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Sheetal Soni

I am an MBA and post graduate who has worked in both airlines and airports.  I started my career as a flight attendant at the age of 17. I have always been customer facing and have witnessed so many emotions, breakdowns, emergencies, not only of passengers but also of the people working in such harsh environments. I always got intrigued in going behind those smiling faces and knowing their stories I believe everyone has a story and this made me a counsellor to begin with.

Growing up, I was free of religious discipline or trained spirituality, was never brought up in a religion oriented family and no one In my family knew anything about spirituality To be honest, the understanding of this greater sense came to me when my mother fell sick, suffered depression and became suicidal.  Her such attempts left her with multiple near death experiences . I was 16 at the time, and nursing her ignited the urge in me to learn about life and death.

In my quest of discovering God and asking HIM to save my mother, along the way I unravelled so many truths of life. I knocked the door of every religion, learnt almost everything i possibly could but never got the answer I seeked.

I became like Aamir Khan’s character ‘PK’ , in PK, a bollywood movie. I started experiencing prenominations and magically started walking on my true life path of energy work and healing.

I now know that I was born to be a natural Healer with inborn Intuitive Instincts. By the Grace of the Almighty I have been able to pursue my passion from over two decades and energy work has emerged my first love.

I am from Gurgaon. A Holistic healer and a therapist and an Angel Tarot Reader, Lenormand Card Reader an Angel Therapist, Crystal Therapist, a Reiki Master  Numerologist, and a Trinity Practitioner based on the concept of Creation, Destruction, Preservation which is unique to me. EFT Practitioner, take Past Life Regression sessions, Shamanic Healer, Inner Child Therapist and a medium etc.

I practice these awakenings in a unique way. Talk to me and let us experience the Magic of Healing together!

I also do online workshops on:

1. Ho’oponopono

This is an intensive workshop which helps people release a lot of clutter from their lives. I don’t do it in the usual manner of chanting four Golden statements, I cover most of the aspects which affect our lives, such as - Fear, Anger, Relationships etc. 

2. Healing with Gratitude

In this workshop, I cover different aspects of Gratitude besides just counting your blessings.  Healing the 5 elements which we are made up of i.e. Earth, Fire, Water, Air and Space, balancing Masculine and Feminine energies etc. This is my own creation and has done wonders.

Power of Trinity – (the power of Destruction, Creation and Preservation)

This again is a very powerful workshop, where I attune people with sacred symbols, which are not available easily (even on the internet)  In this workshop, participants become empowered to Destruct, Create and Preserve for themselves and others, of course in a positive way. The concept of creation, destruction and preservation is taught and channeled through Universal energies.

Besides workshops, I also do Customized Meditations  for individuals, for corporate offices or groups etc. And one of my most successful workshops has been Liberation with Meditation

I am so excited to get started and work with you. So pick up that phone and call me OR send me an email and let’s get talking.


Inspire Spiritual Award for Master in Tarot Cards and Crystal Healing - Par Excellence 2019

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20 Nov 19


One of my friend introduced me to Sheetal Soni and with all gratitude i am very thankful to my friend and Sheetal Mam for guiding me in changing the perspective and become more tolerant and become more aware about the situations in life.I also did Heal the Wheel workshop which  also helped me to understand and see the bigure picture.

Thank you so much Sheetal Mam. :)

13 Nov 19


I love being in the Energies of Sheetal and keep signing up for her WhatsApp workshops, precisely for the experience she brings.

Enriching and Exclusive ! 

13 Nov 19

Deepali Bhattacharya

Sheetal is an angel. She is so loving and supportive yet is very firm. Such a beautiful balance, she is amazing. Gratitude for all that you share and give away so freely. 

13 Nov 19


Another beautiful workshop heal the wheel chakras meditation .Each chakra meditation brings something which needs to be healed in you and give a chance to be a better version of you.Didi i was still confused about having surrender attitude towards universe until  i heard the culmination audio .Accepting whatever comes to your way with ease and gratitude is the key to reach what everybody call enlightenment.

Heartfelt gratitude to you Di for helping in this beautiful spritual journey .

13 Nov 19

S T Patil

I am grateful to Sheetal Soni for all the guidance and resources shared in the Heal the Wheel Workshop. I have been benefited from participating in this workshop. The time and effort put in by her in conducting this workshop and enormous patience displayed in answering each query are commendable. Thank You.

18 Aug 19


Beautiful and divine workshop of gratitude with Sheetal Di . Everytime I find a new me and this time I learned to stay always in gratitude for anything and everything as whatever happens in your life is for the highest good.I understand others point of view more clearly and positively now.And the credit goes to none other than Sheetal Di.Heartfelt gratitude to you Di for enlightening me and my soul .Blessed to meet you in this life time .

18 Aug 19

Neha Sharma

This was my second workshop with Sheetal and the experience was an eye opener. Healing with Gratitude, I learnt to focus on what I have rather than what I don’t. I truly feel with her guidance I was able to heal my self and the elements within. I got in touch with my self. Since I have been touch with Sheetal I have been feeling calmer and more confident of myself. When I got in touch with her I was really low and broken. But today I am radiant and smiling. I thank her and her guidance. 

17 Aug 19


I saw Sheetal’s workshop details on Facebook for hoopono workshop. That time I was really going through physical as well as emotional breakdown. I was not aware of this practice.  I messaged her with lots of doubts. And joined the workshop. Gratitude is also my first workshop. Although not recovered fully but her guidance and belief made me strong enough today. She is a pure soul who guides you with perfect message of god. Really blessed to do your workshops. Thank you so much for your support and guidance. Sometimes feels like elder sister is talking to me. Lots of love and hugs sheetal

17 Jun 19

Shweta Rana

Sheetal is a very genuine n warm person,  that’s always Ben my experience of interacting with her, I recently did her hooponopono workshop for the second time.. n I can see a huge difference in me.. my life has not changed   But my perception of looking at things, life n people in general has changed a lot n that in itself is amazing?? I can trust her completely.. she s always there selflessly to guide you in time of need.. she s amazing n I always say this... we need more healers like her??????

15 Jun 19

Neha Sharma

Sheetal was godsent for me. She came into my life when I was looking to heal my soul. I was going through a particularly bad phase in life and she really helped me see things from a different perspective. And I did the Hopoponopono workshop (among other things) with her which was life changing. I can feel the shift and it’s all thanks to her. She may sound young but she is wise beyond her years. Thanks to her I am doing much better personally also. The situations which used to stress me earlier, I am an much calmer in dealing with them now. She is an angel and healer par excellent. 

15 Jun 19

Neha Sharma

Sheetal was godsent for me. She came into my life when I was looking to heal my soul. I was going through a particularly bad phase in life and she really helped me see things from a different perspective. And I did the Hopoponopono workshop (among other things) with her which was life changing. I can feel the shift and it’s all thanks to her. She may sound young but she is wise beyond her years. Thanks to her I am doing much better personally also. The situations which used to stress me earlier, I am an much calmer in dealing with them now. She is an angel and a par excellent healer. 

14 Jun 19

gauri bareja

SHEETAL  is ur saviour wen u feel stuck and negative in life and have no direction

she makes sure u knw wot u wana do and also makes sure u do it.she is the motivation and strength you want.

she would never leave u in the middle she makes sure u sail thru safe to ur better future

a gem of a healer ..lucky to knw u....stay blessed and keep us all sorted and healed.....

14 Jun 19


It was really a wonderful experience. Sheetal u being a big support in all these days. It really gives power to back in reality and live life freely. 

10 Jun 19


Beautiful experience with mind soul body re-engineering with you mam 

Looking forward for other spiritual healing knowledge and workshops with you 

It's an addiction now to be a part of this journey  .

U r the angel send to me by God when I lost all the hope .

Lots of love to you ????????

17 Apr 19


Sheetal di, had come to my life at a time when I was going through a lot of stress and anxiety. God sent di as an angel to help me come out of tough times.

Her simple explainations, messages and guidance teach you what is life. Earlier I prayed to God but always asked for something in return but after meeting di I now understand Was does spirituality means.

She has taught me Gratitude, faith and power of prayers. 

All her workshops are so helpful and you come out learning something which will make u a better person.

Her tarot card readings give you a direction to life. 

Di, has been a lifeline and when we you message her she responds as an angel. I wish her all the happiness in life.


07 Apr 19

Anshika Sethi

Sheetal di's readings are life saviour, I must say. I was in acute depression from last many years. All was black outside and inside. I don't remember how I reached her but after first tarot reading and past life regression therapy I started lookin at brighter side of the life. Since then I have faith that God send his angels to save us, when we need them most. Now her readings are part of my life and I'm sure I will keep evolving with them. 

07 Apr 19


Though I was a non believer in crystal therapy and tarot reading but when I saw my wife's result after getting crystal therapy from Sheetal I agreed to give it a try. I don't know this is power of Sheetal's positivity or magic of her pure soul but crystals are now my best friends. I gained a lot after using them. She explained very well the science behind all this. Sheetal is a blessed soul who changes all those into gold who come in contact with her. God bless her.

06 Apr 19

Harsh Kohli

Sheetal is a brilliant tarot reader. Most of her predictions came true in my case. She entered in my life as a light. I'm so addicted to her readings now since they help me not only in taking decisions but also healing and understanding life in a better way. Thank You Universe to bring her as my guiding light. 

13 Jan 19

Harsha dinesh Sahijwani

 wt ever question in my mind comes is answered n explained n guide very nicely  by SHEETAL Soni, also experience uplift of energy, DIVINE THANKS WITH LOTS OF GRATITUDE fr awekening of spiritual journey in me

12 Jan 19


It has been a real incredible journey of my life...The experience which I felt during all those guided meditation was wonderful...I never knew the fact that its me who has created all the blockages n resistances on our thought level....Just felt a shift in my perceptions...I m in peace now which I was craving for years....I m thankful to u Di...U r an amazing person with whom I got connected by a mere chance...It's lucky charm gifted to me by dear universe...This all I can say!!????

11 Jan 19

Uma seshadhri

I was a part of sheetal's hooponopono workshop. She is so selfless and giving she changed the way I saw things within me and in live. I am forever indebted to her for being the angel a guru who directed my energies rightly. God bless her always

11 Jan 19

Uma seshadhri

I was a part of sheetal's hooponopono workshop. She is so selfless and giving she changed the way I saw things within me and in live. I am forever indebted to her for being the angel a guru who directed my energies rightly. God bless her always

31 Oct 18

Anita Sood

Finished my ‘liberation through Meditation’ workshop with Sheetal a few days back. The workshop was laced with all the necessary tools required in spiritual health, personal growth, and in reaching one’s fullest potential. More importantly it was loaded with love and positive energy!!! I would highly recommend this workshop to those who want to be healed and enlightened through guided meditation!

Sheetal is invested not only in providing spiritual wisdom but also counsels in regards we engage with ourselves and the world around us. Always willing to help in all respects. She is warm, loving, encouraging and approachable. Anyone who associates with her, even for a short period of time, becomes optimist and blithe only!!

Thank you Sheetal for working selflessly, tirelessly to make a difference in our lives!! 

30 Oct 18


After attending Awareness workshop with Sheetal, I felt a vast change in and around me. I was a big fan of her even after attending ho'oponopono which is magical way of healing from any negativity in life. But recent workshop even made my experience of meditation more deeper. Her way of conducting workshop deserves big applaud. 

She is so dedicated and patient that all participants get answers to their queries, doubts and questions earliest possible and in very loving way. The way she works needs high energy, devotion, love and proper guidance, which she never fails to give. 

I am looking forward to attend many more meditation workshops with her. My life is on track now and I know it will keep going looking back to doubts, negativity and any lack in life now with a mentor like Sheetal Soni. 

30 Oct 18

Harsh Sethi

I would like to give Sheetal five stars for her card reading. I never used to believe in tarot reading earlier but on my wife's suggestion I booked a session with Sheetal and I'm so glad I did that. Her accuracy in tarot reading is amazing. She not only do reading but she adds some healing energies to it too. One can feel the Angels energy around while doing it. 

For me it was very accurate and she charge very reasonable price. I would highly suggest a reading done by her. 

29 Oct 18


I m glad to write something from the core of my heart of an amazing experience which I went through the first meditation workshop of my life journey...I joined all of sudden n how n when it's all untold...It has really changed my life's perspectives...learnt so many amazing new things which is all beyond words to describe...It's only feeling of connecting oneself to its innermost I can say...heartfelt thanks to sheetal di due to whom I got connected to world of peace love wisdom knowledge n calmness...With warm wishes n regards!!??

22 Oct 18

Sangeetha Krishnan

As her name (Sheetal-cool) suggests, everything about her feels like a healing cool breeze. Her presence, her voice, her words create an energy of calm and peace where I seek refuge. Her astute observation and intuitive understanding make her an effective healer and guide. She truly has a gift, and we are the beneficiaries. Gratitude overflows!

16 Jul 18

Sonali Malik Bhambri

Whatever I write about Sheetal wouldn’t be enough as I can’t express about her and her aura in words. One of the most beautiful souls I have met in life whom I truly consider my soul sister.

I didn’t take a long time to feel so strongly connected to her - through her amazing workshops, card reading or talking generally about my problems. She has always always lent an open ear without bothering about the time it requires to listen to others issues and given it her all to resolve and help the other person.

I feel I am indebted to her in this lifetime for the life changing perspectives she has shared with me and others during her beautiful workshops as well as one-to-one conversations! Seems like she has an answer for every little or big problem you have in life and she can make you see the beautiful side of it all!! ????

I can go on and on and that won’t be enough still - like I said earlier. I always thank her from the bottom of my heart for coming into my life. And I wish her nothing but the bestest that life has to offer so she could heal more and more souls who have come here. I love you Sheetal!! ???????????????????????? 

09 Jul 18


Sheetal is a beautiful person. This makes her a Wonderful healer. Healing is experiential and she is an understanding facilitator. 

Reading her profile makes me realise her innate capacity to give a client comfort in the journey. 

I would only say fasten your seat belts for a safe flight on board with Sheetal.

I love my association with her. 

09 Jul 18

Shweta rana

Sheetal is a God sent Angel in the form of human being. I have come across many healers n people who r gifted with intitutative powers n I feel she s the most warm, kind hearted person who goes out of her way to help everyone who comes in contact with her.Our planet and the whole of mankind needs more healers like her??

09 Jul 18


Sheetal is an amazing guide! She understands issues and people feel comfortable around her.  She is warm and lovable person.

09 Jul 18


Sheetal, you are an angel. Love you..keep spreading love and warmth!!

09 Jul 18

Anuradha Badwe

Recently I have done Ho'oponopono workshop with Sheetal...and it was really amazing.....earlier I was having very little knowledge Abt Ho'oponopono but through workshop I came to know lot of things...she is very wonderful n kind lady....I would luv to do another workshop with Sheetal...thank you Sheetal...

09 Jul 18

Archana Bist

5 Hearts and more !!...

I came to know sheetal via a reiki workshop we attended last year. But i was humbled by her healing capacity as she channeled distance reiki to my father about 6 months back. I totally vouch for her as a reiki master and a medium from personal experience.

Since then i have done her workshops on ho'oponopono and gratitude meditations...both of which are amazong. She is a gentle soul and she puts in a lot of effort in her workshops to answer each and every query in great detail.

I recommend her as a healer to anybody looking for healing in any sphere of life.



07 Jul 18

Meenakshi Sethi

It's more than a year I came in contact with Sheetal. She is not only a trained healer but a guide, a friend and Guru for me too. She is most selfless person. One can immediately connect with her and gain so much in almost every field of life. Emotionally, mentally, financially and most of all spiritually. My life has emerged on many  levels after meeting this Angelic guide. 

Hats off to her pure heart and ready to help attitude. I must say I had some good karmas in store that universe planned my meeting with her. ????

07 Jul 18

Harsha dinesh Sahijwani


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