Deepika taneja

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Experience :

14 Years

Location :

Pune (Poona)

Languages :

Hindi, English

Available :

Mon- fri- 11.00 - 5.00 ( Flexibility is there depending on the urgency)

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Deepika taneja

Deepika Taneja is a well-known Tarot Card Reader, Reiki Grandmaster, Numerologist, Lama Fera Master and Angel Therapist; based out of Pune. A very talented person who has dedicated her life for the wellbeing of the mankind, Deepika is also a medium between the Angel-World and the Human-World. Attuned with ArchAngels, Spirit Guides and Accesendant Masters, she also trains people who are interested in learning spiritual healing modalities. 

Deepika started her career with Paytm. She worked with Syska too. However, she was never satisfied with what she was doing. She knew it from the beginning that she has to do something BIG! And when finally she got clarity of her Life Purpose, she surrendered herself in the spiritual world. 

Deepika started her Tarot journey in 2010. Since then she is accurately predicting others’ potential future. Apart from card reading, she has hands-on experiences in other healing methods too. With the help of the divine angels, she uses her psychic power to heal and re-balance peoples’ body and emotions through Angel Therapy. Additionally she does Automatic Writing too. 

Deepika Taneja is also an expert in Lama Fera healing, Chakra Cleansing & Balancing, Relationship Healing, Negative Cord Cutting and various Spells & Rituals. A lot of her clients got benefited with the rituals and spells done by her. 

Aura Scanning and Cleansing is another feather on her crown!  With the help of Arch Angel Michael and others, she heals her clients by cleansing their aura. 

The name of her institute is Mystic Lightpath. Apart from healing and card reading, Deepika also teach these modalities to her students. She takes classes in person as well as online. Moreover, she keeps on conducting various workshops related to diverse techniques. 
Services Offered:

•    Tarot Card Reading/teaching
•    Angel Card Reading
•    Angel Therapy
•    Candle Magic/ Candle Spells/Rituals
•    Lama Fera Healing
•    Chaldean Numerology & lo- shu grid Numerology
•    Chakra & Aura Cleansing + Re-Balancing
•    Training on Various Modalities

Previous Experience

Deepika started her career with Paytm. She worked with Syska too. However, she was never satisfied with what she was doing. She knew it from the beginning that she has to do something BIG! And when finally she got clarity of her Life Purpose, she surrendered herself in the spiritual world


Women Entrepreneur of the year 2019

Best Tarot card reader 2020, Pune

Spiritual Guide & Tarot Expert, 2021







Certifies Training provider by International Practioner of Holistics medicines, UK

(Courses Certifies under IPHM are Tarot reading, Angel therapy, Lamafera & Chaldean Numerology)

Certified Lama Fera Teacher

Certified Tarot Reader. 

Certified reiki GrandMaster

Expert in Candle Magic, Oils & Herbs

Cast own spell & Customise spell according to individual Issues. 

Certified Teacher of Chaldean Numerology

Reviews & Testimonials

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04 Nov 18

Khushboo Sisodia

I was going through worst phase of my life in all means, I was lost and had no clue how to taclta with what all is happening in my life. Suddenly I came across Deepika whose unexpected question " is everything okay in your life?" Came .


It was an icebreaker for me to speak about my problems in my life. Since then till now she has helped me in all possible manners. She is an angel in my life whose existence only can make things better. 


Thank you so much for helping people like me keep going. 


God bless you!!

03 Nov 18


Recently Deepika Ji performed some rituals and lama fera as well for my relationship problem which i have been suffering through since long.   I felt differences and the positive changes in my relationship with that person.

Since 3-4 days, I was feeling very low and was worried about some situation but she is the one who kept on saying there's nothing to be worried about and yes again I took reading from her last night and whatever she predicted and guided me to do, I did in same way.

 I am really amazed that she was correct, it was just in my own thoughts , i was unnecessarily worried about.

 I spoke to that person- conversation was so positive and has ended on a good node . It was nothing less than a miracle for me . I do not have words to express how thankful I am to you Deepika Ji. You are truly an angel on earth. You are one of the most talented healers who devote  your efforts in all manners to heal the needy people . Now, I am very much confident that very soon,I will get back the stability in my life for which I was praying for. 

Thank you from the bottom of my heart :)))))

02 Nov 18


I don't have words to express my gratitude for Deepika.She is amazing very practical and gives you guidance bang on.Everytime I take healing from her I am sorted.Her readings are spot on.Thanks Deepika.Love and light to you and your family.

01 Nov 18


I've been in contact with Deepika since last one year. I've got several Tarot cards readings done from her. I was happy with her readings especially the one she did for my marriage, it was accurate. I even recommended her to some of my friends they were also happy with her readings and other modalities. She is into many modalities and is very talented. I don't see her as a third person but yes someone whom I can approach at any point of time. Keep up the good work Deepika. :)

01 Nov 18

Ruchi Mehra

Deepika Ji is extraordinary talented reader and excellent healer... She is wonderful human being and kind hearted lady..All my readings done by her were absolutely perfect...Deepika Ji  is truly an Angel..

 Deepika ji, you are my Guru maa...I love you a lot.. God bless you and your family always.

01 Nov 18


It's a blessing to get guidance from Deepika. She understands you just as you would want to be understood. Every healing and guidance from her is a wonderful experience. God bless her abundantly!!

01 Nov 18


She is very confident of her work that I liked. She did money n health healings for me few days ago only. And I am already feeling better & lighter. Her tips are also very helpful & powerful.

Love you Deepika ji ????

01 Nov 18

Nandhini Saraswathi

The best healer and tarot card reader. Her readings are so apt as she is with us.  Her crystals are so original. The crystal which she prescribed for my daughters has become a part of their body. After wearing they are seeing so many success and in future too. Iam very proud  and happy to have such an Living Angel DEEPIKA ji with me. God Bless You dear.

31 Oct 18

Madhuri Veampaty

Excellent guru and angel in every students life and will see her support in every walk of life .... meeting her is ur out of problems 

31 Oct 18


Deepika ji has given me hope and Light. I have gone through so much stress and Health issue. After Her candle therapy I am feeling very light and I know she is the healer of all my issues.

Thank you for your guidance...,and immediate solutions for day to day isuues.


31 Oct 18

Sukhvinder Kaur

Deepika Ji is truely an Angel . I can't even explain  how much I want to thank her . I lost all my hopes and confidence in my life but after meeting her realised that God has been really kind to me. I have gone to so many tarot card readers, pandits and healers before  but she  is such a nice person,  helpful in all manners  . I got my confidence back .
I took multiple  readings from her,  each one  was so accurate , Also, effects of  rituals and healings she did for me,  are truly visible as I could see things started changing though it took time but definately a visible change.  I am so blessed that I met her.
So much love, so much respect, and immense gratitude !!

If someone is facing  problems in any area of life , I personally recommend to visit her once. It would really be helpful and fruitful !!!!

31 Oct 18

Parinita Mittal

Best Wishes to Best Healer .. Deepika, A True Angel messenger  reaches maximum for support. As she is guided by Angels. Very realistic and Truthful .. Guides as a friend I felt as when I was sharing my problem I found the answer at the moment ourself... Magic and I really appreciate her work... Thanks Deepika for your support... 

31 Oct 18


Ms . Deepika Taneja predictions as well as energy healing and candle magic suggestions of affirmations , switch words , switch codes , candle spells have definitely helped my avenues opening  . Specially in the area of relationship  and work ,I have been facing  blocks  for a long time . Through the application of her solutions , her prediction regarding my good time begining genuinely has came true for me . I have observed  work and personal areas of my life opportunities opening up . I have begun to receive job offers and proposals for marriage . For a very long time things were stuck for me .

Deepika has a very genuine and a warm approach towards her clients .She was able to support me at times when I found it difficult to reach out . She also takes keen interest in her clients and seems to have the clarity and confidence in her methods .

She indeed is an angle in my life , she came at the right time and I am grateful.


She came across as 


31 Oct 18

Pallavi Bhatia Sethi

Deepika has some incredible psychic powers to connect with your heart. Everytime her Tarot reading has been so true and to the point that it amazes me how she is connected to divinity. From getting Lama fera healing to getting healing for my son, from getting tarot reading to getting angels messages, from discussing any life issue to just generally talking to her... Everytime my life has experienced miracles with her intervention. She is truly an angel with the most compassionate heart to heal everything that comes in her life. I strongly recommend her services from my own life's experience and I am sure I will also get some good karma of recommending her to all of you. Love and light always ????????

31 Oct 18


I got to meet her during the most difficult phase of my life. Personal, professional and lot of issues in life, instability etc. I met her and went for a Lama Fera session recently and the post effects were amazing like from worst to best. feeling very much positive, confident, ability to solve to problem instead being on the other side of problem. Recommend each and everyone to must go once for Lama Fera as this is the Rambaan.


God bless you Deepika.

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