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12 Years

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Pune (Poona)

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Gujarati, Hindi, Marathi, English

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365 Days 24/7.

For Booking A Session Please Call / WhatsApp - 9922573333 / 8888887300.

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SHREEM Be Blessed Be Happy (12 Years)

Welcome to the Shreem Be Blessed Be Happy Holistic Healing Centre.  We are a co-operative group of  holistic practitioners and therapists co-ordinating our expertise and knowledge to provide wellness and healing; physically, mentally and emotionally.

A holistic approach is necessary to resolving personal issues in order to make real and lasting change. If you are looking for practical and comprehensive answers to issues that you are struggling with, look no further.

At the Shreem Be Blessed Be Happy Holistic Healing Centre, we view the physical, mental and spiritual aspects of your life as closely interconnected.

Previous Experience

Life is all about Clarity. Even if you have the biggest problem, write it down,become clear... the more clearer you become the more clearer will be the solution.

 I am a Certified Docotorate Vedic Astrology professional, with special expertise in Nakshatra Shashtra and Lal Kitaab Solutions .

I also specialize in all things related with performing Poojas. Often, we are told by various pandits, well-meaning elders, and even neighbors to perform a pooja to ward off the negativity and bad luck that may be blocking your way to happiness. This can be related to prosperity, relationship, or even stress. The thought is noble, but no one seems to agree on the type of Pooja or the exact ‘method’ of offering the pooja - not even the panditjis among themselves! And then there is our doubt regarding the effectiveness of such out-dated rituals which seem complex at best and comical at worst.

Let me tell you that offering a pooja is not that crazy a solution for appeasing the planets/Gods to minimize their wrath and seek their blessings. This is science of faith and it works when done with the right frame of mind, by holding right intentions and approaching the process with a feeling of surrender.

I can not only help you find the right pooja or any other remedy for your problems, but I will also help you with knowing the right time to offer a pooja, with the right rituals, for maximum effect. I will also explain the meaning behind every prescribed ritual. I will further customize your pooja according to the benefit you wish to incur by performing a pooja or remedy. Please contact me for more information.

I look forward to helping you by sharing my knowledge of the Occult and the Shashtras and making available to you the ancient wisdom learned and preserved through the ages.

Lots of blessings and abundant joy to you!

Be blessed be happy 




Dr. Aashimaa has hononed with many Awards in the felid of Vastu Tarot and Tantra. 


1. Dr. Aashimaa Holds 2 Ph.d one in Spitirual Science - The Dark Divination Tarot and Tarot Spell and anothr one in Karamkand - Agnihotra the Fire Alchemy . other than these 2 major certification she has leant many other Modalities from Reiki to Naturotherapy . Psycology and Sociology was her experties in Acamedic . She is Reiki Grandmaster and 1st one to Conduct Abundantia Attunement and Merlin Attunement in India.

2. Dr. Amit Surana B.E, MBA from Pune University & PhD in Vastu Shastra, an accomplished VASTU CONSULTANT completed Vastu Shashtri in Remedial Vastu , Astro Vastu from renowned MASTERS OF VASTU  and completed VASTU VISHARAD too , He offers Vastu Consultation, Crystal Healing as well as Angel therapy is well trained Crystal and Angel Therapist who has changed his life with the help of Crystals and Angels guidance. He has also developed one of its kind Crystal Vastu Remedies to prove his Engineering instinct right. Being a renowned Builder and Crystal Healer his Love and Gratitude for Mother Earth can be seen during holistic techniques of Space Clearing process. He is Certified Reiki  Master Practitioner too. 

3. Dr. Abhishek Vyas Is The Youngest Numerologist From Maharashtra, India. He Started Practicing Numbers When He Was 19yrs Old.

He Recently Completed His Doctorate In Numerological Science and Honored With Gold Medal.

Dr. Abhishek Also Practices LOA From The Early Stages In Life.

He Is One Of The Youngest Law Of Attraction And Law Of Attraction Wealth Practitioner Around The Globe Certified By Dr. Joe Vitale And Dr. Steve Jones & Global Science Foundation.

Dr. Abhishek Also Expertise In Runes, Metaphysics, Crystal Ball Gazing, Spells, Crystal Grid & Crystal Healing, Lenormand Cards, Sound Healing And Many Other Occult Modalities.

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28 Nov 17

Preeti Panickar

The mystic lotus group on whatsapp took me to a new level of meditation with Ashi ma.... 

I've never been able to do meditation st this level...

Thank you so much 



24 Nov 17


Awesome... have so much knowledge so many areas....and your voice is so sweet....that only is like a meditation...????

24 Nov 17

Dhanveet Kaur

Thank you so much for the beautiful amazing and healing mandala meditations at mystic lotus...bringing me remarkable clarity...cleansing and focus.  Your generosity and love made it even more effective ...helping us to access divine prosperity and renewed energy ????

24 Nov 17


Mandala meditation which Ashima guided this week in mysticlotus group . It was wonderful experience . I was lacking concentration . After doing Mandala gazing . It has helped me . It has brought a shift in me.  Thank you Ashima . You are an Angel . 

Thank you. God bless you with infinite blessings .????????

24 Nov 17

Radha Narayanan

I did a mandala meditation under Ashima on mystic was an awesome class with lot of healing set in action.she is so good with only intention ofdoing good to people alwayys with small but effective tips.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart.


21 Sep 17

Noopur Dinesh Matta

I am thankful to the UNIVERSE to have connected me to a guide like Ashika ji. I had met her during the process of Tarpanam, (a ritual to get freed from pitrudosh). Since then I consider her as a mentor for life. She is an amazing TAROT Card reader. I don’t want to exaggerate, but her TAROT reading predictions have proven true to me always. She has helped me with solutions to resolve the complications of my professional and personal life. Her teachings have brought lot of positivity and clarity in my life, because of which, today I am happily married and leading a successful career. She has taught me mandala weaving (a beautiful art every creative mind should learn). I have attended the DNA Activation session held by her and it has progressively reflected in my positive attitude towards life. I follow her easy tips and remedies with belief. They have always worked miraculously to attract abundance and good luck. I will always be grateful to her for the level of wisdom I have gained from her.

11 Aug 17


Ashima you always give simple remedies for seemingly complex problems:) They are completely doable at home by us.

Thank you sharing your immense knowledge and for helping us out.

09 Aug 17

Prerana Kotak

Beautifully explained the entire process. Self explanatory and detailed faqs answered queries.

Looking forward for more sessions

Thank you

09 Aug 17


It's always a pleasure to be your student in our learning. In fact., there is more practical learning experiences in whatever you teach. We are really blessed to have you as our guru, Ashimaa 

09 Aug 17

Dr Radha Narayanan

Thanks to Ashima and her divine knowledge every festival,astrological event is known to us by way of unique poojas/mantras/offerings.She is so knowledgeable at a diverse group of hindu mantras/poojas etc..and answers all our doubts effectively.Thank you Ashima-for keeping alive all our hindu traditions,mantras the future generations dont forget.

Thank you. 


01 Nov 16


Ashi Ma,I can't thank you enough for your guidance. It has given me a lot of faith and confidence. I admire your dedication to your work. And of course  your sweet, lyrical voice is forever a bonus to us. :)

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