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Gujarati, Hindi, Marathi, English

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Mohammedi Lokhandwala

Mohammedi Lokhandwala has been associated with the School of Pranic Healing since the year 2011 and has been certified as a trainer in the year 2015. As a professional healer, he has successfully treated severe ailments such as pneumonia, stroke, arthritis, kidney stone, spondylitis, hernia, heart diseases and many others. He has trained over 120+ students in the art and science of Pranic Healing. He enjoys playing chess, spending time with his family, and reading books in his leisure hours.


Certified Basic Pranic Healing Trainer

Associate Certfied Pranic Healer

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02 May 23

Mary Halima

Thank you for the remote healings!  I can feel your healing energies all the way here in USA. I went from feeling anxious to feeling a deep peace. PLUS the pain in my hand no longer wakes me out of sleep at night!  Truly grateful for your amazing healing gifts.  Thank you again, Mary Halima

09 May 22

Dr Deepa Paranjpey

I was introduced to Pranic healing by one of my friends who did self healing for her illness, who is doctor herself. I was amazed by the results and was so eager to join basic pranic healing class. I talked to Mr. Lokhandwala sir and was quite convinced about pranic healing. He gave one complementary energy transfer for my illness. Being doctor myself I was not able to appreciate during session but later on I realised that I was quite energetic and was feeling fresh.

When I registered myself for the class I thought …9am to 6 p m class for 2  days….almost 9 hours …..whether I will be able to do and concentrate at the age of 64 with illness…impossible! But it turned out to be very interesting. Mr. Lokhandwala conducted the class brilliantly. I enjoyed the class on both days. Sir is confident and experienced teacher. He taught us With practical till we were satisfied He is patient teacher  and answered all the students questions,however silly questions without showing any boredom on face. He has good knowledge and he is dedicated teacher. Even after the class is over he keeps contact with students and help them solve their problems. He encourages them. 

I am sure that this class will be very helpful to improve my health.
Thank you 

09 May 22

Priyal Sohni

I was introduced to pranic healing by one of the pranic healers himself who was my yoga teacher also. Then I came across Lokhandwala sir and the journey began.

The teachings by sirr has been so amazing, clear and practical that we at the class believed in this world of energy to heal ourselves and others... He has been such a guide and tutor in those 2 days from sharing his experiences to guiding us personally at every point. Highly appreciated his efforts to keep in touch even after those 2 days as regards healings as well any advice we needed in life.

I am so grateful for starting my spiritual journey with him and he gave me the faith that I can even cure my problem of PCOD.

Thank you sir for everything. Always grateful for meeting you in this journey.

22 Oct 19

Sharda jaiswal

I came to know about pranic healing from few people around me and so wanted to know more and what it is and how it works since long and as i came to know abt Mohemmdi Lokhandwala sir i went for a basic course. I learn many things in thise course about this no-touch healing method .we can heal ourself as well as others too. After healing i have started healing myself  and my friends and family  on basic level. It is good to learn thise  technique.

Thank you mohemmdi Lokhandwala sir for teaching this basic course of pranic healing now i m planing to join for next level course 

21 Oct 19

Sneha S

I was introduced to Pranic healing by my brother in March 2019. My guru- Mr Lokhandwala guided me through my anxiety and temperamental changes and I am grateful to him about it.

I have completed basic course of Pranic healing and planning for Advanced courses.

I would highly recommend Pranic Healing.

21 Oct 19

Nitin Suvarna

I was introduced to Pranic Healing by my nephew in Dec 2018. I being a Kidney transplant patient for the last 16 yrs, had to take 10 to 12 medicines per day & due to its side effects I developed OSSN ( tumour ) of Right eye.

Mr Mohammedi Lokhandwala, who is my Guru now, gave me healings on regular intervals & this helped me a lot to cure my OSSN . He also  gives regular healings for my anxiety which gives me  a lot of confidence & energy .

In the month of July 2019 i was diagnosed with calculus stone in my Urinary bladder ( 4 mm ). - Mr Lokhandwala gave me Healings on regular intervals & within 20 to 25 days , I was cured , the stone had vanished from my body. I had done sonography and it showed no stone present in Urinary bladder.

Sir, also taught us basic pranic healing & now I am planning for advance course.

Pranic Healing helps us in our day to day activities.

Today  I am  full of energy & positivity due to my Guru - Mr Mohammedi Lokhandwalas blessings. He is always available for us. I have hardly seen a person so down to earth & humble.


Nitin Suvarna

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