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11 Years

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Hindi, Marathi, English

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Monday to Friday 1 pm to 6 pm

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Shamshaad Ali Baig (50 Years)

I am an ex-journalist, now Author- Publisher, Energy Worker, Intuitive Guide

Previous Experience

I am a healer from 2007 after i started on the path of Usui Reiki. 



Reiki Teacher - Usui and Karuna Reiki

Divine Healing Hands Soul Healer Practitioner



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21 Nov 15

Rahul Lad

I know shamsaad quite a short time now.. She is an excellent human being and a very good healer.. The most i like about shamsaad is she heals poor people without any expectations free of cost. At one o the incident i was talking to her over a phone and while our discussion was going on she has identified my blockages and negative patterns and she started healing me there itself at the same time when the discussion was on without letting me know and i have observed many positive changes post that. Later i again call her and informed about all the positive changes i have observed and then she told me that she was healing me over phone only.. She is such a fabulous person i met in my life.. Thank you Shamsaad...

20 Nov 15


Iam Shamshaad's client from Canada. Iam currently undergoing a situation and I would say, it's just because of God's grace, or you can call because of Highest energy I came in contact with Shamshaad. She is a wonderful person in whose soul you will find a very good friend. With just one session with her you will find Positive shift in your life. 

My deepest gratitude to you Shamshaad for all the support and help. Iam already feeling a very positive shift and expecting miraculous results.

If you are thinking of getting healing session with Shamshaad, for and issue or any situation in life, please do not think more and just proceed ,which will be for your Highest good. 

Thank you once again dearest Shamshaad. May your help reach many who are in need. God bless you.




24 Oct 15

IPS Khurana

I have been friends with Shammy almost 5 Yrs now...Good Friend, Good Guide and Good Healer.

Have beend taking her services and support regularly. I strongly recommend her services

Thanks Shammy


01 Sep 15

Monesha Chaudhary Aversare

An advt. in the newspaper few years ago about something to do with learning to be a writer made me pick up the phone and call Shamshaad Ali Baig. We spoke for more than an hour about writing and everything else, when she mentioned that she is a devotee of Sai and been guided by Sai Baba. Since then we spoke a couple of times but actually got to meet each other at the Mystic Lotus meet. Extremely warm loving person, you just feel so comfortable speaking with her. One session with her over the phone and what a connection... All that she spoke about, I knew instantly that she was connected to a divine energy and I was getting messages from the master. The energized products that I got from her are amazing... Keep the good work going Shamshaad, may God bless you...

28 Aug 15


Shamshaad is one who does her work quietly , I think. This may be a bit rare to find in a hard-selling commercial world. 

I had met her for a few mts almost a year ago, not knowing what she does. When I saw her on the ML page, I just felt like connecting.

As the universe would have it, I happened to have my session with her on a day which saw me at a very low state emotionally, physically and energetically. 

I felt like I was being fanned by a gentle breeze on a hot summer day. I felt myself in resonance with the messages she was getting. A few hours after the session I was quite surprised to see even my facial skin soften up and my heart much lighter.


Keep honouring your gift, Shamshad. May you be always blessed.


I would recommend her to you, if you are willing to listen from your heart.


Thank you my dear. God Bless you.


I keep myself anonymous as the message is important -not the source.

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