Dr Suresh Dagur

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36 Years

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Pune (Poona)

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Hindi, English

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Practicing only by appointment at mutually convenient time or days.

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Dr Suresh Dagur

Dr. Suresh V. Dagur., N.D., C.B.P. (Naturopathic Doctor & Certified BodyTalk Practitioner)

In addition to traditional Naturopathy and the Body Talk System he has the expertise in the following
modalities which he has practiced over three decades:
Manual and Spleen Lymph drainage, Fascial Energetics, Sacrum and Pelvic adjustment, Cranio Sacral,
Iridology, Kinesiology, Polycontrast Interference Photography (P.I.P.) scans useful to show the high risk areas of the body, years before they manifest, Evolve Epigenetics and the PaRama techniques of BodyTalk.

Based in Pune, travels extensively giving in-person or distance treatments and teaching. Regularly gives free introductory talks with a demo session.

He can be followed on his YouTube channel SYNERGETIC WELLNESS and his facebook page BODYTALKINDIA.


Certified Practitioner from International BodyTalk Association in america.
Degree in Naturopathy from America.


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24 Aug 19

Chitra N

I was suffering from multiple health and emotional issues since years and was frustrated. I visited many doctors and healers without any success.

I came across Body Talk System in some book and contacted Dr Suresh Dagur,  the only Practitioner in India. In the very first session he could ‘diagnose’ not only my problems but the root cause too. He explained that our own body knows everything and can tell us the line of action best suited to us. Our body can even tell what herbs and medicines will work for us and which are uselss.

Many deep rooted issues were discovered and worked on. They were physical, emotional and ancestral including Epigenetics and imbalance in Microbiomes. I could feel the release of many issues and he taught me balancing techniques as many issues would be solved gradually over a week or two. The Therapy being based on consciousness continues to work out over 2 to 3 weeks. I got relief from pain, anxiety and depression almost instantly and went back feeling so light.

I find this to be a total health care modality, truly holistic in nature and follows the do no harm principle. Their protocol and procedure is so extensive and mind boggling that it seems he has taken many years to master it.

Overall I am very satisfied and continue to take his sessions.