are reading, music and cooking.

His ultimate dream in life is to bring about a major revolution through bio-energy remedies in healing human beings, animals and Agriculture by offering his groundbreaking research work in bio-energy nano- technology.


Previous Experience

As a radiologist, was giving services to many charitable centers across Mumbai.


MBBS, MD( Radiology). DMRI.


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