Payal Mukherjee Singh

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27 Years

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Bengaluru (Bangalore)

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Bengali, Hindi, English

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Monday to Sunday 10 am to 8 pm

Contact # 6353306242 / 9611575437

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Payal Mukherjee Singh

My journey of self discovery began 20 years ago when I chose to turn inwards to find the answers about Life and Soul. The answers didn’t  come instantly as I had hoped, but gradually revealed themselves with daily meditation and my deck of Tarot cards guiding me throughout. I slowly began to assimilate the visions, sensations, insights, emotions and the messages I received. I experienced immense joy in sharing the inner knowledge with others. A self taught Tarot Reader and Crystal Healer, I still feel I have something new to learn each day even after two decades of study & practice. With every personal experience and with every reading I do, a part of me learns a little more about the beauty of human souls and the universal truths. My days are spent applying whatever I’ve learnt so far from my research & experience of working with people all over the world.

 "I do not claim to know all the answers but I do know I have the ability to connect and read the energies of others, and help them find clarity and peace....

At the end of the day I believe we are all the masters of our own destiny and are responsible for our own life and actions. The only real teacher is Your Life, the Universe & You Yourself. I am merely, a reader.....I believe that the things you are destined to achieve will eventually find you although you fail to seek them. Tarot is a spiritual journey as well as a wonderful achievement for me. I have devoted myself to this subject contributing hours to its study. Through elaborate research i have arrived at a thorough understanding of its powers and potential. In my quest for finding a meaning and purpose in my life and the lives of people around me, my search took me into the realms of Tarot & the lovely Angels.

Previous Experience

Visiting Practitioner at :

-The Violet Flame, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

- Lifeworks, Penang, Malaysia

- Sanctum, Singapore

- Life by Design, Singapore

Conducted Sea Healing and Chakra Balancing Retreats at the following places :

-Goa , India

- Pondicherry , India

- San Diego, California , USA

- Rosarito, Mexico

- Langkawi Island, Malaysia

- Port Dickson, Malaysia

- Penang, Malaysia

Sea Healing Retreat :

3rd to 4th September 2016, Location : Sabah Island, Malaysia ( Pulau Tiga and Kota Kinabalu )

Upcoming Workshops & Sessions :

- Mumbai : 26th Feb 2017

- Seattle (Washington), Portland (Oregon), Phoenix (Arizona), Sedona (Arizona), USA from 28th Feb 2017 to 9th March 2017 - Registrations open

Channeling & Chakra Healing workshops at Stonehenge & London, UK (March 2018)




Inspire Spiritual and Holistic Awards 2018 : Master in Intuitive Healing and Spiritual Communication

Testimonials :

Testimonial by Jayainthy Nadason, Malaysia

Dearest Payal,

It is with great pleasure that i write to you an update on my Life since you facilitated the coaching and healing session with me. When i met you for the very first time in November 2012 at a Holistic Centre here in Malaysia, little did i know that you will help me to tap into my own intuition abilities. It has been very enlightening. You made me believe in myself and i feel more guided now having the inner fulfilment in me.

I strongly feel that you are somehow an Angel sent by God to tell me as to what i needed to know at just the right point of time in my Life of what has been holding me back all this while. With your assistance, i have gained awareness of what that “ Feeling” was all about in me and hence all the doubts that i had began to dissipate. You assisted me to rediscover myself and my drive that delighted and empowered me and revealed a plan that will transform my future. I must say that my Life is more Fulfilling and Peaceful now because you helped me to discover my path to Destiny which i was searching all this while not knowing it was actually an alarm of a Guardian Angel’s warning to me. Probably Angels are sending signs that my time has arrived and that’s where i myself wouldn’t know as to why all the sudden I took a huge interest in “ANGELS “ few years ago which had lead me to start researching about them and wondered if i may have one. And that’s where i had the opportunity to meet you and strongly believe you came on the right time to guide me. My intuitive and psychic senses have rapidly developed since then due to your teachings and guidance that I gained from you.

You are so loving with your gentle manner and i am really inspired with your beautiful energy, teachings and meditations along with your precise intuitive abilities and the deep connection of yourself with the Angels and Spiritual.

I wish to thank you so much for giving me the courage, support to follow my own intuition which i had struggled to fully embrace in the past. It is tough for me to put into words exactly what i experienced in your sessions because your workshops and sessions had given me the opportunity to feel the Divine Love of Angelic presence, which i experienced so deeply in me. I still cant forget the moment i experience the presence of “ Archangel Michael “ for the very first time with your guidance and i can feel a lot more connected to the Divine and Angels around me now.

I am truly Blessed that i had the opportunity to meet you Payal. The readings that you have done for me is very Accurate. I must say that you have a truly Amazing Gift and it's so nice to see that you are sharing it with the whole world.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank you once again for all teachings and guidance. Having the chance to meet you in my Life in this birth has enriched me and my Life more than i can put into words. My heartfelt gratitude and appreciation to you Payal. You are such an Angel and you are a lovely inspiring person and you inspire lots of hope and happiness in me !

Wishing you Happiness, Joy, Abundance and Blessings Always…..

Lots of Love,

Jayainthy Nadason

Ampang, Selangor, Malaysia


Testimonial by Jenny Loh Kim Heong, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

I attended a sea healing retreat in Port Dickson in May 2016 by Payal MukherjeeSingh. I had such a wonderful experience in the sea. I felt and sense the sea talking to me and holding me. The waters were dancing with me. I felt so free as I moved without much effort as though as one with the waters. I felt so much strength and so much love. I just don’t want to get out of the water. But the sea gently pushed me back to the shore telling me it’s enough for this session. 

I felt a calling to go to the sea again and so with two other friends, who also attended the sea healing with me in Port Dickson, we went to Melaka just last week on June 11. Payal MukherjeeSingh told us to pray to the sea and the divine beings of light from the sea to heal , balance and energise us. I closed my eyes and just let the sea work on me. I felt such a huge and deep release in the sea when I felt my legs kicking in the waters and my hands were moving in the sand. And there was release from my throat as sounds just naturally arises. I felt so light…..Thank you so much, dearest Payal MukherjeeSingh for bringing sea healing to our shores.


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21 Apr 19

Amrish Arjun

I did my first session with Payal in 2016 and did one today in 2019. And while both the sessions were amazing, the latest one is out of the world!! Payal's auto-writing is extra-ordinarily good. She reads you and the situation beatifully, has superb feedback to share, is exptremely supportive and positive and helps you open up many doors to opportunities.

I will be eternally grateful to Payal for today's session. She has sown the seeds of many beautiful changes within minutes and helped me see the complete picture in the most wonderful manner. With her answers and approach, all apprehensions, concers and question-marks about her suggestions melted away.

I have recommended Payal to many of my friends and relatives and each person has had lovely things to say about her. If you haven't had a session with Payal yet, you have missed out on one of life's most AWESOME experiences! Go and get it now!!

30 Aug 18

Smriti Bajaj

Payal can pin point the problem very accurately infact its kinda eerie....she is a great healer with very simple remedies...thank you Payal for everything 

12 Aug 18

Sweatha G

Payal Madam your are wonderful Divinie soul that God sent on Earth...that ur very strongly connected with the Angels, Arcangels and spirit guides..  Your readings are  very accurate ...your guiding me in every aspect my life and strengthing it ....Today my life is blossoming life a flower in all aspects especially Spiritually .... I am very blessed  to having u in my life ...Thank u so much and tons of love to u........

03 Jul 18

Pratibha Singh

Got to know abt Payal from friend. Spoke to her and was amazed on her intuitive energy. Her intuitive guidance has the power to resolve many issues. I just wish she can reach out to more people and resolve rectify their energies.

03 Jul 18


payal’s  gifts are truly remarkable. I Started my day with a huge amount of irritation with  some very frustrating news. Reading her energy update for July to September somehow gave me a different perspective to things and definitely helped calming hyper emotional energies.

03 Apr 17

Komal Talreja

Hello,  I am komal and i had my first experience with payal lately wherein beautiful and inspiring guidance message was given to me by her which she had channeled for me. Being faced by problems from every aspect of my life, i thought of trying this modality by passing on my photograph n details. Since i resonated with the guidance , i feel payal is true to her work and  if and when i need it again i would definitely approach her again. Also would suggest it to anyone seeking  a vision on anything which they can ask her. Also looking forward to meeting for a retreat or healing or learning a modality sometime. Thank you. Bless you with love health peace n happiness.

27 Mar 17

Namrata Singh

She is a wonderful guide, healer and teacher. Helped and guided me in times when I was depressed and desperately needed someone to show me a way to what I should do next and decide the right things for me. I can only sum up by saying she is an angel sent by divine. I hope my journey continues with your guidance and blessings and I get to learn more from you. God bless you.

Thank You so much !!!

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