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Geetu Thakur

Geetu Thakur is an energy healer based in Andheri, Mumbai. She practices Shamanism, Jin Shin Jyutsu, Sounds of Shiva Family Constellations and other modalities that bring about subtle shifts in the energies of a person..

Previous Experience

An MBA professional and entrepreneur


Angel Therapy Practitioner certified by Dr. Doreen Virtue

Angel Teacher certified by Diana Cooper

Reconnective Healing certified by Dr. Eric Pearl

Sound Healing certified by Chintan Dalal

Sounds of Shiva certified by Prasenjit Kamble

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16 Dec 19

Prutha Soman

Geetu's guidance is always accurate. I have connected with her on many occasions and the answers always resonated with me. I have benefitted by her Reconnective Healing sessions and have also recommended it to my close friends. Thank you Geetu, and keep up the great work. 

06 Nov 17


Thank you for the much needed guidance, it felt so accurate, would definitely work on that



05 Aug 17


Thank you so much for your valuable time and knowledge... It was a beautiful and interesting learning experience...

03 Aug 17


It was a great learning experience and my first session ever on the miraculous power of nature. I just loved it. Tysm for giving this opportunity. The biggest thing in life is to share the knowledge that you have . Stay blessed and may god fulfill all your dreams and desires

03 Aug 17

Hansa Nandu

In the whatsapp group I  came to know her talent. She is sweet, simple and silent. Her knowledge of dream catcher and animal spirit amazed me. Before this I never knew that animal spirit is so hlepful and meaning ful. I asked her a question and the response was really nice, it was in detail and to the point. Thank you geetu . Love you.

03 Aug 17


Thanks for your valuable time and your simplicity in explaining the matter which makes it very easy to recollect and apply 

03 Aug 17

Nadir Baji Karbhari

Many thanks for your time and efforts to share your knowledge on the WhatsApp Group. It was really nice to read your responses to our queries and make us understand more without being overbearing


03 Aug 17

Sayantani Dutta

Attended a WhatsApp workshop conducted by Ms. Thakur regarding dreamcatchers, animal spirit guides and the practice of shamanism. This was my introduction to this world of knowledge and healing, and the information shared by Ms. Thakur was insightful, yet practical and has certainly piqued my interest in this subject. Will look forward to exploring more of this subject on my own, and hopefully with you in the future. Thank you for opening the doors to this fascinating world!

03 Aug 17

Pravin Lalka

Thank you Geetu for sparing your valuable time. Gratitude 

Stay Blessed. 


03 Aug 17

Venu Kothari

It is always a pleasure interacting with Geetu. She manages to make one feel very comfortable with the healing process.

I have benefited by her becoming a part of my life. 

Thank you Geetu 


03 Aug 17


Thank-you Ms. Geetu,. It was an enriching session to know so much about what power animals can actually give us so much information about what is happening in our life....looking forward to learn more from you in further sessions. Wishing you all the success.


02 Aug 17


Thank you so much Geetu ji. Your knowledge about power animals....and Ur intuition are really remarkable. So bang on.

Divine blessings to u 

02 Aug 17


Its been wonderful sesions with Geetu. So interesting all that we have learn from her about power animals and other topics. Looking forwad to learn more from her about huna stones and others topics. She has lots of knowlege to learn from. Thanks a lot Geetu.

02 Aug 17

Radha narayanan

Attended a Animal spirit workshop on whatsapp with Geetu and learnt some cool and nice concepts regarding animal wisdom.Geetu has a lot of knowledge regarding the same and also answers questions patiently.

Thank you Geetu!!


19 Sep 16

Aditi Kanwar Parmar

I would like to thank Geetu for doing voluntery work for our NGO, Touching lives. She has conducted 2 workshops - Dream catcher and Chakra healing.

The way you teach is simple enough for children to understand. The concepts that you cover are always in sync with our philosophy and something that we want to teach children.  Your presence bring calmness, it energizes the space and all of us instantly.

Thank you for being an important source of Learning and Being, for us and our children. 

19 Sep 16

Aditi Kanwar Parmar

I would like to thank Geetu for doing voluntery work for our NGO, Touching lives. She has conducted 2 workshops - Dream catcher and Chakra healing.

The way you teach is simple enough for children to understand. The concepts that you cover are always in sync with our philosophy and something that we want to teach children.  Your presence bring calmness, it energizes the space and all of us instantly.

Thank you for being an important source of Learning and Being, for us and our children. 

15 Sep 16


Recently had a reading with Geetu and it has been one of the best experiences. Geetu is warm, easy to talk to, very intutive and absolutely great with what she does! Thanks Geetu, It's been a magical and lovely session. 

12 Sep 16

Meghaa Dattani

Hei All... Today I want to say Thank You and Gratitude to Nidhu and Geetu specially for healing me and listening to me in and out.. And getting me here in a month's time at A Happy Space.. 

Geetu.. Special Thank You to you for getting me out of net of turbulence that I was in since last so many years.. I feel positive and my outlook towards things and people have changed gradually and for sure.. I take decisions and am happy that people around have started accepting at some point understanding it is betterment for all.. I today feel I can take a step forward confidently and I don't need past people and instances in my life anymore that I clingy to.. 

People if you are reading this lengthy message.. To you all.. I have learnt one or two things which we all speak about but applying is an issue are -  to leave things ( which seems difficult but anyone can form new habit ) and to stay and think positive ( again but difficult to hold on to but possible ) to move forward and trust your DAMN Instincts ! Also make sure you take care about yourself first and than all others! 


01 Sep 16


All my interactions with Geetu have been nothing short of insightful and filled with accurate readings and much needed guidance which have been most helpful for me. Thank you Geetu!

27 Jul 16

Monica Mehra

Geetu  is one of those rare gems who combines professionalism with empathy and sensitivity to create genuine results.Sessions with her bring everything that you are in denial about, to the fore.Her  good listening and deep understanding help to tackle challenges accurately. I recognize Geetu as one of a handful therapists who really gets to the root of a problem and eliminates it. I have tremendous faith in her. I am grateful for all the remarkable changes she has helped me to bring into my life.And what amazes me most is how every sesssion is so full of positivity!

24 Jul 16

Shriya Ghate

Geetu is an effective healer, who is both subtle and forthright. She is strict when the need be and will jolt you out of your state of mind when you can't see the answer that is right in front of you!

My last reading with Geetu was at the Mystic Lotus Healing festival. I was feeling low and confused, muddled and angry. Geetu gave me an honest reading and although the answers involved things I did not want to hear, it was necessary that I did. Geetu's reading helped me change my perspective and needless to say I received the clarity and relief that I was looking for. 

I would urge anyone looking for clarity and answers to take a session with Geetu.  


19 Jul 16


Geetu I have seen grow spiritually . I know her from before she was chosen by the Angels to use them to help make a difference in people's lives. I always knew and felt that she was a light worker. 

I have had an opportunity to learn under the guidance of Geetu and also have been guided by her through her readings and powerful intuitions. Her guidance was always helpful and did wonders for me. I can say that Geetu is blessed and everyone that comes across her is very blessed.

19 Jul 16


I have known Geetu for the last few years and have been going to her regularly for readings.Geetu is extremely intuitive and her readings are precise and to the point.The messages she gives me are always accurate and whenever I have a problem she  always has a solution which makes me feel better straight away.She is always ready to help .I would always recommend Geetu to someone who is in need of healing for she is a true healer.

05 Jul 16


I was introduced to Geetu through my aunt. It was the time when life had decided to challenge me in every way possible and I was in desperate need of healing and guidance. Something made me get in touch with Geetu and I think it was the best decision I made. Geetu very patiently helped me uncover my life and helped me progress in the direction of healing myself to become the best version of me! I loved her patient, non judging and open approach. Thank you Geetu for your time and help. You helped me get through my darkest period with minimum damage and for that I will be forever grateful!

04 Jul 16

Venu Kothari

I met Geetu for the first time at the festival in Bandra and was highly impressed by her intuitive empathy which helped to get to the root and suggest simple healing methods for self help. I would love having a couple more sessions with her

24 Jun 16


Geetu personifies serenity, softness and calmness most befitting an angel reader and therapist. She has the inner light that radiates on her face. I first met Geetu early this year via phone and whatsapp and then met her brifely in person to realize that I felt as though she was surrounded by angels! Her guidance to me earlier when I was confused and later on to me and my daughter, has been amazing and assuring. Her guidance on what we should do to change things in our lives and manifest our dreams are simple to follow. She is deep,sincere and a lovely human being. When you want a gentle, caming assurance from the angels, she is the person to go to.Thank you Geetu, may the angels continue to bless you!

24 Jun 16


Geetu is a gifted healer. Even just her presence radiates a comfort that's unparalleled. She helped me tide through and resolve some of my most complex deep rooted issues through Angel  healing and Karmic release meditations. I came across her at a stage where 50% of me was a non believer and 50% was just too desperate to try anything positive. I found her recommendations very simple to follow and though she might have sensed the non believer in me she never brought it up. Just out of respect for that kindness and compassion, I sincerely dedicated myself to her guidance and the results were miraculous. I feel she has a greatness in her that can touch a million lives. More love and light to you Geetu! 

23 Jun 16


Learnt about Angels on a what's app course with Geetu . She was very accomodating and patient with our queries 😊 

with her help I managed to get a deep connect with the Angels 😊


thanks geetu

God Bless You 👏

22 Jun 16


I know Geetu since September 2015. My life was in mess. She helped me to clear the same. She has this wonderful way of not predicting but leaving the answers for the client to decide whether what they are asking do they actually deserve. She discloses things at the right time. During my 1st meeting...listening to my issues she was getting goosebumps n I could see how bad she is feeling for me. A very sensitive and smart personality. Taking guidance from her has definitely helped me a lot. Thank you Geetu for everything ♡

21 Jun 16


When I scheduled my meeting with Geetu, I was only wondering what all would come out of it , where will it go from there , how would it be. I remember the first card I picked , it was - Clarity. Coincidence much! I have loved my session with her, she helped me understand certain phenomenons that I was only happily neglecting so far. Geetu made certain aspects clearer only for my good and has been of major assist since then. For all that matters, She - the wonderful person I know - is only a call away when I need some Clarity. Much gratitude! Hugs :)

21 May 16


I met Geetu Thakur at the festival held recently and attended her session on Angel healing.  She was able to convey the messages of the angels to me. She was able to answer my questions and patiently heard all my doubts and fears  She guided me and suggested healing techniques which are simple and  will help me to get clarity or solutions. I am hoping that things will get clear once I follow what she has asked me to do.

12 May 16

Prieyaa jain

 I met geetu ,during one of the most difficult testing times in my life,she was a complete stranger to me .But i felt too drawn towards her,say her good vibes..or d needyness of my soul to seek d right guiadance at that point in time.without any hesitation i poured out quite some deep information of my personal life and she heard me out totally,without any judgement.

She then lead me to some truthful insights through her angelic guiadance and also taught me and my family some great spiritual practices to resolve our problems back then .which did resolve perfectly with time.she stood by my side like a rock as i took each step to resolve and heal myself and my family's life's.

Geetu Thakur ,your support ,compassion and faith has moulded me to become a very better human being,and also taught me to deal with life's difficult situation with more maturity .You are more then just a spiritual guide;I found a great great friend in you.

Thank u so so much ,for stepping in my life when i most needed it,to continue towards my lifes  purpose and goals.

22 Mar 16


I m thankfull to Mysticlouts W/A group were first time intracted with 👼Geetu n she announced her W/A class of Angels 

Angel Geetu gave all the wonderfull information about Angels ,She introduced me to all new magical world the best part is even after the classes are over she is there to help n guide u which touched my heart 💖l m glad that I joined her W/A classes 

I wish 👼Geetu love n light n more succes in her life Divine Thanks n Feel Blessed to have you in my Life 🙏


01 Mar 16


I had a session of Angel Healing with Geetu Thakur and the experience was awesome. She is highly intuitive, very gentle, patient and knowledgeable. She is deeply connected with the Angels and is able to transmit the messages for you.

 Her healing technique is very simple, easy to follow, understand and practice. She breaks down the issues into simple manageable bits and provides useful insights. She shares all the information you seek and is happy to answer questions.

I felt a lot of healing happening during the session, and she also taught me some tips and practices i can do on my own.

Strongly recommend.


27 Aug 15


Thank you Geetu. Your reading was spot on. All the best!

24 Aug 15

Vandana Aroraa

Thank u to the wonderful Geetu Thakur.....for her reading.....she is really amazing and very kind.....and has a great insight.....highly recommended.😊

19 Aug 15

neha sharma

The reading given by geetu in my case completely resonates.thnx a lot.i wil go by d angelic message 

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