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Dr. HitteshGurujee is an expert practitioner of Astrology, Sawaroday, Vastu Shastra, Numerology, Aura & Chakra cleansing, Dream analyzing, Past life regression, Tantra, Yoga & Meditation, Colour therapy, Kundalini and Chakra activation.

He also conducts auspicious Puja, Havan & Yagya. Apart from these he also offers consultancy on Gemology and Rudraksh.

He has written three books called ‘Puja of Sri Yantra and Laxmi’, ‘Navgrah remedies for nine planets’ and ‘Aura’. He has also released 4 meditation and Mantra CD’s .

He is also the founder and the president of a NGO ‘VIDHYAA Art Of Eternal Science’. Vidhyaa conducts meditation and stress relief programs for people and free programs in jails, red light areas and orphanages. It has also adopted tribal kids and sponsors their studies.

He has many celebrities of the television industry, Bollywood & Politics as his clients. He has also traveled to the length and breadth of India in states of Rajasthan, Gujarat, Himachal Pradesh, Punjab, Goa etc. and also to foreign countries like Kenya and Nepal on request of his clients to perform Puja and do astrological consultancy.

Previous Experience

Many known celebrities, Corporates and politicians like Ekta Kapoor, Bali Bhrambhatt, Kumar Shanu, Sapna Awasti, Karan Razdan, Haari & Pammi Bavecha, Mr. Dhumal, Kanodia family, Tanaz & Baktiyar Irani, Ravi Dube & Shargun Mehta, Sashikant Shinde, Thakrar InfoTech, Bhagtani Builders, Dhananjay industrial engineer Pvt. Ltd.  and many others.


Dr. HitteshGurujee has been awarded many Awards, amongst which are


‘PHD in Spiritual Sciences (SRI VIDHYAA)’ By Karnataka Government 2015

‘Best Speaker’ Third International Conference in Mysore on Sri Vidhyaa 2015

‘Best Astrologer on Astrology Show on television’ from Business & entertainment Global Awards.

‘Best Astrologer’ consecutively for five years from 2012 Till 2016 by AAROGYAM.


Always a keen observer of spiritual practices and rituals, Dr. HitteshGurujee has also studied the philosophy of other religions like Muslims, Christens, Jains, and Buddhist etc. He studied under many Spiritual masters like Sri Sri Ravi Shanker, Sri Chandrashekhar Dave, Sri Rishi Baba (Advaitanandnath Baba), Sri Aksharanand Swami, Sri Shivanand Baba, Sri Surya Swami and others. He has also devoted a lot of his time in his teens and youth in various Ashrams at places like Karnali, Banglore, Rishikesh, Mathura, Varanasi, Kamakhya for learning different spiritual arts.

He learnt the spiritual arts of performing Rituals and Puja like Vedic and Agam Havan, Mantra, Yantra, formation of Chakra, Advait, Asthaang yoga, Astrology, Aura reading and Aura cleansing, different Philosophies, and much more from all the above spiritual masters and Ashrams as a hobby in his teens and while he was running his ancestral business which offered him much more financial security than what he does now, but a real change in his life came when he meet his Sri Guru ‘His Holiness Sri Sri Ravi Shankerji Maharaj’, he decided to make spirituality his profession to help people. He got the purpose of his life and started walking on it, accepting spirituality as a full time profession, having clients of all religions and castes, helping them without forcing his religious beliefs on them.

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18 Jul 20

Dr Radha Raghavan

Joy Gurudev!

It is indeed a Joy to be learning under Gurudev Dr Hitteshji .Ive been lucky to be a part of his teaching from 2016-learning Parad Shivji Abhishek,Five Element course,Mahasanjeevini Vidya,Swarnaakaarshan Vidya and now the Shiv Sutras.He is highly patient ,explains difficult concepts so easily and is available 48x7x365 days for his students.
His daily upay and Astro remedies are simple and timely too.

lastly we all love guruji so much and pray he is always hale and hearty to keep imparting knowledge to us.

Joy Ma



02 Feb 18

Sunaina Kaul

Thank you so much for the sharing insights on rudraksh and letting me know which one would favor. Its amazing to sense that I can already feel the positive energy inside me and most importantly removing all doubts.

appreciate your time in personally speaking as well. Blessed!

27 Sep 17


Have had the grace of meeting guruji, From explaining the deep vast science of astrology to introduction to various yantra, and techniques and much much more... Amongst many more he introduced me to mercury shri yantra, presuaded me to holdI it. ahh! I held but for a few seconds and wow what an energy.. there was instant high vibration on my palm, and third eye area, and a zoom like feeling in the crown. Yes these are the vibration he helps us connect to. Deep Gratitude Guruji

25 Aug 17

Radha Narayanan

Hittesh guruji is by far the most approacheable&knowledgeable guru in this kaliyug.Inspite of his tremendous knowledge he never is unapprocheable to anyone seeking true devotion.Also the ways he imparts knowledge about our hindu traditions,poojas et...is an eye opener as well as visual and spiritual festival.thank  you guruji for leading us from the darkness to light.

Thank you mystic lotus for being that beacon of light to us.


15 Nov 16

Ranjaliee Siingh

I am very grateful to Hitesh GuruJi for guiding me with such beautiful and powerful mantras for healing our mind , body and soul.Thank you so much for the aura reading and the remedy, will definitely follow your advice . Looking forward to the upcoming courses.

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