Archetypal Consulting

Description :

Archetypes are universal patterns of power that you have been using all your life to organize your thoughts & emotions as well as the means thru which you assess every person you meet. They are your intimate companions, guardians & allies that provide the foundation for your personality, drives, feelings, beliefs, motivations & actions.

Archetypes is the symbolic language of the universe. They are power systems/ energetic forces; that are a part of you & they manage the flow of power thru our psyche

Our basic Sacred Contract (Sacred Contracts are soul documents, life assignments that are encoded within your psyche & soul in the symbolic language of archetypes) comprises of 12 Archetypes that influence our day to day life including relationships, career, finances, fear patterns, creativity & personal development.  Other Archetypal patterns influence us at various times but generally a person tends to function within a cluster of 12 dominant patterns.

Identifying archetypal patterns helps you understand the source & nature of your feelings & passions. They help you understand your intellectual & emotional yearnings ‘coz what we don’t understand, we can never act on them & yet they never go away.

Archetypes are relevant because they help us

  • tap into our unexplored power – (read) our shadows which become hostile when ignored or  misunderstood- which leads to inexplicable fear patterns/ painful conflict between mind & heart
  • Understand ourselves more deeply – without self understanding, we can’t understand others.
  •  Develop our soul stamina which translates to higher self esteem
  •  extraordinarily improve the quality of our relationships –personal, professional & with self
  • Release of toxic beliefs