Rajkumar Kamdar

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11 Years

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Chennai (Madras)

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English, Hindi, Gujarati, Tamil

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Mon To Fri 9.00 Am To 11.00 Am 2.00 Pm To 3.00 Pm

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Rajkumar Kamdar

Introducing myself as Raj Kamdar a healer by passion (part of the divine plan)


It all started in 2013 my wife gave birth to a beautiful daughter. And with her also came the path of healing into my life. It so happens that my 8 year old son was down with a severe cough for almost 25 days and no cough syurp or medicine seemed to be working. After some blood work and detailed examination he was diagnosed with severe tonsillitis and immediate surgery was the option given to us. Though we were quite hesitant to the idea of surgery, at that moment we felt helpless with no other option. As I mentioned all a part of the divine plan. The same evening one of my wife’s childhood friends happend to call her up and this was discussed in the conversation and it so happend that she suggested to us why not try pranic healing....


At that point we were like nothing to loose why not give it a shot. Thus the next day we went to Padmini Ramesh, now also my teacher my guru my mentor. At that time i used to think as most of us do in today’s modern world. We are conditioned to believing what we see is only real rest is all mumbo-jumbo.


She did move her hands in the air and constantly flicking her hands into a bowl filled with water and salt. At that moment I was really amused and was wondering whats going on dude... But the very same evening lo my son’s cough reduced drastically it was like wow is that how a miracle looks. Two more sessions the same Doctor tells us that he does not need to remove the tonsils as he seems to be having an amazing recovery.


Truly miraculous he was completely fine. Ever grateful to the supreme energy for this.


My monkey nature got the better of me and I was like hey "if she could do that why cant I?". The next day enrolled for the basic pranic healing workshop and from there begin my journey of spirituality, healing, compassion, having a deeper understanding of the divine universe. A space where seeing miracles happen to me and all around me became the new normal a journey where so many divine doors open, a journey of baggage shedding (emotional, mental, physical), an understanding of our existance.


As time went by, met more gurus with whom I have learnt theta healing, shamanic healing, dowsing , light body workshop with Dr G Ruthara , sound healing with Dr Sujata Singhi, access consciouness, access Foundation With Dr Ashish Narayankar and many more


Any specialiation:

Healing happens from the divine universe all I do is ask :)


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12 Jun 19


A godsend angel - Forever grateful.  
Raj was recommended by my very close friend Priya.
I have suffered from immense mental, emotional and physical 
pain and trauma. Since Jan 2016 I have spent my days 
incapable of functioning normally. It is only 10days back  that I found Raj  referred by my friend  and he turned out to be a godsend ANGEL!
On my first session I did feel very light as if some heavy weights have been lifted off me and the continuing week I was suffering from this bad stomach ache which Raj informed me about the process of healing and dint ask me to take any tablets and go with the flow. With so much of pain tolerance I did manage to handle the pain but when it got worse I had to reach out to him and he asked me to come over for a session and then go to the hospital is pain continues. I walked into the room with so much pain and post the session I walked back feeling way better. I never took any medication and I feel jus fine. 
There are no words to describe my relief and how much I respect
his work. 
With just two sessions  I feel the power of control over my life, although I always have to make decisions and live with my decisions but after a really long time I did feel positive and good. I'm really hoping for the upcoming sessions to help me become the best version of myself. 
I highly recommend him to anyone who wish to work on themselves and/or wish to improve the quality of their lives.

With Love - gratitude 

20 May 19


To open your doors to rank strangers crying out for help requires a large heart. Not only does Raj have a large-heart but he also has a life-mate who supports his mission wholeheartedly.

I went to Raj at a time when I was at a crossroads in my life. I was as skeptical as they come and a little spooked at the idea of sharing my life tales with someone I was meeting for the first time but Raj was easy to talk to and was extremely invested in moving me to a place of comfort. I wouldn't say I returned home with all my problems solved- instead I returned home a lot more sorted, composed and better equipped to deal with situations.

Healing and cleansing can be depleting processes. Yet Raj takes off from his busy schedule, often sacrificing family time, to accommodate others most unconditionally. His joy is in the giving.

I pray that God supports him and his amazing family in this special journey of healing.

20 May 19


Knowing Raj has been a blessing in my life. Healing was something I had heard about but until I met Raj had not experienced it fully. My family and me have seen an upward swing after healing sessions with him. The sessions have calmed me in so many ways and Answers have come to us through him which have helped us in personal and professional pathway. Thank You Raj for being there for so many of us .

And also the way you connect with old and young is something which I admire so much about you.

16 May 19

Vanita Mardia

I didn’t believe in miracles , coz I had never experienced one , But meeting Raj has changed that . He is a very powerful healer & even better human being . Every healing session replenishes & energises my soul . He is truly a Divine being . i feel absolutely blessed   To know him , he is my go to person .

Raj has helped me grow & evolve spiritually & emotionally . 

Raj & his wife Tanvi are the most amazing hosts , their hospitality is legendary !! 

15 May 19

Gaurav Dalal

Raj is divine. No better word to describe him. Humble, honest and ever ready to help. Brilliant with his scanning, healing and vision. We need more n more souls like him here to make the world a better place.

15 May 19

Shradha lulla

The journey of healing with raj has been incredible for me and my family. Eveytime I have gone for a healing session I evolve emotionally. Thanks to raj and his positive energies in creating awareness in my children too.

14 May 19

Pooja Reddy

Raj has truly been like a guardian angel for my family and me. When I enter the room for healing, I instantly feel a strong sense of positivity and good energy. Every time I leave the room, I feel fresh and replenished. In addition to the healing, Raj has also guided me in making the right decisions in several aspects in my life. His utmost honestly and direct feedback is admirable. He is also extremely empathetic, which gives him the ability to connect with people in a way which makes them feel instantly comfortable with him. The atmosphere in his home and hospitality that he has with everyone who comes to be healed is amazing. I love that he is not about being commercial and truly cares about bettering the lives of people. He inspired me to start pranic healing myself, which has really helped me in countless ways. I feel truly grateful to have him and his family in our lives. 5 hearts is the maximum rating, but I wish i could give more!

14 May 19

Dipti Mehra

Just like raj said....I found this quite ridiculous when my mom told me about it...but there was some force of nature that pulled me towards this and got me to Raj to experience this amazing power of prancing healing....I still don’t know if it’s the faith that heals or the actual healing that works...but alll I can say is that it has brought in a lot of positive changes in me and my family. Thank you Raj for being a pathway for me and my folks in this beautiful journey so far. Truly feel blessed. Keep shining...keep Healing....god bless!!

14 May 19

Pooja Jalan

Raj is truly a Divine Guide and Healer. He is a pure soul who has selflessly healed my family. He is my mentor and has led me through my journey as a healer. The miracles that I have experienced have changed our lives for the better. He healed my daughter who was suffering from fever for more than a month in just 2 sessions. Thank you Raj for always being there for us.

14 May 19


He is a very powerful healer and could feel the changes so promptly . Thanks Raj for always being there for us

14 May 19

Urvi Maru

Raj, is one of the most gifted and pure souls I know. I truly feel blessed to have gotten to know him. He is an amazing healer/friend/counselor amongst the many hats that he wears. 

He has helped me countless number of times from guiding me on the smallest of queries to healing me and my family when faced with any major despair. Ranging from personal/emotional conflict to health issues, Raj is my ‘go-to’ person due to his ability to understand the issue, consult and heal. 

Having Raj and his healing powers always gives me the peace of mind that happy days are just a healing away. Thank you for everything!

14 May 19


Very grateful to have met Raj. He really cares about the well being of another soul. His interest is in the spiritual development as well as the physical and mental development of a person. 

He guided me and showed me the way to develop my spiritual link with the Supreme Being.

I was really lost before meeting him. After having just one session of healing with him, my life has turned around. Ever so grateful. Thank you for showing me the way. ???? 

14 May 19

Naitik N Shah

Raj Sir is miraculous. His aura is clean & positive. He has recently healed me & things have changed for me in my life. The setup he holds is so good. No one would ever feel like leaving his pad. The experience is truly divine. 

14 May 19

Reetu saluja


It has always been an awesome and overwhelming experience with  Raj Kamdar . He is jus not a healer, but a true means of a mentor, and a guide who has guided and shine my path of spirituality and healing taking me always a step further. 

14 May 19

Sashi Bafna

I had gone to Raj for distance healing of my brother who was undergoing treatment for stage 4 cancer in US.There was a major complication and he was critical.To my surprise,he recovered so fast and was discharged in 2days.He helped my daughter who was appearing for her board exams , overcome her fear and stress and perform well.He is blessed by the Supreme and is so connected with the Almighty.God bless him and may he touch many more lives with his healing powers!!

14 May 19

Suma Harris

The healing sessions with Raj are miraculous 

his calm ,serene disposition takes away half of your concerns while the energy exchange is soothing and lasting.one can instantly connect with ones innerself and divine.He has helped me balance many things and been instrumental in reposing my faith in the divine.

14 May 19

Raj Kamdar


14 May 19

Ratika Haksar

The healing that my family and I experienced with Raj was no short of a divine miracle.

Healing does not seem to be just a passion with him it has become second nature. He is does not just help you heal but supports and guides you with such kindness and generosity that is reflective of his pure and beautiful soul.




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