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Sarikah Rai (51 Years)

I AM a multidimensional being and traveller, co creator with Spirit.

i work as a Sacred Soul Guide,DJ & Spirit Musician and Creative Entrepreneur.

i have always been inspired and passionate about change and 
transformational work towards personal healing, Soul Growth and Higher consciousness.

My healing and spiritual work started in 2012, as a calling .

“Change has to come from within. We are not alone; there is Divine guidance, support and help surrounding us all the time; not just in our physical world but in different forms and dimensions. But we must be open and willing to help ourselves”

My forte is multidimensional work and intuitive healing..I conduct guided, astral healing soul journeys, that open you to your higher consciusness/self and self healing . multidimensional soul travel enables you to destress and rise above the physical conscousness and limitations, across time and space you receive healing and guidance from various realms ,dimensions , worlds. spirit guides and your deepest connection with the cosmic existence.

With the Cosmic Energy of ShivaShakti , spirit of Light, Drum and Music . i bring you The Tryambaka Shakti Astral, healing soul Journey and The White Lotus Eternal Light meditation.  

With deepest gratitude , joy and love i share these soul work processes with you.


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15 May 18


I met Sarika just the previous day of doing my first guided meditation of astral journey with her 
Oh what an experience that was Especially coz this happened in between the mountains at Himachal 

This was rather my first time of guided meditation and it was a fantastic experience 

I felt completely out of the world and have started believing in this all thanks to Sarika 


02 May 18

Bindu Bhasin

I have attended a lot of meditation sessions, but this was most powerful.After the meditation session with Sarikah I felt peaceful and  calm. I could focus better. I wish her the best and hope she can reach millions of people as her  works are very good.

19 Jan 18

Sonia Sharma

I have done a couple of guided meditation sessions with Sarikha and also astral journey.

Both have been an awesome experience, I have connected with my inner self and found clarity in my thinking.

She is calm and serene. And I have also been fortunate enough to do both with her playing the Drums, which has been a unique experience.

10 Dec 17

Prema Sankar

I met Sarikah @ mystic lotus healing festival.. her energy was beautifully standing out & I was guided to go introduce myself and talk to her. Following this I attended her Guided Meditation Workshop at the festival, which was so powerful that I was further guided to get a one-on-one session with her.. 

Her Guided Meditation was so beautiful and powerful for me, was very liberating in many she took through many journeys internally and astrally. 

The one-on-one session was quite special as it was really an unique experince... I really felt the masters and guides' presence, as she was guiding me through her music.. 

Amazing free spirited soul..

10 Nov 17

Priti Gokani

let me start by saying - Thank you Sarikah :)

In you i have found a friend and an outstanding voyager of dimensions, a natural healer.

in the journey at the session with you, i knew there was magic, i felt transformed, transported.

into a stronger, more loving and confident self.

You are beautiful, your soul is beautiful and you are truly gifted :) especially your intuitive visions

...they delight me and always are superb guidance.

I love your heart and energy, your compassion and your passion for your beautiful healing work.

Thank you for helping me on this beautiful journey of life and transformation. You are amazing.




08 Nov 17

Deepak J

An amazing journey of synchronicity led me to her session. Saw the facebook event a day before and called up and conformed on the day of the event. My meetings for the day,  well slid in place. Was dropped to the venue by a friend in a royal car. 

The session itself is one of the most amazing,  beautiful and Alive experience of meditation,  I have ever had.  

A healing session to be experienced. And when your time has come.. You get there with Grace as the wind beneath your wings.. 

Love and Light 

08 Nov 17

Roseli Militana


The greatest haling...

the universe really came through in bringing Sarikah on my path last year, 2016.  The experimnce was AMAZING.  Everything was in spot on. I could feel her positive energy vibrating around me and I went very deep on my emotions, I felt absolutely light after the session.  I do highly recommend her work, she has a true gift.  I walked out of my appointment floating on air and so at peace.  A huge thank you to Sarikah for the enlightenment, energizing treatment.


08 Nov 17

anup mech

My first ever earthly spiritual guide and the best.

07 Nov 17

Kavita palit

My astral travel journey with Sarika has been amazing.There are no words to describe it,you have to experience it.I have connected with my spirit guides.I have been healed.My knees were hurting and I use to walk with a limp but after a couple of her meditation sessions I am much better. 



07 Nov 17


The whole experience has been very transforming for me, it has cleared so much of my emotional baggage from the past, it has led me to my truth and given me so much clarity. Lots of love and light to you. What you doing is wonderful and transforming so many lives. Blessed be you always!

07 Nov 17


The whole journey of healing experience has been wonderful . It took me to a higher self of understanding & introduced me to a different world all together. It was truest a divine experience. More power to you Sarika. Would love to come back to you fr more & more. Love ??????

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