Past Life Regression

Description :

Past Life Regression (PLR) is a method of accessing the memories of past lives in order to understand certain physical or psychological ailments which are otherwise un-explainable. This technique is also used to understand relationships in our life which affect us deeply, but for no logical reason. PLR has its foundations in the belief of reincarnation, and consequently in the ‘Law of Karma’. This is a unique theory which states that a soul is on a journey to merge with what is termed as ‘God’, ‘the Universal Consciousness’, ‘Existence’ or ‘the Supreme Power’ – call it what you will. On this journey, the soul takes on a physical form in a body, so that it can learn certain lessons along the way. This soul, naturally, meets and encounters other souls on different stages of their cosmic journey. It interacts with these souls to create ‘Karma’ (literally translated as ‘action’). This entangles the soul into the consequences of the actions and keeps bringing it back to interact with the same and different souls, again and again. Naturally, this means that the soul has to take on a physical form, again. Thus begins an unending cycle, meant to create learning and confusion. The soul has to eventually understand that this cycle is endless, unless it breaks away from it totally. And then it merges into the Universe, never to be caught up in this cycle again. The soul then attains ‘Moksha’, ‘Nirvana’ or ‘Becomes Enlightened’.