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Hindi, Sindhi, English

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Raksha Rajpal

I am a natural intuitive since birth. I started my spiritual journey with Tarot Card Reading in 2003. I connected with my first deck of cards even before I learnt how to read them. I felt like they spoke to me. My life completely transformed after Tarot Cards came into my life, to the point that I quit my career as an interior designer in 2010 to pursue Tarot Card Reading fulltime. I learnt how to read cards professionally in the year 2005 and have been doing various courses since then to fine tune my Tarot Reading skills and also to understand what more can be done with Tarot Cards. Yet, till today what my cards communicate to me is most useful to me on how to use them. I also conduct classes in Tarot Card Reading on a regular basis in Mumbai and Pune.

In 2008 I started learning Clinical Hypnotherapy from the reputed institute EKAA (formerly CHII). I have been a practicing Hypnotherapist since 2013.

IN 2014 I got acquainted with the World of Angels. Although I haven't attended any certified course in Angel Communication, I have attended various workshops to help guide me in the right direction to understand the Angelic Realm. I do Angel Card Reading and channel Angels by means of Autowriting.

I am a trained crystal healer, using Crystals for the purpose of healing. I customize combinations of crystals, tailor-made to enable the most appropriate healing for each person.

I conduct regular workshops on Tarot Card Reading, Angel Card Reading, Law of Attraction, Abundance, Pendulum Dowsing, etc. 

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06 Oct 19

Amrita O

I have been visiting Raksha for Tarot Card readings since a decade. I like her style of reading. It's accurate and also guidance based. It's empowering because she makes you believe in your own strengths.

Her office has the most positive and serene vibes.

I also have purchased crystals from her. She treats them with so much love. She guides one so perfectly how to handle crystals. She doesn't stock them. Orders are customized keeping ones needs in mind.

So recently I visited her office for an appointment and I noticed these lovely colourful bracelets. She makes cyrstal bracelets with everyday beads, but she uses her intuition and knowledge to make custom-made bracelets. You won't find 2 same bracelets. Each one is made to fit the wearer's need.

They are super cute to wear (I'm attaching a picture of mine for you to see how pretty they are), and they feel so comforting to wear. She makes them for men and women. Besides the aesthetics they have lovely healing effects and target exactly what needs to be sorted out in your life without breaking the bank. I wear mine all the time.

Verdict-Must try!

05 Feb 19

Janhavi Haldipur

Dear Raksha, 


This is to say a BIG THANK YOU to you for all the Support and Help you gave me through your Healing.

I approached you for Tarot reading... 

But you have healed me in more ways...

The divinity in your soul guided me through so beautifully.

A mere Thank you would never be enough.. 

Know that I love you loads always..

Thank you dear


God Bless


05 Feb 19

Swati Sule

Dear Raksha,

Life before connecting with you was on different level. I first got connected with you for crystal healing not only for me but also for my clients. Every conversation with you has opened one block within me and I can really feel the lightness within me. Every meeting with you have brought shift within me. There is a magical Aura you are carrying, the calmness with which you coduct therapy helps in resolving the issue in short time.

Your energy sensetion is tremendously strong, which benefits the client without his/her knowing. Hence you bring integrated approach in healing beautifully.

I am blessed to be part of your soul family. 

My all the best wishes with complete gratitude for your future journey.

Love and Light,

Swati Sule

05 Feb 19

Ajinkya Fadnavis

Raksha is very approachable & proactive towards her client's cause. Her empathetic nature creates a healthy & nurturing bond with ppl she interacts. Her work approach is filled with passion n genuine concern towards everyone alike. Keep up the good work.

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