Sushant Shhah

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6 Years

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Languages :

Gujarati, Hindi, Marathi, English

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Monday to Friday - 08:00pm to 11:00pm

Saturday and Sunday - 10:00am to 10pm

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Sushant Shhah

Multi modality practitioner since 2014.

My USP is combining various healing modalities to get the result in fastest and easiest way. Any modality that I learn, I end up developing in a unique way and with much logical and detailed explanation of why and how the techniques mentioned work.



Lama Fera


Hunkara with Halemm

Graphology & Graphotherapy

Bach Flower Remedies

Mantra Energy Vortex

Signature Designing

True Astrology

Logo Designing


Pranic healing

DNA Reprogramming through Violet Flame

Chakra Balancing


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24 Sep 19


Thanks a lot for the healing. ...gratitude for the service rendered.. God bless 


24 Sep 19

Taruna Malhotra

Humkara with haleem was a great method of healing, i could actually feel very strong n positive, thanks to Sushant sir, it was a magical experience with him. 

21 Sep 19


Humkara With haleem.

Its is an good experience. Chanting beej mantra as per directions raises your vibrations. 
And, after the prayer , it's a superb time. Felt watery eyes, tingling in finger tips and heavy palms, something lighter like fog, thirsty, in tune with something which can't explain but was truly beautiful. While imagining cord cutting, felt like sharpening a pencil and getting smooth surface.
It's altogether superb.
Thank you for an amazing experience. 

20 Sep 19

Darshana Mehta

I am from Pune. I have taken an attunment for Humkara with Haleem. Humkara with haleem is a high intensity energy healing. It gives result in instant cord cutting and clearing all the negative enerenies formed due toto blockag, karmic patterns, curses which is not for the highest good.

As I have taken attunment I could see results and benefits from this healing modality. It helped me to become more focused ,active and myconcentration increased. It's working on memory.It helps person to overcome from addiction,detachment. Thankyou Sushant Shah for introducing this modality. 

19 Sep 19

Akshata patil

Hello ,

Myself akshata mystic lotus grp just saw yr upcoming msg in d grp .whT is yr personal session energy exchange plz . Would like to meet u .where r u located in mumbai 

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