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28 Years

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Payal Ashok Mukherjee

My Work on Sea Healing :

During my last visit to Penang (the Pearl of the Orient), a beautiful & fascinating island in Malaysia, I was strongly guided to start Sea Healing & Meditation. I   received a message from the expansive water body roaring in front of me to spread the message of its marvellous healing energy to the world.

My Sea Healing journey began with a two day intensive spiritual retreat In Goa, India on the 10th of August 2014 followed by others in Pondicherry,Chennai, Mumbai, Penang, Port Dickson, Langkawi, Pulau Tiga, Kota Kinabalu, Sabah (Malaysia); Singapore; Rosarito ( Mexico), Encinitas, San Diego (California), Seattle, Phoenix, Sedona (USA);  Zanzibar Islands, Dar-es-sallam (Tanzania) and many more to come….

Benefits of Sea Healing

· Detoxify yourself emotionally, letting go of long pent up resentments, anger, frustrations and other negative behavior patterns that are holding you back from achieving what you are truly meant to achieve.

· Bring to awareness the subconscious patterns that drive your life. Once you are aware, you will have the option of making the changes you desire.

· Attain inner harmony and stillness along with a sense of balance as your chakras get better cleansed and aligned.

· Connect and Communicate with your Spirit Guides and Angels thus learning how to Heal yourself as well as others through them in amalgamation with the tremendous healing power of the Sea and the other Universal Elements (fire, water, metal, wood, air and earth).

· Help release and heal painful or suppressed emotions.

· Resolve limiting karmic patterns.

· Help resolve past patterns that perpetuate physical and mental conditions.

· Manifest your dreams & desires that are for your highest good & for the wellbeing of others.

Fall in love with water once again, and let it be real love - let it be romantic and exciting, let it be scary and confusing, let it be dancing, delightful, laughter and let it be tears too, and compassion - all the emotions that move us, all the love we have and how we feel the love we have, from a simple little delight when we refresh ourselves with water to the holiest of moments, when a rainstorm turns an ordinary window into a cathedral window on the world, sparkling with diamond reflections, showing us the truth.

About Me:

My journey of self discovery began 20 years ago when I chose to turn inwards to find the answers about Life and Soul. The answers didn’t  come instantly as I had hoped, but gradually revealed themselves with daily meditation and my deck of Tarot cards guiding me throughout. I slowly began to assimilate the visions, sensations, insights, emotions and the messages I received. I experienced immense joy in sharing the inner knowledge with others. A self taught Palmist, Vedic Astrologer, Automatic Writer, Tarot Reader and Crystal Healer, I still feel I have something new to learn each day even after two decades of study & practice. With every personal experience and with every reading I do, a part of me learns a little more about the beauty of human souls and the universal truths. My days are spent applying whatever I’ve learnt so far from my research & experience of working with people all over the world.

 "I do not claim to know all the answers but I do know I have the ability to connect and read the energies of others, and help them find clarity and peace....

At the end of the day I believe we are all the masters of our own destiny and are responsible for our own life and actions. The only real teacher is Your Life, the Universe & You Yourself. I am merely, a reader.....I believe that the things you are destined to achieve will eventually find you although you fail to seek them. Tarot is a spiritual journey as well as a wonderful achievement for me. I have devoted myself to this subject contributing hours to its study. Through elaborate research i have arrived at a thorough understanding of its powers and potential. In my quest for finding a meaning and purpose in my life and the lives of people around me, my search took me into the realms of Tarot & the lovely Angels.

A Message from the Angels:

Angels and guides are all around you. You need to feel them. All you need to do is to call upon them & they will be there to help you; to guide you in the right direction. You will feel their presence in your heart & soul. You will know about their unconditional love for you. Angels don’t need anything from you – All they desire is you to be joyous & in a peaceful state of bliss....All they want is your warm smile & a lovely heartfelt gratefulness. They are always there to bless you. So, dear friends, the next time you feel sad or low, don’t forget to call upon your beloved angels. Try it just once & see the gates of love & light open up for you. The light that will draw you to never ending peace & prosperity, the light that will lead you to eternal joy!!

What i can offer :

An insightful in depth look into your situation delivered in an empowering and positive manner. My readings aim to bring you clarity and hope and are a combination of clairvoyant abilities, knowledge of the Tarot cards, the angelic realm, healing abilities along with my awareness of Automatic Writing, Oracle cards, Crystals, Gemstones, Colours, Numbers, Planets, Aromatherapy and Feng Shui.  Ultimately, my role is simply to provide you with guidance & make you walk away feeling clearer, stronger, lighter and more in tune with your path and purpose.

In Deep Humility,


Previous Experience

Visiting Practitioner at :

-The Violet Flame, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

- Lifeworks, Penang, Malaysia

- Sanctum, Singapore

- Life by Design, Singapore

Conducted Sea Healing and Chakra Balancing Retreats at the following places :

-Goa , India

- Pondicherry , India

- San Diego, California , USA

- Rosarito, Mexico

- Langkawi Island, Malaysia

- Port Dickson, Malaysia

- Penang, Malaysia

Sea Healing Retreat :

3rd to 4th September 2016, Location : Sabah Island, Malaysia ( Pulau Tiga and Kota Kinabalu )

Upcoming Workshops & Sessions :

- Mumbai : 26th Feb 2017

- Seattle (Washington), Portland (Oregon), Phoenix (Arizona), Sedona (Arizona), USA from 28th Feb 2017 to 9th March 2017 - Registrations open

Channeling & Chakra Healing workshops at Stonehenge & London, UK (March 2018)




Inspire Spiritual and Holistic Awards 2018 : Master in Intuitive Healing and Spiritual Communication

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20 Apr 20


Payal is a true personification of love and calmness. She has really helped me fight the uncertainties that we as a family were going through . Her connects to the guides are so perfect and apt at the given situation one is in. It gives hope and light and is filled with positive affirmations .
She is very approachable , kind and helpful.

14 Mar 20

Neha nath

Payal is a beauitful person . The first time I met her she made me very comfortable and is very easy going as well . She conducts her session s  very precisely  and to perfection . A Very good teacher . My reading s n learning from her have been accurate as well . I definitely recommended her n her Positive energy to anyone who would like to visit her n take a learning. 

14 Mar 20

Shazia merchant

Payal is super gentle and has very calming energy . She has a soothing aura and can have healing effects just by being around! She can be called a healer, an intuitive automatic writer, a mind reader or a life information hacker! She may be able to tell things about you and your life which no one else would have known.. Her genuine guidance has helped me and so many of my friends. It's indeed a pleasure to have known her and am grateful to her for all the support and divine messages she has given us throughout. I thank Mystlic Lotus for being the medium via which I met her.. Payal, may you be given more than you have ever desired.. Lots of love and good wishes always..

07 Mar 20

Dipti Kasliwal

payal is one of the most amazing healers i have come across and ofcourse an amazing person too.. she has managed to heal so many areas of my life with her expertise and also without any judgement.She is a person one can speak to endlessly and she heals instantly

03 Mar 20

Jay N

Dearest Payal, It is with great pleasure that i write to you an update on my Life since you facilitated the coaching and healing session with me. When i met you for the very first time in November 2012 at a Holistic Centre here in Malaysia, little did i know that you will help me to tap into my own intuition abilities. It has been very enlightening. You made me believe in myself and i feel more guided now having the inner fulfilment in me. I strongly feel that you are somehow an Angel sent by God to tell me as to what i needed to know at just the right point of time in my Life of what has been holding me back all this while. With your assistance, i have gained awareness of what that “ Feeling” was all about in me and hence all the doubts that i had began to dissipate. You assisted me to rediscover myself and my drive that delighted and empowered me and revealed a plan that will transform my future. I must say that my Life is more Fulfilling and Peaceful now because you helped me to discover my path to Destiny which i was searching all this while not knowing it was actually an alarm of a Guardian Angel’s warning to me. Probably Angels are sending signs that my time has arrived and that’s where i myself wouldn’t know as to why all the sudden I took a huge interest in “ANGELS “ few years ago which had lead me to start researching about them and wondered if i may have one. And that’s where i had the opportunity to meet you and strongly believe you came on the right time to guide me. My intuitive and psychic senses have rapidly developed since then due to your teachings and guidance that I gained from you. You are so loving with your gentle manner and i am really inspired with your beautiful energy, teachings and meditations along with your precise intuitive abilities and the deep connection of yourself with the Angels and Spiritual. I wish to thank you so much for giving me the courage, support to follow my own intuition which i had struggled to fully embrace in the past. It is tough for me to put into words exactly what i experienced in your sessions because your workshops and sessions had given me the opportunity to feel the Divine Love of Angelic presence, which i experienced so deeply in me. I still cant forget the moment i experience the presence of “ Archangel Michael “ for the very first time with your guidance and i can feel a lot more connected to the Divine and Angels around me now. I am truly Blessed that i had the opportunity to meet you Payal. The readings that you have done for me is very Accurate. I must say that you have a truly Amazing Gift and it's so nice to see that you are sharing it with the whole world. I would like to take this opportunity to thank you once again for all teachings and guidance. Having the chance to meet you in my Life in this birth has enriched me and my Life more than i can put into words. My heartfelt gratitude and appreciation to you Payal. You are such an Angel and you are a lovely inspiring person and you inspire lots of hope and happiness in me ! Wishing you Happiness, Joy, Abundance and Blessings Always. 
~Jay S, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

27 Feb 20

Nikkath R

Hi All, I  am Nikkath R, from Hosur. I am delighted to write a review on Payalji's Automatic Writing. I have been seeking guidance of Payal from 2015. She has been my guide and a healer till date. I have experienced lot many blows in life especially my personal life which  had so many issues and my relationship issue with my spouse was also  completely guided by Payal and I followed each and everything said by Payalji and my problems are resolved now. To be honest without the guidance of Payal we would have departed long ago and things would have gone still worse. She helped me even in cleansing the negativity at my home and that also has brought a lot of positive change. I really Thank Payal from the bottom of my heart and always grateful for her Good work. Thank you Payalji..

27 Feb 20

Akshita Gandhi

Payal came into my life like an angel and has changed it forever with her divine and guiding light. I met her when I was going through a dark time and through automatic writing she has helped me overcome so much of it and see the positive side of life and start living again. I cannot fathom a life without her and am extremely grateful to have met this real life angel. A truly blessed soul, she is a treat to be around and her guidance has been priceless!

27 Feb 20

divya abhishek

We never know When life throws us some suprises. Payel has been there during good and odd. She is my strength during my tough days guiding me to take good decision. Her readings are very accurate. 

27 Feb 20

Lynn Borundia

Payal, dearest beautiful Payal!

I found Payal through a random internet search when looking for a spiritual advisor who could teach me Automatic Writing in the correct manner.  This is synchronicity at it’s best. Although we are thousands of miles away geographically, I connected with Payal immediately when I heard her soft spoken and angelic voice over the phone. She taught me (1:1 class) Automatic Writing,  with learning to correctly do Chakra Cleansing, Protection, Communication and other correct processes prior to Channeling  Masters, Spirit Guides, Archangels etc. to do Automatic writing.  

She is so highly gifted with innumerable spiritual talents.  She has helped me and many of my friends and family, by providing such comfort and guidance through her Automatic Writing with remarkable accuracy, so much so, if i didn’t know better about Payal’s Automatic Writing, I would say it was uncanny !!

Payal is a beautiful and inspirational Earth Angel and  human being who, through her Automatic writing, has helped me grow exponentially as a healer.  Even all the way from Melbourne Australia, I keep seeking her advice and guidance. 

If you ever get an opportunity to have an Automatic Writing / Channeling session done, you’d be absolutely insane to miss it !! 

Thank you dearest Payal for your continued guidance. I will forever be indebted to you for teaching me Automatic Writing and sharing your other spiritual gifts through Sea Healing etc.  

Love and white light to a beautiful, young Earth Angel who has a very old old old Soul. May the Universe bless you to keep helping humanity, one soul at a time! 


Lynn Borundia

Melbourne, Australia

26 Feb 20

Shabana khan

Payal teachings has made a huge difference in my life . The auto writing course has helped me answer my questions and also helped me help others . I have attended other -other courses of hers as well and  her way of teaching and explaination is very simple and one can follow the instructions with ease . Definitely recommend her for the times to come . I feel honered to be taught by her and have her as a constant support and guidance in my life . To forever friendship . And guru shiksha 

25 Feb 20

Abhishek ram

I know Payal from 2010. I first met her in Bangalore. She did auto writing for me and things came so true like me moving to USA, settle down with great company, will be awarded with good position with job satisfaction. Her readings has been milestone for me and she does it every year twice for me and my family. Payal has become internal part of my family who guides as Angel. I learnt auto writing and self believe about this art from her and helps me to cure others and guide too. The healing methodology she use is something admirable too. I learnt chakra healing from her too. Payal is always there with me and my family in good and bad times. Due to her nature of being supportive and a great human heart guides many people like me. We love you Payal! Always keep smiling and being joy to people's life. 

25 Feb 20


Payal is a gifted automatic writer and has perfect predictions. She has guided my career choices, major personal decisions and helped abate my anxiety for the future through her automatic writing skills. 

I was able to make correct choices in my life with her guidance and overcome many hurdles and difficult times in my professional and personal life.

25 Feb 20

prakash kurup

My first session with Payal was quite a revelation.
I had a personal issue that had overstayed its welcome in my being and I needed an outlet.
I needed someone to talk to.

I had heard about Payal through my wife.
I was overseas and a telephonic call was scheduled.
The mandatory photograph and date of birth exchanged, I was to keep my questions ready.
I remember having all my (various) questions sprayed out a long sheet of paper.
Now the honest point was that although I was excited, I had a fair share of cynicism in my head.

The call happened and before I could speak, Payal asked me permission to reveal her readings that she had prepared for me overnight.

What followed was confounding to be mildly put.

Payal went straight to the core of the matter that had been ailing me.
She broke it down in simple clear words.
I could see all my questions being addressed one by one and I could only stare at my paper in disbelief.

How did she know?
Know something that was only with and within me?

Heard of an instant believer? That’s me.

That session transformed me.
And many such sessions that has followed over the years.

Payal’s command over her realm is astounding. Always around when in need, she’s been the guiding light and the guide that I always lean on to. Payal is simply a boon to all of us.


Prakash :)

25 Feb 20


When I met Payal in the NYC New Life Expo in October 2019, I felt that she is different from the other healers. I felt that she is very kind and loving people person. I asked her for an automatic writing session, and was glad that i did it.

   I had several questions in my mind.

   On my question "Why do I experience challenges with my communication with people?", Payal said -- this happens because I am not allowing myself to go in connection fully, I am kind of going "in" and "out" in my connection with people. After thinking about this, I saw this pattern in my communication behaviour. This was helpful for me to find out this and, on some level, trying to control this.

   On my question "What would be a message for me from my Higher Self?", Payal said that I have a lot of love, but I am blocking it and not allowing it to be expressed. I felt that this is true and could be related to my childhood and recent divorce. Payal suggested me to take salsa dance classes to heal my shyness. I haven't done this yet, but I'm thinking to do this in 2020. She also told me that I need to express my love to my mom to heal an old energy pattern. After I started applying this, I noticed that I'm now much less criticizing my mom and not being triggered to react as it was before.

   Payal told that I might go to India in 2020. I was thinking to go there to learn yoga and was glad to hear that as I do want to go there, and believe it can happen sooner rather than later.

   For my question about my job -- if I should keep working or I should quit it, Payal said that some changes will happen in 2020. I feel that I am ready for that changes.

   Those were some of the questions and answers from my session. It was not only very helpful session for me to find out more about myself and get answers for my questions from the higher realm, but also it was wonderful to talk with Payal, to feel her loving energy. I would greatly recommend Payal's automatic writing sessions to everyone who is interested to know more about themselves and wants to get answers for their questions from their Higher Self.

   Thank You Payal!


25 Feb 20

Paromita Dey

Think of peace, love, happiness, abundance, faith and all I see is you Payal! You have brought all these feelings back in my life. At times when I just need to express myself and want someone to listen to me without being judgemental or when I am worried about something and need an unbiased guidance, all I need to do is reach out you! You have an unique way of connecting and with your automatic writing you have always guided me to take the right decisions. I don't think I can ever thank you enough and yet I want to say "Thank you! Payal for being there". It means a lot to me :)

25 Feb 20

Pranali Wagj

Pranali Wagh from Pune would like to thank you Dear Payal .... As during my depression phase you thro your Automatic Writings helped me a lot and also made me come out of it ...Thanks  Dear for the prayers that you taught me I still practice it as guided by you Special thanks that you through your Automatic Writings also guided my husband in his business. .. 

Thanks to my younger brother Poonit and his wife Pooja also due to them I met you and Payal it changed my life ... Hoping to meet you again soon  ....???? 

25 Feb 20

Amit Dudani

My Intitutive writing session with Payal was just outstanding. From the moment I met her I could feel the positive energy and vibes all around. She made me feel calm and comfortable and after a couple of questions she started with her Intitutive writing. She wrote about my personality in general and about the career changes I was thinking of making. Her guidance about my career moves has provided me with a lot more clarity and confidence to embark on this new exciting journey. She was equally good with questions related to my personal life. I would give her 5/5 for all her inputs.

25 Feb 20

Thanah Krishnan

My first experience with Payal was for a reading when I was facing some uncertainty and I felt an immediate connection to her soothing voice and practical spiritual approach to life. This is what sets her apart from many others in the line of spiritual work - her ability to get to your heart and tell you what you need to do to heal it.

24 Feb 20


I've consulted Payal 3 times in the last 2 years. She always listens patiently and answers all my questions elaborately. Nearly everything she mentioned about me/my past was true which also gave me the confidence to implement her suggestions/advice. This helped me in improving my personal relationships immensely. She is also accessible via watsapp when needed which is great because I live overseas so can't always meet her in person. 


24 Feb 20

Swetha G

Payal madam is very blessed soul born on earth to help Humanity to awaken us towars our soul Journey...Angels, Archangel's,Masters and spirit Guides are really speaks through her automatic writing and with her intuition...her initiative abilities are very incredible....she having wonderful ability of reading the souls ...I am very thankful to her having in my life as a guide and my mother figure... She helped me to tune my masters and guides...with her powerful guidance I come out with many problems in my life .. I am very blessed to having her in my life....loads of love abd light to Payal madam....Thank u Thank u so much...

24 Feb 20


Payal madam is very blessed soul born on earth to help Humanity to awaken us towars our soul Journey...Angels, Archangel's,Masters and spirit Guides are really speaks through her automatic writing and with her intuition...her initiative abilities are very incredible....she having wonderful ability of reading the souls ...I am very thankful to her having in my life as a guide and my mother figure... She helped me to tune my masters and guides...with her powerful guidance I come out with many problems in my life .. I am very blessed to having her in my life....loads of love abd light to Payal madam....Thank u Thank u so much...

24 Feb 20


My experience with Payal Madam,

I met Payal madam , Angel of THE LORD in human form in the year 2018.i was obese, frequently  ill, reacted to situations, did not understand the drama of life, no clue what is detachment is,  no clue on what is Universe.

I learned the charka meditation and automatic writing was so happy to channel and communicate with MICHEAL ANGEL, SOLOMON ANGEL , who always says, what to focus on and Payal Maa’m is in control!!! I learned to trust the Universe, Angles, Payal maa’m which i did not in the past because of life experiences.

I started to trust in Angels, Universe and my Guru Payal Madam, God started to shine light in yadu and my life slowly in different areas....though people mistook yadu,me.    God , Angels, Payal stood by yadu and me and helped us to be justified, double blessed! Now, people understand yadu and me are innocent.!!

Yadu and me started to be calm, healthy, understand people and their intentions slowly, helped us to keep quiet and understand that people played drama.

We were in gloom,  By Grace of God  through Payal we experienced the Light of God suddenly during June 2019,Joy Sprang up in yadu and my life forever , Yadu started going to school she feels she is normal like  other kids, her toilet schedule is back in place, she is able to use both hands and imitation skills have become progressive and she is now having back and forth conversations!!!!i believed by grace of God, she is whole , healthy and complete forever!

I believe  by Grace of God yadu is blessed and is favoured forever!

By grace of God, yadu is happy, joyful, singing Gods song!!like i have Joy in my heart, I am so happy....!

She had nasal bleeding last year,October month 2019, By grace of God, now her bleeding is stopped completely!!!!Believe God has healed her!!!

She used eat junk foods, but now,  By grace of God, she is vegan (not even eggs) conscious in eating healthy home made food only!!!

She has lost inches in waist  forever by Grace of God.

Her  urinary infection and vaginal fungal infection has disappeared by  grace of God forever!

Her skin, scalp, hair  are  healthy by grace of God forever!!

She is more expressive and more content by grace of God!!

By grace of God, She is calm and not demanding toys!!

I believe she is favoured by Grace of God forever!

 I believe she is Protected By grace of God forever!

I believe By grace of God , Yadu is blessed and stays blessed forever!

Yadu and myself:

During decemeber2019, by grace of THE LORD JESUS CHRIST, ALL GOD’S ,  ALL GURU JI’S AND ALL ANGELS , Payal madam blessed Yadu and me in white light and merged yadu and me in white light forever!! Thank you ma’am.We are greateful by grace of THE LORD JESUS CHRIST forever!!!!


With Automatic writing last October,2019

I have enrolled in special education course, By grace of God , i understand all special needs children have trouble with focus or attention, manifested as Attention defecit disorder with comorbid conditions  such as oppositional defiant disorder, obsessive compulsive disorder, mood disorders, narcissistic personality disorders...

Diet, Sunlight, movement, exercise, schedule, using multiple intelligence such as music, movement , verbalising and visual, auditory, kinestic ,tactile method works best for them.

They need rythm in music, language, movements, exercise, diet, schedule , helps them . they need aesthetic beauty, stimulation of senses, story telling , music movement, didtatic apparatus,, play theraphy, painting, art theraphy really help them with their emotions to feel better and think better and have positive experiences!

They need knowledge in all areas to shine , which might build confidence and face the world.

I am trying to work on myself to internalise schemas , not reacting to outside events but becoming more skilled to face the world,  to get answers from God  and nature, (automatic writings), and working cognitively like i am loved ...and having positive behaviours , positive feelings and experiencing the same, By grace of God   i am trying to help my daughter with the same, and will help children with needs by Grace of God in whatever way i can.

 I could not pray in temples before, By grace of God, now yadu and me are able to prayer positive forever and God gives us positive signs forever by His grace!!

I am working by grace of God ,to be more skilled to help yadu and special needs children in all areas  so that they be more internalised, skilled to meet the world .

Knowledge or wisdom  alone stays with a soul, I want By Grace of God, the knowledge to fill yadu , me , and  special needs  children who come to me in whatever way i can.

 MY Physical benefits

I have lost inches!!! In my waist by grace of God.

Less visits to  hospitals!!!

I could not fold legs and keep back straight and sit, but now i can!!

My over bleeding periods has stopped, now i feel my periods flow  is in place by Grace of God!

By grace of God, I have become vegan!(No eggs), i have no carving for junk foods like pizza, colas by grace of God!

By grace of God, My vaginal fungal infection has disappeared forever!!!!

Other benefits:

I understand the drama of people, By grace of God  , i am able to keep calm, God is blessing us double!!

I am able to match the vibrations  of people  though i am not able to know which  is good or bad.

My charkra meditation helps me in being calm and  reminding me and helping me to by god’s grace to refocus to be merged into white light!!

Emotionally, i am feeling better, joyful,greateful, respecting others even if they harmed us, forgiveness!!!

By grace of God yadu and myself feels forgiven!!!its very healing to helps us by grace of god , to help us move forward...


BY GRACE OF GOD, now yadu and myself are able to focus and pray , God answers us and people understand us be it any where church or any place!!!

Tailoring came up for yadu  in automatic  writing, By grace of God, God is teaching me to sew by outlining dress, free lessons in youtube to learn sewing!!!

Painting  came in June in automatic writing, By God’s grace, painting tutorial are coming in youtube where i could resonate and learn with By grace of God!!!

Of late  by Grace of God, where ever yadu and me travels, we see numbers like 777, 1111 , its comforting to see God with us!!


Payal brought by grace of God, The love ofTHE LORD JESUS CHRIST in yadu and my life and He is the bridegroom of yadu and my life and i hope by grace of yadu and myself Seek THE LORD AND HIS kingdom forever and THE LORD makes us merged in HIM for HIS GLORY  blessed and merged in whilte light forever!

Being associated with Payal madam is like being with JESUS CHRIST , receiving positive, healing vibes!! By grace of God, Payal madam guided us in the right path when everyone mistook us. By grace of God, Payal madam is an angle of God  and through Payal THE LORD JESUS CHRIST has blessed yadu and me forever!!!Thank you! Grateful!!


26 Jan 20


I learnt automatic reading from Payal and she's brilliant... I met this woman at a time where I was suicidal and confused and lost bcuz of the death of my younger brother... losing him was the biggest shock.... but she was so so strong and calm and guided me to connect with the masters....she helped me connect with him and slowly and steadily life started changing for me...

I have learnt a lot from a lot of teachers but no one has ever been like Payal...

she's simple,kind,calm and such a beautiful soul who genuinely helps you towards a better life in beautiful ways...


her reading is always bang on...

it's like she always knows what's happening without u even having to say it....


god bless this lady for all the lives she has beautifully touched??

24 Jan 20

Shreeraj Menon

Thank you very much for the reaging. Excellent reading. Loved it

Love & Light

23 Jan 20

Meher P. Pavri

Thank u Payal. Loved Yr analysis. Following Yr advice. Will keep on seeking u in times of need. 

God bless

23 Jan 20

Jyoti Ramakrishnan

***** Thank you for the guidance provided. It was really uplifting and helpful.

17 Dec 19

Bishwajyoti Ray

I believe in this study, but it is really hard to find a proper reader. Payal I believe you are blessed because only study can't reveal the truth, it's only when someone uses their intuitive power which you are having in abundance. May God bless you to help others by showing them the proper path. 

19 Aug 19

Kunal Parikh

The Magic of Sea Healing in Pondicherry, August 9 2019 by Payel Mukherjee

I joined this whatsapp group powered by Payel titled "Sea Healing" some 6 months back...with no real zeal to attend one... till one day, I saw myself planning the unplanned just 10 hours before the workshop was to commence. And for a change, i didn't have any baggage to shed I thought! 

While the Sea Healing workshop was for 3 days, the transformative healing powers seems to still continue ...which all the participants  have corroborated the experience of magic before, at and after the workshop. 


- Waves and waves of energy suitable to each person's readiness to receive 
- All chakras energised for all of us on the first dip
- Experiencing Release Symptoms on the body
- Manifestations of Individual Prayers / Wishes had started immediately
- Even when Payel was taking pause , the Satsang continued...with so many connects among the participants and their life stories. Each one of us adorning the Healing Hat for the other - Looks like the seeds of a new spiritual family were sown 
- Each one of us got "initiated by Payel" on something new and powerful - Mantra, Mudra, Intuitive Painting, Automatic Writing, Affirmations, Prayers, Meditation ....and most important the Healing Powers of the Sea !
- Common Visions , Seeing Angel Numbers, Rising Intuition, Seeing Light, Ability to Heal, and the list continues to grow


The motley of 8 participants that were pulled by the universe was equally astonishing ! 

- 2 Healers - Automatic Writers and Past Life Regression Healer 
- All except 2 had experienced Automatic Writing Channel Message from Payal
- Some who were doubters that they were "Energy" type, but ignoring tell-tale signs for years
- Some of us who believed that they had resolved most past issues and blockages ... and were looking forward to What Next?
 - All of us had atleast 2 chakras blocked  
- Occupation : Healer, Social Service, TV Celebrity, Teacher, Trainer, Business Owner, Startup Co-Founder
- Participants were From South to North - Melbourne, Chennai, B'lore, Chennai, Mumbai, Delhi and Jammu!!!

Ohhh !!! And not to forget there were few of us who never dipped in the sea and didn't know how to swim ... Happy to report - all came back safe and sound with no such drama ! ????

Decide for yourself if you fit in any of the categories; and if so, our workshop success is a proof that Sea Healing will definitely "accelerate" your spiritual journey. 

Spoiler Alert : Divine messages are very strong that Payal will become an international icon in Sea Healing and other healing avenues, So its best to leverage her current stay In India ???? 

Disclaimer: After multiple times of doubting Payel's methods, I am now a full blown convert ... So pls take all my words with a pinch of sea salt . Experience it YourSelf !

???? for having the patience to read till here. I don't usually write / blog at all...but this was too overwhelming to not express.. ???? ????

Yours Sea Healed,
Kunal Parikh

03 Jun 19


All of us have some awareness about the divine, God, Supernatural, etc though the degree may wary.

When someone like Payal,  takes a peek at our future, based just on some manifest identify, and comes out with convincing possibilities, reinforces my conviction and belief in the divine and divinity. She perhaps is the conduit!

31 May 19


Payal has been amazingly correct with her readings even without seeing me in person. That talks about her skill which I highly appreciate. Thank you so much for the reading 

31 May 19

Lynn Borundia

So young, so insightful and so very blessed is beautiful Payal. Her messages have brought myself and so many others so much solace, peace and an understanding of where we are in our lives at present and how to move forward with compassion, forgiveness, lessons learned, love and peace. Thank you dearest Payal for touching my life in a beautiful and inspiring way to help me understand my purpose in this lifetime. Thank you for your patience to respond to so many messages painstakingly and for your guidance.  May the Archangels, Angels, Masters, spirit guides including your own designated spirit guide and all your spiritual helpers continue to bless you with abundance, love, and everything positive.  Stay your beautiful inner self and keep changing humanity to create a loving world, one person at a time. 


31 May 19

Anupama Ghosh

she is amazing and bang on with the readings. She is extremely good soul and well versed with energies. Thank you Payal

31 May 19

Jimpy pahuja

Dear Payal,

Thanks for reading...

You are an angel.....

30 May 19


Dear Payal, thank you for taking the time to patiently do a Whatsapp reading. I feel you are divinely gifted and a beautiful soul. Many thanks once again and wishing you more success and abundance ??????????????

30 May 19

Sheila Sivanand

Payal was really kind and my experience was a channeled watsapp reading based only on a photo and my birth details. I was pleasantly surprised when she assessed my situation. Because it was spot on. To be honest I came into this with a degree of scepticism. She has a gift and I am very impressed .Thank you very much Payal for your insights .I hope we may meet someday .


30 May 19

Mala Nair

it was like you had met me and had a deep conversation with my soul. Just on the group you read us so accurately . You told me to heal my heart chakra ... everytime I touch my heart there is a strong deep heavy energy there ... I used to wonder why it always felt so heavy ... now I know ... yes I will heal my heart. Thank you for guiding me to the right direction .

30 May 19


I've attended Payal's Energy Exchange Transfer workshop - Automatic Writing Initiation and got her Automatic Writing message for 3 of my family members.. about whom she knew nothing except had a Photograph and birth date. Inspite of this, her messages were so apt and currently relevant for all three of us - that our logical side of the brain couldn't come up with any more doubts on this divine process. 

During the Energy Exchange Program, I experienced the intoxicatingly calm state of being in me - which lasted for 4-5 hours after the program ended - never experienced this before ; though I have been meditating reguarly for few years. 

Next stop for me is Sea Healing retreat with her. 

Thanks Payal for always being so compassionate, approachable and patient with us. 

28 May 19

Snehi Bamboli

To begin, I am at a loss of words. Payal Mukherjee, a name unknown to me suddenly crossed my path as if the universe wants to deliver something to me.  I had no clue what was an automatic reading all about, surprisingly Payal popped out her readings for me and I stood in my place astonished. How could a stranger read so much with precision about me. 

Yes, Payal you are indeed gifted and I am thankful for this reading from the bottom of my heart. You simply spun magic and I am drawn to you, don’t know why, feels mysterious though. 

Just want to thank you for such an amazing reading selflessly. I look forward to healing and experience a session with you. Reading a couple of testimonies here, I also want to experience life at its fullest.

thanks a ton.

indebted and in gratitude to you forever.

Snehi Bamboli, Mumbai, India

28 May 19

Neeraj Gwalani

Payal has an amazing ability to describe one's circumstances accurately, a fact that I discovered only today. 

She has been able to read my situation from a picture that I shared over WhatsApp, since we're both some distance away. And she has no other information except the picture I shared. 

I'm truly amazed & can't help wondering what an in person, face to face session could potentially bring to surface.

Thank you Payal. 

Love & light. 

28 May 19


Excellent, thank you so much! 

27 May 19

Meher P. Pavri

Happy to have a lovely reading from Payal. Very flattered and humbled by it. Would love to learn from u some day

27 May 19

Meher P. Pavri

Happy to have a lovely reading from Payal. Very flattered and humbled by it. Would love to learn from u some day

27 May 19


Payal did a channeled auto writing reading for me in the whatsapp group. Her words gave me a lot of hope and comfort. Loved and light. 

27 May 19


Blessed to have got a beautiful message from Payal..very apt and could very well resonate with it....very good vibrations are felt itself in the words she uses ...

A very beautiful soul!

Thanks !

27 May 19

charu shah

very good autowriting , just apt

27 May 19


Payalji is true Angel in everyone's life. Her divine guidance is inspiration in everyone's life. She is pure soul blessed with divine powers to serve humanity. She is doing great work and helping people to guide them about their potential energies. I'm truly blessed by her angelic message. Her messages are amazing and in profound way to boost enthusiasm in everyone's life.Thank you my Angel.Thanks for your lovely and inspiring message.







27 May 19

Jyothi byndoor

Thank u mam. U r readings are very accurate n  has a very fine n clear touch in reality that exist.  Thank u for all your guidance. I know it will work wonders. Thank u

21 Apr 19

Amrish Arjun

I did my first session with Payal in 2016 and did one today in 2019. And while both the sessions were amazing, the latest one is out of the world!! Payal's auto-writing is extra-ordinarily good. She reads you and the situation beatifully, has superb feedback to share, is exptremely supportive and positive and helps you open up many doors to opportunities.

I will be eternally grateful to Payal for today's session. She has sown the seeds of many beautiful changes within minutes and helped me see the complete picture in the most wonderful manner. With her answers and approach, all apprehensions, concers and question-marks about her suggestions melted away.

I have recommended Payal to many of my friends and relatives and each person has had lovely things to say about her. If you haven't had a session with Payal yet, you have missed out on one of life's most AWESOME experiences! Go and get it now!!

30 Aug 18

Smriti Bajaj

Payal can pin point the problem very accurately infact its kinda eerie....she is a great healer with very simple remedies...thank you Payal for everything 

12 Aug 18

Sweatha G

Payal Madam your are wonderful Divinie soul that God sent on Earth...that ur very strongly connected with the Angels, Arcangels and spirit guides..  Your readings are  very accurate ...your guiding me in every aspect my life and strengthing it ....Today my life is blossoming life a flower in all aspects especially Spiritually .... I am very blessed  to having u in my life ...Thank u so much and tons of love to u........

03 Jul 18

Pratibha Singh

Got to know abt Payal from friend. Spoke to her and was amazed on her intuitive energy. Her intuitive guidance has the power to resolve many issues. I just wish she can reach out to more people and resolve rectify their energies.

03 Jul 18


payal’s  gifts are truly remarkable. I Started my day with a huge amount of irritation with  some very frustrating news. Reading her energy update for July to September somehow gave me a different perspective to things and definitely helped calming hyper emotional energies.

03 Apr 17

Komal Talreja

Hello,  I am komal and i had my first experience with payal lately wherein beautiful and inspiring guidance message was given to me by her which she had channeled for me. Being faced by problems from every aspect of my life, i thought of trying this modality by passing on my photograph n details. Since i resonated with the guidance , i feel payal is true to her work and  if and when i need it again i would definitely approach her again. Also would suggest it to anyone seeking  a vision on anything which they can ask her. Also looking forward to meeting for a retreat or healing or learning a modality sometime. Thank you. Bless you with love health peace n happiness.

27 Mar 17

Namrata Singh

She is a wonderful guide, healer and teacher. Helped and guided me in times when I was depressed and desperately needed someone to show me a way to what I should do next and decide the right things for me. I can only sum up by saying she is an angel sent by divine. I hope my journey continues with your guidance and blessings and I get to learn more from you. God bless you.

Thank You so much !!!

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