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Radhika Rai

I have had the privilege of being under the guidance of several teachers across various stages of my life, a part of which are my client friends as well.

A few years ago, I started this journey with a hope of attaining mental calmness through spiritual knowledge. During this period, I took the form of a ‘Spiritual Seeker’ and this encouraged me to learn through various courses and was trained by many masters across the world. This led to the creation of a new set of skills in my life.

We are on a journey together and neither of us has the answer. In fact, the answer is not held by any one of us, but collectively, together. There is an interconnected space holding us when we work together. This same interconnectedness has held the universe together for eon years and created the magic called “Life”.

Nothing is created or destroyed. It is merely transformed. By beholding the transformation, each one of us is transformed.

Get ready to delve into your deepest possible levels and create a more meaningful and abundant life. Energy healing, Mindfulness and Life Coaching are thoroughly empowering and bring phenomenal gifts. I am honored to be your life artist, your facilitator as you embark upon this quest, of deep discovery, bringing your magnificence forth and letting you shine bright!


I feel all the more responsible after getting Certified as:
1) Reiki Channel (3A) - P.D Patel - 1st Reiki Master of India
2) Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) - P.D Patel
3)Theta Healing - Vienna Stibal
4) Oracle/Angel Card Readings - Doreen Virtue
5) Assertiveness  Coaching - Doreen Virtue
6) Minfulness Fundamental Facilitator (for Adults)
7) Mindfulness Educator (Kids) - Mindful Schools, USA
8) Life Coach - Trained by a cluster of Coaches from across Globe.

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28 Nov 16

Amrish Arjun

I have had one session with Radhika and I was highly impressed with how good she is. She is gentle, yet firm. She is strong and knows the subject very well. She is helpful and goes out of her way to help you. She hand-holds you through the process and the situation you are dealing with. And she follows up with you periodically.

I've had one session of Emotional Freedom Technique with her and I have been practicing it ever since. Her method has been very easy to use and I completely resonate with it. She has helped me in being more grounded and confident.

Thank you, Radhika

03 Sep 16

Vee sethi

Hi. Had a wonderful experience with Yu. Look foward to another round with Yu 

03 Sep 16

Malini Chopra

thank you for your guidance. It gives me a lot of strength to make decisions and look out for myself. 

02 Sep 16


Radhika is an amazing Oracle card reader. She has read for me through violet flame group, and she is so so correct in her readings for me.

In future I will surely go for her guidance when it needed. She is really the blessed one.

01 Sep 16


I requested a general oracle card reading  by Radhika on the Violet Flame support group. I'm amazed at how accurate she was with the same. 

The guidance that came with it was also super and I am following it. Thank you Radhika!


31 Aug 16

Kavita Shetty

Your readings were correct and helpful. Thank you very much.

30 Aug 16

Prashaant Mishra

Your assessment were damn accurate. Thanks for the reading.

30 Aug 16

Dr.asha deshmukh

Prompt reading that reaonated well with my question.good energies.thank u so much radhika.

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