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12 Years

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Navi Mumbai

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Hindi, English

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Monday to Sunday , On Appointment , From 10 AM to 10 PM

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"Akasha " is a sanskrit word. It means "alive pulsating space", where our KARMAS are getting stored from past life to present life. Akashic reading is an ancient yogic process to read our soul's design. It reveals individual's soul energy levels (birth/goal and present) and journeys on this planet.

Risi-ji an Akashic Records Reader/Healer and Yogic Science Coach. He has vast experience in own inner journey and milestone experience of oneness. He has actualized wisdom as mentioned in ancient yogic scriptures & gifted with uniqe yogic siddhi "Chidoakash".

His subtle yet powerful technique of awakening and underlying design and guiding you towards striking the right balance with your existence. He enhance ability to find orginal design and resonate with the same vigour and energy.


A. Decode Your Soul's Design And Its Journeys:

Stage 1: Akashc  Records Reading

Stage 2: Akashic Records Healing

Stage 3: Anand - Akasha Activation

B Akashic Guidance

On Right dicision, Right Business, Right Career, Energy Home, Land and Healthy Partner Selection.

C.  Akash- Spandan Yoga Light

Decode yogic scriptures and talk on this.

D. Akashic Kriya

Training in Meditation and Pranayama.

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17 Apr 19

Dr Gunjan Rai

Very clear reading..gives you an actual perspective on your life and business.Totally recommend to everyone

04 Mar 19

fouad sabet

My session with Risi was very uplifting as we did a lot of work with connecting to my Akashic record and my soul vibration. I have resonated with all that he was telling me and felt very familiar with the session it was very heart opening and gave me a lot of clarity to what to do next with my soul mission and vibration. I will continue to work with Risi to remove a lot more blocks that I might be having at the moment. 

Thank you, Risi!

10 Feb 19


I really had a wonderful experience with yog-suddhi sessions.

I always had a problem with holding tight for my past and that sometimes hurts a lot and can disturb your everyday life..so I wanted to try with a few yog-suddhi sessions, because I felt it was a right thing to do.

After only a few sessions all my cares, concerns and wounds have melted away and my life become so good and smooth like a sunny tropical day at the crystal blue lagoon .

I felt a huge amount of strength that I have never felt before.

I’ve become more confident in my everyday life as well as in my business which started to develop week by week.

I’m very satisfied and grateful for where I’m now.

I’ve never had a doubt in power of Yog-Suddhi session.

 Thanks Rishi ????????

Namaste, Eleonora!

10 Feb 19

Soniya Singh

Thank you Risi, for all the insights you provided during Akashic which helped me so much to sort out the unknown and my longing for the correct answers by connecting all the dots step by step.... Feel so much peaceful indeed sorted...the fear/ anxiety to seek myself have somehow evaporated... Thank you for all the guidance, patience and valuable inputs... ????????????

09 Feb 19

Jonathan K

Risi was fantastic! Very accurate, very sublte and an enjoyable experience. His session brought insights to myself that help me focus on what is needed and not what is not.  The follow up was great, the investment was affordable and overall I would recommend everyone see Risi for an akashic reading to obtain some higher guidance in your life!

08 Feb 19


Hrishi sir's reading is accurate.Gives exact scenario Of life and energy levels. Help us to discover right path and guide us accordingly to hoe to fulfill our dreams.. He is totally divine being.. Thank you sir 

08 Feb 19

Tanya Ramani

Rishiji is very open minded and a great counsellor. The Akashik readings are so interesting and a novel way to view our life, where we are now and where we want to go. Since it tells you which specific parts of you have suffered the most, it gives you focus on what to work on. I love it! 

08 Feb 19


I have been going to Rishi for the last year. He has not only helped me improve on key areas in my life, overcome my fears, raised my overall vibration he has also taught me techniques that I can practice on my own that have helped deal with my anxieties. He brings with him a sense of calm and has now become a good friend who I consult before making key decisions in my life. 

08 Feb 19

Malvika Kapoor

Harishikesh ji is amazing at reading Akashik records.

He gave me immense clarity into my life.The energy felt in the sessions was eclectic.I felt the upgrade and could experience that upgrade in everyday life.I feel that he is very knowledgeable and desires to give everything that he can.

08 Feb 19

Preeti Panickar

This man is just amazing in his knowledge and experience as an Akashic Reader.

His prediction are accurate and his readings are just eye opening.  I have been consulting Risi since 2014 and he has touched my life in many ways , not just personal but I started my spiritual journey only because of his guidance.

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