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Gujarati, Hindi, English

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Monday - Saturday 1o am to 7 30 pm by Appointment

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Online on mobile/whats app uoto 1030 pm everyday by appointment

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Roop Lakhani

Namaste to all of you from Roop Lakhani... I would like to call myself a spiritual catalyst showing love and light for people to shine their radiance, dropping their fears, doubts, confusions, masks and perception lens...

I started my journey with Reiki and Feng shui since 1993 and I was been told by my Reiki teacher that I would be a healer soon… I had no intentions to become healer that time and so refused to take her suggestion for so called prediction, and to my surprise my journey had started towards it in 1995 with Landmark Forum, followed by Tarot, Numerology, Graphology, Tea Leaf reading, Vastu as I always loved fortune telling and I found all mystical subjects very fascinating…

This was followed with Counselling, Hypnotherapy, PLR, Radical Healing, Metaphor Therapy, EFT, Matrix Reimprinting, Psych-K, Yuen, Meta health, Access Consciousness, DNA healing, Karuna Reiki, Mahavastu, NLP coach and few more… which all came to me as a quest to help clients who had lots of financial or emotional challenges, and show them the way for their highest and greatest good...

And here I am as a Healer which came with the flow of life... the journey to receive and impart knowledge is still continuing as the knowledge is huge in the world and the quest is also on...

I specialise as a Celebrity Tarot Cards Reader and Tarot Healer to give you detailed understanding of your psyche, fears, challenges and more to show you how amazing you are...
As a Numerologist, I show you your strengths, capacities, weakness and talents which allows you to know how can you head on your pathways...
As a Spiritual catalyst, I facilitate you and your connection with your Higher Self and create a powerful alignment with The Source with help of guided meditations, creative visualizations and affirmations..., As a Healer, I help you become aware of your trapped emotions and limited negative or self-sabotaging beliefs, or even perceptions filters and attitudes lens  which comes to block you to maximise your potentials to realise your highest good..., As a Vastu and chakra balance expert, I help you rectify and balance your outer and inner space with an understanding of five elements and more. I use integrated approach of TEUAS of different tools, processes and exercises for inspired actions to strive towards your ideal goals and passionate life.


I have participated in various TV shows, news shows.

I was guidance tarot card reader in Femina magazine,

I’m a spiritual reader and celebrity tarot card reader on online portal for astrology section.

I Was invited for doing tarot card reading for a Financial Summit of Asia Pacific Financiers in Hong Kong

I used to sit as numerologist and rune reader in destiny bazar at Out of the Blue restaurant on Wednesdays for 5 years.

I’m a spiritual healer on Aortal paid mobile channel Astrology TV

I was invited by FBB for Energy healing & pep up session to guide, motivate Miss India 2018 top finalist using Tarot Cards and my all modalities.

 Visit my websites: and


Previous Experience

Since 2000 I am working as a professional Tarot card Consultant and Master Tutor, and Numerologist whose collective accumulative experience of more than 10000 clients is a rich treasure of knowing the Human designs, and the reasons of their pains and challenges...The healing modality, especially created by me TEUAS, has strengthened me to evolve and guide people towards their brilliant radiance....the Spiritual knowledge allows me to connect to people and show them the alignment and harmony of their body, mind and spirit for their Soul  journey towards love, light, peace and harmony.. Each knowledge, wisdom and experience is like the different beads of a necklace which made the treasure greater!!!! The intuitive and creative talents has allowed me to come up with a book, The Inner Journey, and Divine Guidance sets of 78 cards each for six aspects of General Life, Work, Health, Finance, Relationships, Empowerment with Affirmations. The work has been guided and channelled by my higher self. Nevertheless, the Forgiving cards, Karma cards and being cards are the icing on the cake... so see you sometimes on this journey...


Life positive participation, 
Kismat connection, 
Astro numero exhibition,
Psychic Exhibition
Ishma award for Tarot, Healing and EFT practitioner and more 


Complete hands on practice with numerous clientele along with certification for different enlightenment

Access Consciousness,
Access Bar Facilitator,
Tarot Master Consultant from World Meta Association – USA,
Tarot Master Tutor from World Meta Association – USA,
Healer by Healers Unite, Lawrence,
Certified Graphologist,
Certified Numerologist,
Certified Runes Reading
Certified Integrated Learning,
Counselling from National Institute of Management and Sinara, 
MahaVastu from Aumkar Foundation,
Alchemy of time,
Yuen by Richard,
Usui Reiki,
CHII for Hypnotherapy and PLR,
Redikall healing,
Color Metaphor Therapy,
Theta from Vianna Institute,
Psych- K,
Meta Health practitioner from IMMA,
Matrix Reimprinting
The Genius Report- Human Design
NLP Coach

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04 Jun 23

Apurva pandya

Thx a lot for your valuable time. It was awesome having a session on tarot card reading. Your calculation and data is accurate. Highly recommended. 

08 Aug 16

Utsavi Mahimkar

I did a Prosperity Workshop from Roop Lakhani.It was an eye opener.It cleared my doubts on money,spending,savings,charity,etc.The numerology tips for prosperity are easy to do.Thanks a lot.

21 May 16


[21/05 16:51] Geetu Hukmani: I met Roop Lakhiani at the Mystic Lotus Healing festival last week. I was really impressed and amazed by what the cards can reveal about you and what life has in store for you...through Roop. She had so much to tell me about myself, and suggestions with respect to the path I need to follow, to achieve my objectives
She could even discuss past life connection and also guide me in areas where I need to be cautious with finances and relations. She is very friendly and forthcoming,  her experience reflects in the way she can connect with everyone. I m glad I got the opportunity to meet her.

19 May 16

Amrish Arjun

Tarot with a lot of Service and Smiles! 
I managed to spend some time talking to Roop on 16 May at the Mystic Lotus Healing Festival at Bandra west. While we were talking about some general stuff, she introduced me to her various decks of Tarot cards and went on to explain the aspects of life each one of them address. Some of these decks have been conceptualised and designed by Roop herself! The cards are beautiful and the details were fascinating.

I ended up drawing 5-6 cards; one from each deck. Each card i drew had a very relevant and accurate account of what's going on in my head and in my life. The experience was enlightening and a lot of fun. She would show the card to me and allow me to read / understand the message before giving me a detailed explaination. If you have met Roop or worked with her, you will relate to this - she is highly talented; wonderfully generous; she smiles quite a bit and keeps the conversation interesting, yet fun and pleasant; and she is extremely sincere about helping people who reach out to her.

If you are seeking specific answers or need some generic guidance / help, she is definitely a wonderful person to go to.

21 Mar 16


Roop you have been Bang on with the exact points to be addressed and have provided with the corresponding affirmations.

Hope you are able to heal many more people who come to you. Best Wishes, Vishhal

18 Mar 16

mansi bisht

Thanx Ma'am for guiding me,u were so apt,Thanx Thanx a ton for all the guidance

God bless u with the best


28 Dec 15

Zeenat Lakdwalla

Thank you very much for the amazing numerology reading. Things mentioned are soooo accurate and very directional in nature. While reading the report I actually felt that the question that I have been dwelling for a while has its response rigth there in the report. I am fortunate to have been introduced to Roop her energies are so lively and positive. Looking forward to more future interaction with her. 

God Bless you and thank you thank you thank you.

18 Sep 15

Hiral Bhatt

Bhabhi I hv been fortunate enough for having your guidance in various forms of talent you possess.  You have been guiding me like light in darkness with your amazing skills of prediction and analysis 

every time I look upon you my darkness has been converted to light.

Thanks for everything. ..

may you always shine.

18 Sep 15

Nehal Mistry

Everyone has one such person to look for and rely on during the grey days. ..lucky are the ones who get unbiased and appropriate guidance with 360 degree perspective. Am blessed to have you. all in one, multi talented bhabhi - to guide me wherever I stumble. 

I really appreciate your appropriate analysis of every situation and your skills to identify the root cause of it  supported with adequate solution .

Thanks a lot.. wish you a great success always...


19 Aug 15

Deepal khanna

Roop ;) 

Beautiful person with a Golden heart ♥.. extremely good & bang on with all her knowledge & prediction★★ she knowns what each individual requires & delivers all her guidance in an appropriate manner..... She is one of those souls that god has specially created ;) god bless & long to go.... ;) 

16 Aug 15


I am very grateful to Nidhu and Roop for this gift offered . I am blessed and lucky to receive.
Roop , you are bang on with your reading. I am wondering how a same name but different qualities . you have been so precise . I am extremely grateful to you . Thank you

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Roop Lakhani 27 Nov 2015 05:25 AM

FAQ #1
What is Healing?
Healing is all about feeling whole and complete in every day present moment..

Roop Lakhani 27 Nov 2015 05:27 AM

FAQ # 2
What is Inner Child Healing?
Every time when we suffer a trauma as a child some part of our being gets frozen, which requires healing…

Roop Lakhani 12 Dec 2015 02:16 AM

Here are some Positive Affirmations for INNER PEACE...


1. "I am calm and relaxed in every situation.“
2. "I decide what thoughts to think, and which thoughts to
3. "My mind is becoming peaceful, allowing deep and healthy
      sleep to come.“
4. "I am at peace with myself and with the world.“
5. "I am relaxed and full of energy and inner strength under all

Roop Lakhani 12 Dec 2015 02:18 AM

Affirmations for HEALTH

ü  Every Cell in my body vibrates with energy and

ü   Everyday I am becoming better and energetic.

ü    Loving myself heals my life.

ü    I nourish my mind, body and soul.

ü    My body heals quickly and easily.

Roop Lakhani 15 Dec 2015 05:16 AM

FAQ # 3
What is Energy Healing?

Diverse alternate methods to modify
the flow of energy circuit, with
the intent to re-align…

Roop Lakhani 15 Dec 2015 05:17 AM

FAQ # 4
What is Personal
Power Healing?
Allowing to activate our true power in our
own hands with pure intentions towards fulfilling and harmonious relations…

Roop Lakhani 15 Dec 2015 05:19 AM

FAQ # 6
What is Prosperity Healing?

This means healing our inner scattered fragmented parts to create prosperity, even in adverse and challenging times, eliminating our past
beliefs and perceptions.

Roop Lakhani 15 Dec 2015 05:20 AM

FAQ # 7
What is Self Worth Healing?

This means healing one’s hurts, wounds, limited beliefs, tinted perceptions, egoistic attitude
to have balanced worthiness of one’s
existence on the mother earth…

Roop Lakhani
Consultant and Trainer - Tarot Cards, Numerology, Vastu, Mind – Emotion - Healing 

Roop Lakhani 15 Dec 2015 05:22 AM

FAQ # 8
What is Weight Loss Healing?

This is feeling up the void, anger and dissatisfaction
in one’s own life with acceptance and loving
feelings to allow healthy food and balanced
feelings to avoid wrong eating…

Roop Lakhani
Consultant and Trainer - Tarot Cards, Numerology, Vastu, Mind – Emotion - Healing 

Roop Lakhani 15 Dec 2015 05:23 AM

FAQ # 9
What is Emotional Healing?

Healing trapped and limited negative emotions
to get released from inside to feel happy
and joyful is emotional Healing.

Roop Lakhani
Consultant and Trainer - Tarot Cards, Numerology, Vastu, Mind – Emotion - Healing

Roop Lakhani 15 Dec 2015 05:25 AM

FAQ # 10
What is Belief Work Healing?
 Having limited beliefs or self hurting, self damaging,
self sabotaging beliefs which does not serve for
one’s  highest good and getting aware to
identify and eliminate is known as
Healing of Belief Work.

Roop Lakhani
Consultant and Trainer - Tarot Cards, Numerology, Vastu, Mind – Emotion - Healing

Roop Lakhani 15 Dec 2015 05:35 AM

“LEAVE   the  problem
but  never  LIVE  with
the  problem  or
problem  would 
never  LEAVE

Roop Lakhani
Consultant and Trainer - Tarot Cards, Numerology, Vastu, Mind – Emotion - Healing

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