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21 Years

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Hindi, English

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Monday to Saturday 10am to 6pm for session 

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booking on emails / phone. 

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Neetta karkhanis

Neetta Karkhanis has been a soul coach involved in Energy and Crystal healing for the past 20 years. She is a Reiki Grandmaster, THETA®? and Shamanic healer. What sets Neetta apart is her gift to be able to work with Light Language and Crystal Grids to completely transform the energies of a person, and also their space to live an abundant, happier and fuller life.


Neetta focuses on guiding people to become the best version of themselves. By choosing the modalities depending on her client’s requirements, she has been successfully helping people to change their auras, remove destructive patterns of past lives, and change core beliefs that are blocking manifestation. Neetta works closely with her clients to remove the root cause of their issues thereby helping them achieve what they desire! 


Neetta strongly believes that the Earth is ascending towards a higher dimension and so are we, the human race. Her vision is to help raise the vibration of mankind to the highest possible wave, to enable us to enter the 5th dimension gracefully and empowered.



Reiki Levels 1,2 & 3

Reiki Grandmaster

Advanced Crystal Healing

Chakra and Aura Balancing

Theta - Basic and Advanced

DIG DEEPER, Abundance & Manifestation


Reiki level 1,2, 3 ,

Reiki grandmaster 

crystal healings advanced , chakra and aura balancing ,  

Theta basic , advanced , dig deeper , abundance & manifestation 


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24 Dec 20

Neetta karkhanis

Dear Neetta , 

My healing journey with you was so wonderful , thankyou ???? so much.

I have been learning quite a lot of healing modalities for the past few months . I  met some awesome teachers on the way. You are one of the teachers whom I trust completely.

I found your Soul Path Workshop to be, to the point, the course is very well made. All important aspects of the healing journey are covered very nicely and ample time is spend in practicing whatever we learn.
You were always available to help and clear my doubts. When ever I needed guidance you have helped me with all your heart.  The energy exchange for your course is so minimal so as to anyone can join your course,  but you are so benevolent in sharing all the knowledge, the value I got from the course is so much more.???? Thankyou.

You always send the notes and audio recordings on time, so I could refer and use it when ever I needed to revise. You are very professional at the same time very loving and kind teacher.???? A true wellwisher.

I feel fortunate to have met you and will be ready to do any course that you introduce in future.

Once again , please accept my deepest gratitude and love ????.????????


11 Dec 20


I did a soul path workshop with neetta and did it change my life...her way of mentoring (I wouldn't call it less than that) is so deep and so is her commitment towards her clients. Her workshop helped me to find a lot of missing pieces in my situation..

I am grateful to the universe for her ,her work and gifts ..

07 Dec 20

Mihir Mota

Neetta Ma'am After attending The Soul Path Sessions I feel Very Positive and Opened me up for Many Positive things ????????????????????????

26 Sep 20

Mamthaa sarin


I Hardly Have Any Thing New To Add To How Important You Are To Me..

25 Sep 20

Hasti Mehta

Neetta Ma'am is Wonderful Healer .Thank u Ma'am for theta session .It worked on my wrong beliefs n removed it.she is very patient and intutive healer.she is  generous by heart.she has helped me with Womb Regression .I am lucky and happy to know such a person.thank u 

24 Sep 20

Neel Vora

Neetta Mam is a great healer. I had amazing n enlightening session with her. She listen to her client very carefully and heals them with great compassion. I was detected with arthritis from past 2 year but with her 1 sitting she has healed all the pains in my joints. She is friendly n caring in nature. I had taken another healing for my lower back pain due to previously build pattern.... most of  pain has gone and pattern hav been changed.

24 Sep 20

Jess Mitchard

Netta was very patient and intuitive. Her energy healing session felt so good. She was very generous and drew upon different areas of knowledge to help with my healing. I’m glad I booked with Netta.

24 Sep 20

Minali Sawant

Thank you Neeta Mam for your Thetha Healing session.

It works on me remove all superstitions beliefs abd classified ideas from root level.

It helps me to grow and balance my emotional life.

Thank you.....!

Thank you.....!!

Thank you.....!!!

God Bless you......!!!

24 Sep 20


Neetha Ma'am you where Bang on and I feel Much Better about myself now and I would Highly recommend You to Everyone for the Theta Healings.

Thank you so much Neetha Ma'am for the Theta Healings Session. Gratitude ????????????????????????

23 Sep 20

Naveen Khanna

Neeta mam is a wonderful healer. Not just she is able to connect to her clients on an intuitive and spiritual level, she was able to see much more than what i was actually feeling. I am very lucky to have met her.  Thank you so much mam. 

23 Sep 20

Shalu Khanna

This page helps restores the balance and flow of energy throughout the body.  Neeta mam is a very good healer.  Most of my problems get resolved after taking session from her.  She is gem of a person.  Thank you mam for all your support and guidance.  I have given rating 5 star . If more stars are available then i must poat that as she deserves more than 5 stars????????.

23 Sep 20

Sushma Nawani

Neetu Kharkhis , amazing personality, gives a ear to all issues calmly , and guided us in a very positive way.Her new moon healings gave us immense results..I am lucky and grateful to have met her , a significant person in my journey of finding healing....

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