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19 Years

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Gujarati, Hindi, English

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Available for one on one sessions after inital contact. 

I am available between 11:00 am and 5:00 pm Monday through Friday. 

If I do not answer your call its only because I am otherwise occupied in a workshop or a session so rest assured I will revert asap.

Keep Smiling and Stay Blessed!!!

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Parizad Irani (37 Years)

Life had caught up with me. Career, travel, relationship, marriage and a job change later I realized my dream of working with the angels was still waiting for me! 

My encounter with the angels began while I was still overcoming the loss of my beloved grandmother, although at this time it was all very very subtle for me to realize. My close encounters with angelic guidance started during my graduation years when I was particularly struggling with accountancy then right through B school. I started seriously exploring the wolrd of angelology as a student in England and honestly from then on there was no looking back. 

Angels are now part and parcel of my life. I welcome you to come experience the world of angels. 


Although my biggest endorsement would be the angels themselves......

1. ACP - Angel Certification Program

2. Reiki Master - Tad Ekam


4. Pendulum Dowsing

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28 Dec 15

Zeenat Lakdwalla

Pari as your name suggest you are an angel. I visited Pari's residence for the the angel hosting and right that moment I have been totally amazed by the way Pari interacts with the angels I am so fascinated with it. In the few days time I was guided to be part of the pendulum dowsing class conducted by Pari. It was such a wonderful experince to see the angels at work with Pari. I have been frequently been interacting with her when stuck with the dowsing and her guidance is so satisfying that you do not need to look any further.

I am so glad to have met you and YES to more angel workshops with you. 

Angel blessing to you dearest Pari

24 Oct 15

Anahita Dhabhar

Pari u r truly an earth angel. Always been there for me when I needed your guidance.All your workshops including the pendulum dowsing workshop conducted by u were awesome. The knowledge u shared was super.The materials provided were truly professional.Thank you Pari for everything I'm really grateful to God almighty nd angels for bringing u into my life.God bless u. Luv u.

27 Sep 15


I just attended Angellia's Pendulum Dowsing with Angels workshop and was pleasantly surprised  with the wealth of knowledge gained within these hours. It was conducted with utmost professionalism and a heart centered approach which is a trademark of Parizad's being. She has blended the two topics of Dowsing and Angels ingeniously, creatively and in an interesting manner.  I was also impressed with the high quality products and materials provided. It was such a well thought out,  planned and useful workshop that we all had a lot of fun and learnt so much. I am looking forward to many more workshops from her Centre for Advancement of Angelic Knowledge and congratulate her and Angellia for this progression. 

20 Sep 15

yasmin vatcha

Angelia is NOT JUST about following mainstream spirtual practices BUT an entire journey.

Knowing Pari not as a healer but a person...AN INDIVIDUAL as MY BEST BUDDY.... I realised that the key to this entire cycle IS NOT about giving tools and imparting knoweldge for our natural awakening but LIVING / EMPATHISING  & NURTURING the feeling with you to achieve optimum results

This is how I would de-code Pari's healing.  This is how I would de-code my hypnotic experience of Angellia !!!

May Angellia grow from strength to strength...May Angellia's next step towards ascension phase unfold rapidly

Superbly grateful for this platform in sharing my experience





15 Sep 15

Mansi Dharia

Pari is a true Earth angel. Her knowledge about angels is extensive but more so is her readiness to share that knowledge. She has a way with words that instantly relaxes you and makes all your problems seem small. Her angel hostings are treat not just to be close to angels but also the knowledge sharing that happens there. Yet to experience a reading with her... whatever she has shared with me has been spot on. Thank you Pari for opening up the world of Angels for me.

05 Sep 15


One of the most helpful person I have ever come across who offers herself from her heart, and wants nothing in return, is Parizad. Her creation, Angellia, portrays her soft, loving, giving and angelic quality to all those who come in contact with it, and her. I am amazed at the wealth of knowledge she has about Angels, and it's application in this physical world. One of the most divine, celestial and magnificent times are her Angel Hosting days where just entering her home fills you with a sacred energy. 

Pari is also a gifted healer and taps on her intuitive abilities to give powerful healings and astonishingly accurate Angel readings. I have always come away from her readings impressed with her deep and perceptive insight.  An evolved soul, Pari radiates love and is an Angel blessing for all of us who know her.  Bless you. 

04 Sep 15


Parizad you truly are the daughter of an angel. I met you at a time when I was trying to cope with the loss of a good job and complete financial break. You transformed my life. Life throws challenges at me but with your advice and guidance I'm sailing through with ease. Your analysing power is simply outstanding. Your angel hosting events are like experiencing magic,miracles and mingling with the angels from the divine universe. Your angel Sessions bring about a sense of fulfillment and experiencing a whole new perspective to the drama called life and also understanding the divine ways of the angelic realms. Heartfelt gratitude for being mine and my family's earth angel.

No one understands angels and their mystical working ways better than you. 

We are blessed and we wish you pinnacle of success in your divine endeavours. 

Love and light to Angellia!!!


04 Sep 15

Anahita Dhabhar

Pari my darling u r one of the most amazing person I have met nd my earth angel.Meeting u was divinely guided by angels which I realised later.It was u who introduced me to the world of angels nd my life has changed for the better since then.U r my friend philosopher nd guide Love u nd may god angels bless u

04 Sep 15

Rashmi Panchal

Pari is a darling angel. She has helped me with so many issues. Her angel reading & guidance is awesome. She's done wonderful face reading of my daughter & helped me to understand her better. God bless u Pari...may u be successful in showing light n love to people always.

04 Sep 15

Spinaz pai

It's Pari who introduced me to the world of angels. I met pari 3 years back  during the angel hostings which she holds twice a year... What an experience!my entire family is in love with this earth angel .. Her angel card readings are bang on.. The way she explains everything is simple and easy to follow. I really thank god and my friend Yasmin for introducing me to Parizad Irani.. God bless  u 😘

01 Sep 15

Monesha Chaudhary Aversare

Pari... Truly an Earth Angel, one of the most amazing loving person I have met. Just meeting and speaking with her can make you forget all the life challenges. You go back into your real world with renewed energy and saying "Bring it on... I am ready". Her understanding of Angels is superb... I thought that Pari would help me connect with Angels however after meeting her I realised that Angels have always been with me. Thanks Pari for all the love, understanding and time that you give everyone... Love you... May God bless you always...

13 Aug 15


Hey Parizad...

Beautiful and energetic logo...

Simple and straight forward profile...

Life caught up with me has scope for improvisation...see again, you surely would be able to better it further...

God bless you with grand success and a wonderful journey...

Love and Light...

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Parizad Irani 05 Sep 2015 01:23 PM

This is a guided auto drawn pencil image of Angel Zephyrine, the governing angel of the ancient angelic language called Zibu. She holds a sphere with all the zibu symbols in it. 

Please do call upon this angel for help when working with Zibu symbols.

Loads of love and angel blessings,

Parz and Angellia.

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