Merlin Trinity Healing System

Description :

Merlin Trinity Healing System is one of the most powerful modalities in which the energy helps in your Ascension. The toughest thing in  life is to let go . Merlin makes it so easy and the releases that happen are simply mind-blowing. Healing happens at all levels physical, emotional, mental and spiritual.

International Certification

Level 1: Initiate Level
You receive 3 powerful attunements of 3 symbols. These help you to deal with the physical pain, letting go and also start life afresh. A complete energy healing. The energy is inside you so you can use it anytime to heal yourself and send others distant healing.
You can feel and sense Master Merlin and St. Germain energies.
Level:2 Trinity Level
You receive one attunement and learn how to empower the other symbols. In this level you experience Master Merlin in a  powerful meditation. You also learn how to teach the Initiate Level and attune others. This is the Teacher Level.
Level 3: Master level
You learn the master symbol and the attunement and also its magnificent uses. You can also teach the Master level.