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Sangeeta Sahi

Dr. Sangeeta Sahi is an Integrative Medical Doctor and Anti-aging Consultant, who graduated from the Christian Medical College in India, and Whipps Cross Hospital, London, UK. In addition, she received a Master of Business Administration (MBA) degree from ESSEC in Paris, France. Dr. Sahi is a pioneering medical physician who combines her formal medical training with a host of dynamic complementary and alternative therapies in her practice of Integrative Medicine. She has created a specific program for individuals experiencing Cancer and autoimmune diseases using her particular integrated approach. This program is called Conscious Cancer®.

Integrative Medicine reaffirms the importance of the relationship between the practitioner and patient, and emphasizes wellness and healing of the whole person. The physical, mental, social, spiritual, environmental, and other states of being are considered as primary goals. Conventional and Complementary Alternative Medical approaches are used to deliver the most comprehensive patient care. Dr. Sahi uses conventional and complementary alternative medical approaches to deliver the most appropriate and integral patient care. Individuals are made responsible and involved in their own health.

During her medical training, Dr Sangeeta Sahi was most interested in spontaneous and scientifically unexplainable “miraculous” physical healings, which she observed happening to some of her patients. This inspired and led her to study and research alternative and complementary medicine with the highest Spiritual Masters from the Himalayas, the Americas, and across Europe. These modalities include Ayurveda, Massage therapy, Kundalini Yoga and Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), along with PsychoSpiritual counseling.

The pursuit of scientific understanding of these complementary, human modalities led her to research and work with renowned doctors using biophysics and quantum physics applications in their treatments of patients, specifically in California and England. Her research led her to further studies of the quantum energetic effects of the human DNA, and the influence of these effects in the daily life of an individual. Dr. Sahi further researched the effects of brain waves on people’s memory, learning abilities, and their super-sensory intuitive and healing skills. It became clear to her that each human being is a unique and complex integrated system of biochemistry, genetics, thoughts, emotions, and ultimately, Consciousness. She continued her work by incorporating the models of PNEI (PsychoNeuroEndocrinoImmunology – the effects of thoughts on the nervous, endocrine and immune systems of the body) and Epigenetics (the study of changes in organisms caused by modification of genetic expression, rather than alteration of the genetic code), combined with nutritional therapy. With this knowledge, she created a customized Antiaging program for her individual patients.

As well as being a Medical Doctor, she is a specialist in the fields of anti-aging, biophysics and electromagnetic resonance therapy. She has integrated Western and Eastern medicine with her experiences and has given educational courses in England, USA, India, Dubai, France, Spain, Italy and Israel touching thousands of lives. She believes that if Mind, Spirit and Body are balanced as a whole, then it is possible to cure illnesses. Dr. Sahi has been trained by the worlds leading masters in Kundalini Yoga and Mantra (Sound Therapy) and has a profound understanding of the Human Essence, mind and body and their workings as a unified whole with the Natural and Universal laws.

In addition to her private practice and consultation in London and Istanbul, Dr. Sahi teaches internationally both her Conscious Cancer® program and ageing reversal techniques. She is also particularly interested in working with children and teenagers who are experiencing emotional problems or nervous system and biochemical dysfunction. This highly specialised practice helps bring these troubled young people back to a balanced life.

Previous Experience

Owner, Teacher & Consultant, Conscious Cancer®

13-Step Program for patients with cancer and autoimmune diseases through support across all

aspects including physical, emotional, mental and spiritual support resulting in health, and an empowering, purposeful life:

Create films, media presentations, documentaries and educational videos focusing on socio- cultural issues, global health and genetics within diverse geo-cultural communities.

Consistently expand program through introduction of various tools, curriculums, teaching materials, videos, products, audio lessons, individual programs and digital media platforms.

Work closely with children and parents with focus on autism, ADHD, emotional issues and mental disturbances; utilising natural and herbal remedies with zero toxic effects.

Consultant to various communities and groups for teachings and to communicate tools for chronic problems such as depression, diabetes, relationship issues and body weight issues.

Oversee brand marketing aspects including updating website, digital and product marketing.

Utilise complex homeopathic remedies orally and mesotherapeutically with great success.

Lecturer/teacher on bioregulatory and integrative medicine for students such as medical

doctors and health practitioners with lessons developed from initial concepts to completion.

Clients globally from London, Istanbul, New Delhi, Mumbai, California, Dubai and Australia.

Guest Speaker/Keynote Speaker at various conferences, seminars and presentations. 


Conscious Cancer® Conferences & Keynote Speaker, Israel, Turkey, Portugal, India

Brain & Body Reprogramming, UK, USA, Dubai, India, UAE

Recipient: Ambassador for Peace Award, Interreligious & International Federation for

World Peace (2010)

Universal Dimensions & Individual Evolution, London College of Spirituality

Intuitive Anatomy, UK, USA, India

Use of Herbs & Oils, UK, USA, India

Astrobiology Lecturer, Japan

Keynote Speaker, International Conferences focusing on health and wellbeing 


MBBS Bachelor of Medicine & Surgery (Doctor of Medicine), Christian Medical College, India

MBA International Luxury Brand Management, ESSEC, France

Live Blood Analysis, Microscopy Practitioner’s Association, UK

Energy Field Imaging with Polycontrast Interference Photography (PIP) 

Reviews & Testimonials

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05 Jul 18

Minoti Banthia

Amazing and at the same time very easy and relatable processes..! Something very new to me but surprisingly very effective..

Sangeeta's way of explanation is very precise and clear and leaves no space for doubt...reflects her rich experience over years...


I was suffering from anxiety issues since morning..


After doing the process felt a lot of calm and went into deep relaxation for almost 15 minutes..

Experienced very prominent energy shifts..


Thanks much !

04 Jul 18

Anita sachdev

The focus on self is not new. However the short meditation with the focus on 2 inches below navel helped me to go deeper to find the answers and mind....waiting for my answers though...

04 Jul 18

Arpita vora

Dr. SANGEETA,  it was simply wonderful to learn from you. The process really worked amazingly great. Your explanations are super . You explained things in such a understandable manner which was v necessary  n important. I feel so free n started understanding better myself. It's so super that each time you want to know something you go within n find out. You showed that it's v imp to know thyself n it's v easy too. Bless you. 

03 Jul 18

Meher P. Pavri

While we ve bin thru only the first two days with Sangeetha out of four, she draws me to listen very carefully to wht she says and actually put it into practice. Just realised for d first time that thr is diff betwen doing something unsconsiously and then consciously with full intent. Will continue to follow Sangeeta. Thx  U inspire me

04 May 18

Ranjaliee Siingh

????????????Thank you Dr Sangeeta you are a very good speaker, you were so clear and addressed the issue to the mark. I am a cancer survivor so understood what you were trying to convey. Very motivational and positive approach to cancer.Patients with cancer keep cribbing and think life has come to an end, but they should realise that no doubt it is a deadly disease but being positive and happy you fight half of the problems and give your caretakers hope and energy.My husband also passed away with prostrate cancer , unfortunately it was detected quite late in the 4th stage but he still fought it for 3 yrs. Sangeeta’s approach is so good and helps to overcome depression and a lot more side effects that come along with this disease.

Bless you, with love...

01 May 18

Dr Radha Raghavan

Dr Sangeeta is truly a healer using both western and eastern traditions to heal a person.A no nonsense no mumbo jumbo approach to a disease is given by her.Simple yet effective

Thank you



30 Apr 18

Pooja Kohli

If you're looking for a Dr who's wholly there with you, explaining the steps and guiding you through each one.....Then you've reached the correct person.......Dr Sangeeta Sahi is the Dr for you. Combining in-depth  medical knowledge with a holistic approach for an all-round healing, is what sets her apart from others of her fraternity. She combines various modules to perfect the healing into curing.

30 Apr 18

Shoba Dsouza

Thank you so much ... I had been working for FDC the makers of ELECTRAL and also suggesting it everyone to take this sachet ..not knowing I need to take it for the spasms and aches I myself have ... Thank you Dr Sangita for recommending me to take ELECTRAL ... Your remedial for other issues too shared in the group are awesome and bang on ... :)

30 Apr 18

Bhumika Manoj Chandiramani

Dr.SangeetA ur guidance was really helpful. 

Thanku for ur guidance and prompt reply to my query... 


I will surely apply ur suggestion and work upon it. ..


Thanku and loads of blessings to u... 

30 Apr 18

Bhumika Manoj Chandiramani

Dr.Sangeeta ur guidance was really very helpful. And also for ur prompt reply to my query. 

Thanku for ur help I will surely apply and ur guidance is really helpful...

28 Apr 18

Jasleen Salvi

" I met Dr Sangeeta Sahi in mid 2017. I was going through a very bad patch in my life, when I attended her workshops. It was clear from the start that she is a very genuine, unique and wise individual, besides being a medical doctor.

During her classes, and individual consultations with her, I could feel the organs in my body healing, even karmic, past life connections!

With this, all my fears healed, eg fear of water, roads, heights.

I used to have a lot of pain in my mid and upper back pain, and kidney issues. I used to experience bleeding while urinating. It was so painful, and I was experiencing emotional and mental torture from some of the people around me. I felt like I had gone mad, even had suicidal thoughts.

But when I met Dr Sangeeta Sahi, I knew God had heard my prayers!

After attending her seminars,  life feels like a miracle. I never catch a cold, throat infection, or fever. I don't take any allopathic medicine, and I know how to allow my body to heal itself, and my body responds! There are no more pains or kidneys issues or mental traumas. All gone!"

28 Apr 18

Supriya Addepalli

Hello Dr Sangeetha


I am an Access Consciousness Bars Facilitator and a practitioner of few other modalities. Had started learning Access for my dad, who was a lung cancer patient . Almost one year intense struggle for him and the family too,  left me specially with lot of unanswered questions.

I got clarity on many of them and i enjoyed my personal session with her .

The program is very simple, highly effective and her expertise in both fields comes out, i.e. as a doctor and healer.  She has explained everything in extremely scientific manner for which i am grateful to her. I am sure her work will heal many many patients and their families. Thank you Sangeetha, thank you for choosing this path.

Warm Regards

Supriya Addepali

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