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24 Years

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Hindi, English

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Available from Monday 9:00 AM to Satarday 6:00 PM

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Babita Sachdeva

Babita Sachdeva is a world-renowned psychic reader, she has strived to improve her clairvoyance techniques at all times by studying occult sciences like numerology and tarot reading. She is soaked in that knowledge in order to develop greater spiritual awareness to help you to predict your future and look ahead with serenity. Babita Sachdeva is an experienced Master Healers expert with over 20 years of experience in empowering people on their journey to healing, wholeness and well-being. Babita Sachdeva is founder of Dhara Healing provides a wide range of health and wellness services.

Babita has been helping people for more than 20 years and is also available for readings, teachings and energy healing sessions by F2F, phone, or Skype. Her intuitive gifts combined with her unparalleled level of knowledge and training give your Tarot reading or Reiki session a depth of wisdom, insight and healing that is remarkably effective.

Contact Babita Sachdeva for a free 20 minutes consultation for bookings and appointments. Please click the "Get In Touch" button



Babita Sachdeva is founder of Dhara Healing provides a wide range of health and wellness services.

Reiki Therapy and Training Workshops (All Levels)

Karuna Reiki Therapy and Training Workshops (All Levels)

Theta Healing Therapy Practitioner (All Levels including DNA 2 and 3)

Money Reiki Therapy and Training Workshops (All Levels)

Karmic Reiki Therapy and Training Workshops (All Levels)

Magnified Healing Therapy and Training Workshops (All Levels)

Tarot Card Readings and Training (Ask for more details)

Angelic Tarot Reading Therapy and Training Workshops (All Levels)

Menla Healing Therapy and Training Workshops (All Levels)

Access Consciousness Bars Therapy (Talk to Entities, MTVSS and Face lift)

Melchizedek symbol Therapy (All Levels)

Meditation ClassesBeach Flower Remedies and TrainingDowsing

TrainingMaster Womb Healing Therapy

Ganpati Puja Healing Therapy

Master Womb Healing Therapy


Dragon Healing

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04 Dec 22

Khushboo *

Babita Ma'am is a great healer. She is awesome, sweet and good soul. She is a genuine Healer and she understands her clients so well. I will strongly recommend her.

19 Jun 21


I was in very bad mental and spiritual health when I got in touch with her. I was also facing relationship issues , Babita mam has been my life saviour , I am now a very improved person with many of my issues being resolved. I got her blessings I just hope she would continue the amazing work which she has been doing.  

10 Feb 21


Babita didi has been amazing. Love the way she guides you like a sister with so much of compassion & passion.

She has been healing me & guiding me since an year & i have been so happy & satisfied.

Thanks babita didi

25 Jan 21


Taking Reiki from Babita aunty is a Divine and life changing experience for me.Thank you for being with me..She encourage me to attain my confidence and develop my own capabilities encourage me to understand the meaning of each healing seesion she didnt give up till end and that's what the best part of her.If anybody is under her guidance she can guide you, show you the right away truly well.She is the best.!!!

21 Jan 21


I met her first time but she helped me a lot ,felt very good after session ????????

20 Jan 21

N Modi

Babita Sachdeva is very intuitive gifted Theta healer. I had many sessions with her to work on many issues I was facing. She is very flexible and compassionate as a person. 

I highly recommend her for Healing needs.

17 Jan 21

Ridhi Girdhar

She is always approchable and will help you in sorrow and happiness. She is a master of her skills in Vasstu and various other courses!

Her knowledge about spritual healing is impressive, she is beyong amazing! Her advices are easy to follow and work wonders! 

Many thanks to you!

Best Regards,


17 Jan 21

Rinky Arora

Babita Aunty is like an angel who is always approachable and consoling. An ideal person to look up to in any misery or sorrow. Her healing provides you with positivity, freshness and cosmic energy. 

Thankyou so much aunty for being my pillar of strength!! 

16 Jan 21

Preeti Juneja

Babita aunty is superb...she is so helpful and pure by heart ??...she is loving and best in her life has changed a lot in positive manner after coming in touch with her....thank u aunty...for everything

16 Jan 21

Neha Kochar

It has been a very pleasant experience with babita aunty.such calm ,polite and soothing voice that it takes away half of yur worries..Thanku soo much babita aunty for healing and helping at the time of need ..Regards

16 Jan 21

Neha Nagpal

Babita aunty is amazing. She has immense knowledge in vaatsu and has helped us a lot with her solutions. Her solutions are very easy to follow, and she is really a nice person. Thank u so much aunty for helping us. 

16 Jan 21


Babita Di has immense knowledge about spritual healing, she is amazing. 

She can do alot. She knows alot about all of the courses she is always ready to help!

She provides always working remedies.

I am very thankful to her.

Regards, Gauri!

16 Jan 21

Parul Singh

Babita aunty is amazing. She has immense knowledge in numerology and vaatsu and has helped us a lot with her feedback and solutions. Her remedies & solutions are very easy to follow, and she is really kind and patient in explaining things.

16 Jan 21



16 Jan 21


Babita Sachdeva is very good Tarot card reader and Numerologist. I live in USA and have consulted her many times .Her predictions are so accurate and she suggested many helpful remedies too.
I strongly recommend her.

16 Jan 21


Babita Sachdeva is very  good Tarot card reader and Numerologist. She does very accurate predictions .she told me very helpful remedies too
I strongly recommend her.

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