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Payal Goradia

Payal Goradia

In 2008, a turning point in my life that took me entirely to the new World. The purpose of my life was understood after entering this Spiritual World, surprisingly I have done my MBA (Marketing) from Uni. Of Wales, TSD., UK. with intention to grow in corporate field.

Since childhood I have been getting intuitions and dreams that were never understood until one of the astrologer in my early childhood days said “she has come to serve the humanity, she will be a very good Astrologer and will get into spiritual path. She has something very deep rooted healing powers and magic within her, I never believed him until year 2008.  

Since early days I have been working in corporate industry and had passion for sales and marketing. Have received many awards, accolades and certificates towards my success in banking and insurance industry until one fine day…

My journey started in 2008, with keen interest in Vastu Shastra that changed my thoughts and belief towards Science. I, myself was my first client and seen amazing powerful result that made me interested in this subject to heal and help others too.  I kept updating myself and mastered myself in practicing Osho Zen Tarot cards as reader and teacher. I thereafter learnt Numerology, Akashic Records, Candle Magic, Wiccan Way, Hypnotherapy and many other modalities, which interested me in my life journey. 

I use to present TV show in London, UK., I am a renowned Tarot Card reader presenting Live TV show on Sunrise Channel under Cards of Destiny with the viewership of more that 4,00,000 people. In USA have performed Radio show for Tarot cards which has been all across the States. 

I have loyal and faithful clients who are connected to me even post leaving UK (2013) and USA (2015). I enjoy healing and working for people who need my support and assistant. My passion to heal and take complicated or rather difficult cases have made me strong and renowned in Asia. My specialization is dealing in emotional and mental state of mind.

Anand Goradia

My passion to learn reiki made me today, Reiki Grand master, lama Fera healer, Pendulum dowser, Aura scanner, Alpha mind power, chakra balancing and many more distance healing modalities. This grew over time and passion increased in developing myself and getting deeper and deeper in to the healing world.

My wife Payal and myself enjoy working together in spiritual healing and helping people.  My passion for healing has now made me a teacher teaching different simple modalities where people can use in day-to-day life. We look forward to grow together and make this platform of healing a better and superior place of trust and confidence from every aspect.



Previous Experience

Since 1996, I have been working as an undergraduate in various companies and banking industry.  I have been successful in my growing career until 2007-08 where I started finding difficulties in sustaining Corporate world. Seen many up and downs indicating me to my journey of life.  Unknowing the pathway of life I somehow got influenced in Vastu Shastra and saw miracles happening. 

Vastu Shastra helped me to heal many of my loved and dear ones, which further motivated me to learn Tarot Cards. My intuitiveness and accuracy in reading had mesmerized people and has created deep-rooted followers in international and domestic market. 


In my spiritual world I have received an award from The Business Diva Award (ALL) in 2017, for excellence in Tarot reading and healing.

I have won many awards, certificates and accolades from my corporate world of banking and Insurance. I have always been a go getter and highly aggressive in cracking the right deal.

My best certificate is the feedback/ testimonials which I receive from my clients along with references.


I am a certified hypnotherapist from EKAA (CHII) under the leadership of Dr Yuvraj Kapadia, Dr Rahul Dutta and Dr Ameeta Thakker. Received certificate from Abhijit Pratishthan for Vastu Shastra Visharad, Tarot Card Reading certificate, certificates on Numerology, oil and herbs, wiccan way, crystal healing, Energy healing spells, Akashic Records and many more certificates. 

I believe in learning from the right source. Until and unless I am not sure I do not practice what I am not confident.

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