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3 Years

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Hindi, English

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Monday to Friday: 7 pm to 11 pm

Saturday & Sunday: 10:00 am to 8:00 pm

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Siddhii Shaah

I believe - I must have been destined to be a Healer.

At a young age of 16-17, I started interpreting dreams for others. I learnt Reiki and crystal therapy around the same time. And I had strangers walk up to me to discuss their problems.

I consciously decided to pursue a career in media in the coming years, but I was destined to serve people in a different way.

For the last 2 years I have dedicated a part of my time to heal people. I perform readings, counseling and healings.

I have learnt and practiced Pranic Healing, Magnified Healing, White Light Miracles (largely known as Theta), Angel Connection, Working with Entities, Healing with Mantras and more.

I excel at giving solutions for energy healing, mantra chanting, space clearing, Hindu rituals and white Light Healing.

I conduct workshops for every one who is seeking out spiritual energy support. I walk an extra mile to make customised range of healing products that help my clients improvise their situations faster.

Previous Experience

Reiki, Crystal Therapy, Pranic Healing & intuitive healing


Awarded by Soul Alchemy for Healing with 7 planes of existence

Recognised by Pankh Foundation for Bhaktamar Mantra Healing


Certified Magnified Healing Teacher & Practitioner

Certified Dragon Reiki Master

Certified Lama Fera Practitioner

Certified Multi Modalities Reiki Grand Master

Certified Numerologist

Certified Tarot Card Reader



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07 Aug 20

Vibhuti Thakur

Such a beautiful experience with dragons. I'm looking forward for a dragon workshop in future.

I never thought I could connect to some dragon but it happened in the very first session only... I just loved the experience. It was so subtle yet so profound... Love you


06 Aug 20


Shiddhi  is a amazing personality, my experience with dragon s was for first time. M surely waing  to learn from you. Iuv you. 

06 Aug 20

Anita Singh

Siddhi is an amazing lady and I feel so blessed to have her guidance. She is so knowledgeable and experienced. Everything she tells is so precise and accurate. I have loved her sessions and I look forward to learn more and more from her. Thank you Siddhi for such a delightful experience.??????

06 Aug 20

Jaya Ramsinghani

It's a delight to be under Siddh's guidance.She is  extremely peaceful when she explains and is also very understanding 

I have learnt candle magic  from her and she takes a lot of efforts to teach her students and also ensures that we have understood it properly .

She has a very beautiful and pleasant, demeanour which ensures to put us at comfort and ease, while learning from her.

Thank you.

06 Aug 20

Richard Valladares

Thank you Siddhi for patiently answering all participants on the ML group call.

I liked the warmth and genuineness with which you respond to all


06 Aug 20


I ve attended 2 sessions with siddhi ...I m totally impressed by the way she conducts the sessions and gives personal attention to all who are present ....she is very calm and composed while reading and also answering persistent questions asked by someone attending her sessions ... really compendable knowledge of her profession ????????

06 Aug 20

Milind Arolkar

It was a fantastic experience. I never knew why I kept seeing nos like 111 or 123. A totally new world opened up. The meditation was very calming. 


06 Aug 20

Urvi Mistry

Gratitude Siddhi,

Thank you so much for the reading you did for me. It was really helpful to see a path in the dark. Appreciate your unconditional love,support n warmth. Love you. 

29 Jul 20

Dr. Archana

Thank you so much sidhi for your unconditional guidance given to me through your angel card reading...Every answer of my all queries u gave with so much of patience n love...It's really hard to find in today's time...Once again accept my heartfelt gratitude n thanks????

28 Jul 20

Shridevi Paatiyl

Thank you Siddhi for the guidance. I felt very good and satisfied after speaking to her. 

Siddhi listens patiently and answers all the doubts and gives whole heartedly. 

Thank you. 

28 Jul 20

Babita Narayan

Thank you so much Siddhi Maam for the detailed reading .Really appreciatethe  patience and calmness with which you answered.Lots of gratitude ??????????

28 Jul 20

Sudhrti Mukerjee

Thank you Siddhi for doing a free call on Zoom and helping me n others decipher some answers through the Angels. Love your giving and very soothing ways of sharing the messages and have seen you/heard you numerous times on the ML Telesummits doing this so beautifully. Thank you for your wishes and time on J the free Angel Reading session done on 28th 2020.

11 Mar 20


Siddhi ma'am is a very nice person, she is a genuine healer and a kind human being. She has guided me several times. I am part of her angel's group and i loved what we did there. 

Thank you so much for being there. Don't think twice before connecting with her. 

30 Jan 20

Akshata patil

She is just gem of a person and a wonderful healer who listens to yr probs very calmly and gv u awsome remidies and prayers . I just feel myself lucky to hv her in my life 

24 Aug 19


Siddhi very accurately assessed my relationship situation without any information from my side except name and dob. She comes across as authentic and genuinely compassionate.

17 Aug 19

Zankhana Chheda

She is amazing with her work. I asked her for my job related issues and the results today I have received is just remarkable.

Thanks Siddhi. Keep up the good work. 

17 Aug 19

Sumita Dasgupta

Siddhi ji , 

I had told u the process for my job to continue had started however today I got the news that it will be discontinued . So your Yes prediction proved to be wrong.

17 Aug 19


She is a great divine soul, thanx for connecting me to my spirit guides

16 Aug 19

Mrs jyoti karnik

Thank you for letting me know my ishta devta. God bless

16 Aug 19

Tanaz Irani

Very accurate reading was given information regarding questions not even asked by me but were all the time in the back of my mind 

15 Aug 19

Beenna Sallaa

Siddhi's reading so accurate and to the point. With immense patience and understanding Siddhi helped me knowing my core issues and showed ways to heal. Reading has immensely helped me with much needed direction, clarity and peace. 

Gratitude to you, Siddhi :)

15 Aug 19

Nehal Karia

Deep gratitude Siddhi!! Thank you for your guidance.

15 Aug 19


Deep Gratitude for the guidance given.. Appreciate the patience n replying to all the queries.. Thanks 

14 Aug 19

Gauri kuchhal

Siddhi thank you for your wisdom and self less work .The world needs people like you .God bless you !! Keep up the spirit and good work!! Thank you for all your reading and guidance.

13 Aug 19

Shah saurabh


You are excellent to judge the condition of person without photo or kundli.n give appropriate answer for guideline for future is very helpful me in my case.

13 Aug 19

Akshata patil

Siddhi you r a gr8 help for people who r in need of such guidance dear .Your readings r accurate .I m growing strong trust in u. Thank u siddhi 

13 Aug 19

Sumita Dasgupta

I asked about whether my present job wd continue and was replied in the affirmative. Process has started. Waiting for the outcome. 

I asked abt whether I wd do Business. She was right I am really not focused and don’t know what I really want . 

I pray my job continues for the present . 

U truly are excellent

13 Aug 19


Reading was if she knew what was in my ????

13 Aug 19


I found Siddhi's reading is perfect for me and I will practice the mantras she asked me.  I am thankful to you and pray that you fulfill your desires...????????

12 Aug 19


Thank u siddhi ....yr reading was 100% accurate.Plz keep.yr blessings on my son Aarush Patil.????

28 Jul 19

Sejal Sanghvi

Siddhi has a lot of remedies to offer. Her vast knowledge makes it easy for her to offer local yet effective remedies. It saves our time, money, energy and efforts.
I have taken sessions with her for various different fronts of my life at different points in life. At all levels, I could see beneficial results coming out.

28 Jul 19

Mayur Shah

Siddhi's very good with her White Light Miracles work. Only one session got me great results, I am yet to finish all my sessions. But I am happy with the way my sessions are resulting in better health for me.

22 Jul 19


I an thankful for the readings given by Siddhiji. I fully resonate with them.May God bless her endeavors to help humankind 

21 Jul 19


Got an opportunity to get answers to some of  my important questions, greatful for the readings it will surely help me in taking important decisions in my life

21 Jul 19

Manoj Ramrakhiani

I was amazed at how accurately Siddhi ji ascertained my spirit guide, with input as just name!

No image or any other details were asked by her. 

I can say she was accurate as I already knew about my spirit guide.

Though I haven't been able to use this connection with/ receive communication from my spirit guide as one would like to. I need to learn that.

21 Jul 19

Prof. Vimal Sharma

Thank you for very correctly stating that Goddess Mahakali is my guide.

i do acknowledge thats very true and i do get her guidance since over 15 years. My early morning prayers " ????????? ????? ???" seeks her protection before getting out of my bed. i do get answers to all my issues as and when they arise.   i have also seen adverse situations turning to my favour within no time.

True your reading is correct



15 Jun 19

Satish K Tegta

Me and My wife are eternally thankful to siddhi ji. She has helped us in overcoming negative energies in our home that obstructed the flow of marital bliss. She has a strong connect with the forces and the ease with which she brings about the positive manifestation through space clearing is amazing.

Thank you siddhi   

15 Jun 19

Ravikant Yadav

The ingenuity with which Siddihi ji organizes workshops are truly inspiring. A wonderful experience. My mother and my sister had an amazing learning and enlightening experience  in the workshops. Here they learnt about their inner self and the path to peace and satisfaction. A must learning experience for everyone.

09 Jun 19


I had a profound impact of siddihi's inner energies in our sessions of pranic healing. Her conduct of sessions is extremely focused and result oriented. One outstanding feature of her sessions that i liked is that her inquisitiveness coupled by her eagerness to learn helps her provide nuanced approaches in the successive sessions. I am thankful to her valued sessions and i pray that she continue to embelish may lives such as mine. 

09 Jun 19

Sonia Meher

An individual has not started living untill he can rise above the narrow confines of his individualistic concerns to the broader concerns of all humans-  Martin Luther King. I believe Siddhi ji in her capacity as a healer has truly aspired to live by the ibid philosophy. I am eternally grateful for her sincere and dedicated attempts at helping people across all strata.

Thank you

God Bless you 

08 Jun 19


It must have been destiny, to meet Siddhi. For years I was going in and out of chronic depression. I'm a healer myself but sometimes healers need healing too. Then came siddhi, and I felt an immediate warmth, honest and connect that is hard for me to find . In two sessions, I know my depression was gone I had stong visions while she was conducting the healing and felt her energy strongly.  her calm, peaceful demeanour, her amazing oils and products, I felt healed deep in my soul. She has a gift  and a generous heart. 

I would.highly  recommend her to anyone looking to for healing or day to day products to heal you. 

Siddhi , so greatful our paths crossed. ????


08 Jun 19


I met Sidhi through a friend. At the first sight, she comes across as that friend everyone has. But it is when she hits the nail by pointing out the real issues we have (not just the ones we think we have) just by analysing the narrative we give about ourselves, that we realize the healing has already begun. 

I practiced guided meditation through her, and it was really helpful in looking at the paths I have with greater clarity for most of the issues where I was lacking it. The type of healing that can be applied for a person is unique for each person, and she knows how to select the right one for us. 

Looking forward to seeing her help many more people in bettering their lives!

08 Jun 19

Daljeet Singh

mera jeevan mein rishtey ko leke kaafi duvidaye the..muje siddhi ji se milke apna jeevan ka naye mod milgaya hai.

Siddhi ji bahut bahut danyavad 

08 Jun 19


Sidhi di is very mature and calm person. During the sessions she listens to your problems very calmly and is very affectionate and gives out very useful solutions which helps in solving the problem. I am very thankful to her and her homemade products are just awesome. I have been regularly using her scrub and hairoil and they have prooved very beneficial

07 Jun 19


I met Siddhi through a friend while i was actually looking for some healing and instantly connected with her. She discusses your Situation at length and is extremely patient .

Have taken few sessions of healing and have felt really positive and upbeat . She is very experienced and choses the modality of healing which best suits an individual 

Currently i am learning crystal healing from Siddhi and shes the most amazing teacher i could ask for.

07 Jun 19

V Krishna

Siddhiji has very calming energies. She is good with her readings and healings. Most of her advices she's given me till date have come very fruitful. 


She is great with her meditations, I have taken a few personal meditations with her and have always returned with a new version of myself. I am very thankful to her for rendering spiritual and healing services at affordable prices.


Her products are way beyond imagination. I'm in love with her Bathsalts and Syrups! She has a range of products and she excels at designing and giving away personalised products.

07 Jun 19

Priyanka Dadhwal

Siddhi's readings are great and so are her healings. Because of her superb connection with Angels, her angel card answers come accurately.

She listens to all your worries calmly and gives away mind relieving answers. She walks an extra mile whenever required so that you get quick and efficient solutions.

I have tried a few of her handmade products too. Her perfume oils are brilliant!

07 Jun 19

Vivek V Turvekere

Siddhiji has a knack of understanding energies. SHe is very good with her space clearing and negativity removal work.


I have learned a few things from her too. She conducts her courses in a detailed manner. The benefit of learning from her is that she offers practice sessions at no extra cost. She is really friendly and kind-hearted.


I recommend her Readings, Healings, Produts and Workshops. She's very knowledgable. 

07 Jun 19

Sweta Parekh

Siddhi ma'am is truly spiritual. She understands our problems in a very human manner. Of all healers I have visited so far, Siddhi ma'am is the only one who never looks at the clock while understanding your problems.

She works for you as though they are her own issues and will keep giving away solutions and remedies. 

Her remedies are wholesome from practical aspects to spiritual balance. She likes to give away supporting products or workshops for our quick relief. And I have noticed that all her efforts have paid me highly. So I would recommend visiting her any day. She's truly a gem.

07 Jun 19

Grishma TV

Siddhiji's prosperity work is great. She did weekly rituals for me for 3-4 weeks and I started getting results. 

She's the one because of who my faith in healing got reinstalled. She's very honest with her work.

I took up the chakra Healing and Mind Power workshop with her and I went back home with a lot more knowledge. I am very grateful to her.

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