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9 Years

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Bengaluru (Bangalore)

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Hindi, Malayalam, Tamil, English

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Flexible Hours, Prior Appointment Required 

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Prema Sankar

I believe my assignment on Earth is to help people find and bring them closer to their inner light.  I help people find clarity, attain inner peace and increase their well-being. 

My techniques are unique and focused on helping you achieve your goals.

It also depends where the individual needs the focus at that point in time: BODY or EMOTIONS or MIND.

Accordingly, a tool is chosen to work it. 

EFT: Emotional Freedom Technique is a powerful tool to work with Emotions and many a time it is coupled with the other tools I use. 

Here are some of the other tools I use: 

Coaching with Depth:

This method of coaching takes an approach of a process-based conversation with the client. We identify the core qualities and the parts of being that are predominant in you and then the area which needs support and strength. This weakness is married to the existing strength and practices are built around it to improve everyday living. 




Natural Breathwork: This method focuses on connecting the breath and the body. The method is done either as a process based on what you are going through in the client's life or following different energy centers of the body. One will observe one's body and breath, through which a transformation occurs bringing an opening at a cellular level.

Rebirthing Breathwork: An intuitively guided healing process through the breath. This is a non-communicative process. The breath guides the healer and the client. Over a few sessions, you shift patterns and come closer to your true nature.The experience is dependent on the individual's unique journey this varying from person to person. The most common experience is deep relaxation at the end of each session. (This is done in-person) 


Intuitive Writing 

In this method, we move through our patterns exploring it through various questions or pondering.



Exploring the Subconscious :

We explore life and its issue through the non-dominant hand through art or other exercises which brings a revelation to the person and thus shift the situation and move ahead in life. 





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02 Nov 17

Zeenat Lakdwalla

I took my session post hearing Prema on the telesummit, it just felt that it is something that I must do. The moment the call begun I was taken to a safe place wherein the entire session was so beautifully done. The mediatation for balancing of all chakra was super awesome and must be tried. Prema is not only intutive she is also comes from a very high service vibration. Her session helped me tremendously. So, glad to have met her in my space. Thank you very much!! God Bless you!!

11 Oct 17

Amrish Arjun

I listened to Prema on the Mystic Lotus AWESOME Money Telesummit and immediately decided on taking up a one-on-one session with her.

I have to admit that the session surpassed all my expectations in terms of how good it would be. I was busy working on something and had a lot on my mind when getting on the call. I think she may have sensed it and got me to relax and ease up with 30 seconds. The call got better and better after that.

Prema is extremely intuitive, skill full and patient. She has this tremendous sincerity and goes all out to help as much as possible. She is gentle with her work, she hand-holds where needed, can get firm if required and gave me some fun, simple exercises to do.

The clearings she did for me were very powerful and I immediately felt energised, fresh and motivated to work on certain things. The best part of the session with Prema was the laughter and smiling I did during the call. She made things so simple, light and fun. I can't wait to get on another call with her in a few weeks time. 

04 Oct 17

Bina Jagwani

Thank You Prema! The awesome light worker! Your guided session are absoutey light and with easeand ..Gratitude for working with me without limiting your time or modality. It Has been a blessed experience.Love and Light :)

28 Sep 17


I had my one on one session with Premaji yesterday????. I was amazed how easily she  identified my thought patterns that are blocking my success, I received lot of guidance on how I need to work on myself, which chakras are blocked for my issues and how I should work to heal them with various tools.  I would surely work on them and deeply thank her for the guidance????

Love and blessings

23 Sep 17

Gaayatri Mohan

Prema ,she's unique and a very talented personality . She's played a very important role in my life taking a decision regarding my career . She sensed and predicted my future and guided me.I'm happy a person like Prema is there to guide us when we really struggle in to take a proper decision .I wish her all success.


23 Sep 17

Dr Radha Raghavan

Doodling was always a stress buster.Doodling could also give away your energies/ personality traits was a new which i learnt from Premaji from the Awesome money telesummit.her energies are sosoft  it almost is like a baby,s touch that you want to keep smiling which i havent stopped since the session

Thank you Premaji for so many insights a d for your wonderful soothing energies!!


22 Sep 17

Ranjaliee Siingh

Had a wonderful experience with Prema, came across  her through The Mystic Lotus Summit. Her guided meditations were beautiful and took you into a trance. Exercise and her reading about the state of our being at the present moment guided by her Divine and Angles was perfect and accurate. Advice given is very apt and I would definitely follow to heal myself . Lots of blessings and love to you Prema, wish you reach great heights and help people heal. Will keep in touch for further guidance. Thank you thank you thank you.

22 Sep 17


Had a wonderful experience with Prema today. She manages to touch the deepest chords in your heart. Gained so many insights into issues that have been plaguing me. Had a breakdown too. Relieved!!  You are truly God sent, Prema. May the universe shower its choicest on you always. 

22 Sep 17



Had an beautiful experience today at the Money summit with Prema today.  Listening to her I could sense so much shifting, and tears just flowed down I don't know how and why during the meditation, but definitely can understand that I have cleared some of my deep stuck unexpressed emotions, Thankyou for the living experience

With love and blessings


22 Sep 17


Prema is truly gifted . Her readings have been really insightful and helped me in taking right decisions regarding my career and life alike, for which I m grateful to her. Wish you all the luck Prema !!! 

19 Sep 17


It has been an absolute pleasure to be guided by Prema in understanding and working with angels and chakras. This work has helped me ground myself and yet stay connected to the universal energies, especially in times of self-doubt. I am very grateful for her calm presence and patience. It has been reassuring to find a soul sister like her. 

18 Sep 17

Ruby Tolani

I had a wonderful reading from a wonderful soul whose name Prema lives up to it.A true light that gave me warmth ,help,love ,when I needed help when I had to make the most important decision of my life.She helped in healing my inner soul with her energy which I know is divenly guided.I am thankful for having known her.I would strongly recommend her. 

18 Sep 17


I got my first card reading done with Prema,towards the end of 2016.  I can clearly describe my state before this reading - "lost". Reading with Prema made me more aware of myself. I connected with my inner child like never before and life went smooth thereafter. Prema communicates through her insights. Then it's up-to us whether we want to follow those insights.Am glad I did. 

I can clearly describe my state now - "found". Prema has been instrumental in my journey from lost to found! 

Thank you Prema!

18 Sep 17


Prems darling you have been such an anchor to me. 
Thank you Prema! I reached out to you insti ntictively when i was feeling a lot of pain and confusion. I'm not sure why, or what i was looking for. I had goosebumps when i read the cards you picked and your interpretation for me, even without a clear context. It really spoke to my entire being. The cards you picked were perfect answers to my questions for the day
You are really blessed. You have a gift. Thank you Prema. Be blessed always.


18 Sep 17

Shreya Gupta

She is magical! Gives the right advice and is a magical healer! ?

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