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Pooja Sharma

A doctorate in Management, with over 18 years of corporate experience in various sectors, I focus on learning more about Emotions and improving ability to effectively manage emotions with awareness and healing through Hypnotherapy. Emotional wellness inspires self-care, relaxation, stress reduction and the development of inner strength. It is important to be attentive to both positive and negative feelings and be able to understand how to handle these emotions


1. Basic Integrated Clinical Hypnotherapy from EKKA CHI (California Hypnosis Institute - California) 2. Integrated Hypnotic Modalities for Behavioral Resolutions from EKKA CHI (California Hypnosis Institute - California) 3. Advanced Integrated Hypnotic Modalities for Health Resolutions from EKKA CHI (California Hypnosis Institute - California) 4. Integrated Spiritual Hypnosis from EKKA CHI (California Hypnosis Institute - California) 5. Integrated Clinical Hypnotherapy from EKKA CHI (California Hypnosis Institute - California) 6. Hypnosis in History from AHA (American Hypnosis Association - Tanzania) 7. Foundations in Hypnotherapy from HMI (Hypnosis Motivation Institute - Tanzania)

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30 Jan 19

Aditya Sharma

Dr Pooja has helped me get rid of a severe pain in my back which even caused me to stoop forward to a hunch. Her healing sessions were very well organised and I could feel the change from the first session itself. Now, I can walk while keeping my shoulders straight, with no pain at all. I had also attended the Happy Living E-program which involved me joining a WhatsApp group. The daily affirmations and good thoughts for seven days made me realise what all I was missing in my life, and got me up to pace with those things. I am really grateful to Dr Pooja and highly recommend her to all.

30 Jan 19

Sourav Arya

Interactions with Dr Pooja and her exquisite ways of calming the mind and honing my skills and senses and given me the ability to concentrate, which I found difficult to do earlier. Her sessions have given me the confidence I needed and I practice the self-therapies taught by her. Overall, I am very satisfied with Eternal MIND

29 Jan 19


In found Dr Pooja 's sessions to be of inmense help to me. The way she guides and help you through the entire process of healing really solves all of your ailmemts.Thanks for all the help and highly recommended for all.
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Pooja Sharma 01 Feb 2019 01:45 PM

New world New options New choices I choose to be Happy irrespective of What others think, say, convey, mean and understand..It is not about them but about ME and how I perceive.. AND THAT IS MY UNIQUENESS. Why should I - is my Ahankar. With the knowledge that I have, I consciously Choose to use my UNIQUENESS and not the Ahankar. I have made my Choice.. HAVE YOU????

Pooja Sharma 04 Feb 2019 06:01 AM

Some Insights give you the motivation to Identify, Apply and Amplify powerful thoughts to make a positive shift in your life. When you shift from within, everything around you shifts. Who wouldn't want to Enjoy this Cruise for a meaningful inner exploration and successful outer expedition..!!

Pooja Sharma 13 Feb 2019 09:18 AM

Many of us might not have any Physical Scars, but we definately have so many Emotional ones and ironically we aren't even aware of them. And Unfortunately, when this happens, the buried emotions often leak like a toxic waste. Reality is*Only way out of Emotional Pain - is through the Emotional Pain* Unfortunately most, if not all, human beings resist or fight this necessary step and thus indulge into many compulsive behaviours, all in an attempt to not face unresolved emotional pain. And the outcome is, Many people bring unresolved emotional pain to their graves rather than face it. Do Not Ignore Your Pain - *ACCEPT IT, ACKNOWLEDGE IT, HEAL IT*???????????? #healing #emotionalwellbeing #mentalhealthmatters #empoweringself #knowyourself #happiness #livingmybestlife #eternity

Pooja Sharma 05 May 2019 05:39 AM

We all are conditioned to see life as a random act of happenings, to blame others or our circumstances or to put ourselves down when things are not going as desired. *But what if everything that happens to us is COMING FROM US? What if everything that occurs good or bad is ultimately our CREATION? Creation by a part of us that is controlled at a deeper level by our subconscious? AND THAT PART IS A SMALL CHILD, THE CHILD WE ONCE WERE* This part, although living in subconcious mind, is a living conscious part. This child that we once were, holds all our hurts, disappointments, traumas, anger, negative feelings and sadness. Adult might feel that they have not experienced trauma or extreme difficulties, but this child has experienced upset and possible hurts to some level. And these past pains are reflected in our current life circumstances, as maybe depression, anxiety, panic feelings, phobias, critical thoughts, issues in relationships, fear of intimacy and so on. And these are all brought on by that INNER CHILD, as he has not healed and wants the adult to know so. *This child wants the adult to come back to acknowledge and accept, to listen and help, to love* When upsetting or sad things happen as children, they are not forgotten, they become suppressed within, and can manifest later as illnesses, anger, fears, self sabotage or something else. Something that affects the ability of an adult to be happy in the world, or affects ones inner peace either by relationship issues, physical illnesses, low self worth or confidence, financial worries, weight problems, eating disorders, fears or perhaps some internal block which one can't put a finger on, ARE ALL GOVERNED BY THE INNER CHILD AT SOME LEVEL and conveys a message about the past. Something that has happened in the childhood, holds the adult back, keeping one stuck, creating unhelpful patterns, bringing up painful feelings, or maybe even making one feel numb. *And when we do understand that Whatever is happening is my Creation at a subconscious level, WE FIND WAYS TO RESOLVE IT, to find happiness, to fulfil our highest potential* So we connect with our inner child, to help heal this part of us, which will in turn free us from all that conditioning or upsets from the past that seem to disable us. *CONNECTING WITH YOUR INNER CHILD IS A RELATIVELY EASY EXERCISE , and one can CHOOSE to do so right this moment.. Know More@Eternal MIND*
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