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Swati Mishra

"Life is all about celebrating oneself and the magnificence within. We are all divine beings, and we just have to remind ourselves to get that connection back. And not to forget, that what you allow is what will continue! Take care of the monkey mind!”

My journey with Reiki started in 2002. And it was purely for self-development and healing. Ever since it has become a way of life to me. My experience with Reiki can’t be explained in words. All I can say is that it has been a superbly uplifting and exciting journey and I am sure it’s going to be even better hereon.
I work with people who have mainly emotional, and physical issues. I have also worked with addictions, paralysis patients and coma patients. Working with others is my passion. I love the way this work empowers, heals and uplifts them. It’s something which is part of me and gives me immense joy. 

In my opinion, the best gift we can give to ourselves is to acknowledge ourselves. Taking some time out for ourselves every day is what will take us a long way. 
Live each moment, love yourself and others, Laugh more often, and Liberate yourself from your limiting thoughts 

ADDICTION CASE: It was around 4 years back, I was going through a tough phase in my life when Swati was sent to me by God ( I was referred to her). 
My father was under severe depression, had become an alcoholic, and was not able to cope up with life. It was a phase in his life where all he thought of was how can he end his life. I was feeling so helpless seeing him in this condition and was just praying for a miracle to pull us out of this. We r a small family of 3 people and my mother was busy running the house making ends meet. 

At first, I wasn't sure that without even meeting my father how will Swati be able to help him. It began with 3 Reiki sessions (distance) immediately after that I felt a shift in my father's behavior. The aggressiveness had reduced and he was more calm n quite. Swati told me it will take some time n the sessions continued ( some 10/11 sessions). With each session, she would share with me how n what my father is going through, his emotional journey, what his soul is craving for. And slowly there was a remarkable shift in his behavior, his suicidal tendency had subsided..anger reduced. though he used to drink...but not to the point of self-destruction. 

It not only healed my father but also changed my relationship with him to a great extent. For the first time in life, I felt real love for my father..and understood him better and from where he was coming from. 

Since then many times I have approached Swati for doing reiki for my parents and every single time it has worked on all physical, emotional and mental levels."





Reiki Master - Teacher

Angel Guidance Teacher from Diana Cooper School

Bach Flower Therapist

Yoga Teacher from Bihar School of Yoga




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08 Oct 20

Vishakha Javeri

My name is Vishakha and I did the 9 weeks Chakra Healing workshop with Swati Mishra.The way the workshop was conducted was commendable.It was an experiential workshop with more practical techniques that have been very helpful.Swati’s teachings have been excellent and if practiced by anyone who is looking for transformation it definitely works.The workshop has brought a lot of clarity in my beings and my relationship with myself and people around me.The simple and effective techniques, and the effort taken behind each participant is excellent.If anyone is looking forward to healing and growing in life, I highly recommend.My love and Gratitude to Swati and my group members for this Workshop

08 Oct 20

Karan Jindal

Like it’s said that, when the student is ready, the teacher appears. Chakra Worklshop with Swati, is one of those courses for me which came at the right time for me. The kind of efforts put in by Swati was incredible in ensuring that everyone learns. This is a very deep work which takes you to an inner journey of self discovery as you work on yourself. This gets better when you are under guidance of an experienced teacher like Swati who ensures she is there to guide you whenever you need. It was an amazing learning experience with a perfect blend of theory and experiences and lots of insightful discussions over the weeks.

25 Jul 19

Ashish Garg

I Have known Swati since 5 years now and trust me she has been my Anchor, who keeps me on track and grouded all the time. She is just not only a healer to me, she is more then that. she is my friend, my guiding factor and much more. She has help me gain the cofidence which i lost over the period of time and i am at a much better place in my life now. 

Sometimes you dont understand the problem you going through and then everything looks negative and bad, but when you have someone so empathetic, Humble and who has such positive energy then overcoming any problem doenst look any difficult.

I am one of that person who is really dificult to guide but kudos to Swati she managed to guide me to the right path and made me focus on the positives. 

I am really really thanklful to you Swati and always will be and ya just giving you a heads up.... I am going to irritate you for a long time :).  

Wish you all the Love and Health.. Cheers

16 May 19

Archana Bachar

It's been a beautiful journey, a life-changing experience while coming across a brilliant and loving person like Swati.

To help me gently open the knots and holdings in my subconscious mind... It wasn't easy, it was and is tough but I am gradually learning to deal with situations. I'm grateful to the cosmos to have a beautiful blend and it's own strategies of connecting people...

Thank you would be too little to express my gratitude towards Swati... for this Lifetime I'm always happy to have a fantastic friend like her... Thank you once again... thank you for helping me with trust and belief in any healing methodologies... one of the strengths being Reiki

23 Dec 18


The moment I saw swati at a healing exhibition I knew I wanted to talk to her ... it was an instant connection that I felt with her ....  for some reason I couldn’t talk to her that day and promised her that I would come and see her the next day, and to my surprise I actually found her waiting for me to come and see her, like she actually sensed how much I needed to be spoken to and to be given the right direction. She gave me her time and undivided attention while I shared my hurt and pain with her .... And that’s when something happened... she told me things about me and my situation that I had not even shared with her yet... this shook me up a little, but that’s when I knew that she really was receiving messages from a higher power .... and like a true master she showed me where to look for peace of mind and happiness... i felt calm and composed in after the brief session .... one more thing that truly impressed me and touched my heart was what she had written in one of her blogs daanpeti .... she mentioned that she did not want to put a price on the influence she’s had or the healing she’s done in a person’s life ... it’s for them to decide .... and this for sure is that mark of a true healer who helps and heals without any expectations ... this is true dharma.

Swati is simple , gracious , polite , warm and soothing like a ray of sunshine on a cold winter day .... and I won’t hesitate or think twice before saying that god sent her as an angel to me when I needed it the most ... thank you swati for being the lovely human that you are and giving me your time and blessings ???????? In my eyes you are an angel in a human form 

19 Dec 18

Monal Parekh

Felt very nice and light taking a session from Swati . She is very warm person and approachable . Thanks for all the  insight given  and path ahead .

23 Jun 17


Hi Swati. Thank you very much for showing how to be aware of intuitions. First time I know what are the clairs.

With love and blessing 


22 Jun 17


Swati is truly an angel for me. I started my journey with her...I meet her in Bandra at mystic lotus festival.....I was going through an emotional tetmoil..and when I got connected to her ...my tears just started to roll out...there wasn't any need of words ....her mystic energies were so powerful...her just gentle touch started to do magic. I decided that it was a Reiki what I wanted to do and that to from her I felt so relaxed and nice when I meet her for the first time and did my first level with her and I  was surprised with the wealth of knowledge about soul and life she has...my whole prespective about life change...after first level I was much more calm, happy relaxed and I at my best...This is the deep relationship which I have with her she is always available..to guide, support and encourage me...she understands me so well that I need not have to say anything...she just understand everything....
I m truly grateful to univers that I meet some one like her...
Thanks you so much Swati...
Lots of love and light

22 Jun 17


Swati is my reiki teacher, she has taken me from the darkness into the light. In our reiki circle, each persons interaction with her was different . She gave everyone their time and individual attention, and she connected with all of us on our different levels. She is a naturally gifted and intuitive teacher and i highly recommend her as a healer and a reiki teacher. Thank u swati ????????????????????????????????????????for teaching me so much. There is so much more in my interactions with her but it is too sacred to write here. Rest assured i have written only the tip of the iceberg.

Swati also taught me the art of seeking my own answers. ????????????

15 Aug 16


It was the universe who connected me to Swati.  There is no other way to explain things that are beyond explanation.  I had been through a very difficult and intense two years of spiritual upheaval.  What many might call,  'the dark night of the soul' phase.  It was dark and terrifying to say the least.  The journey,  after ripping me and my life apart,  ended in December last year.  In February I got an inner call to move out of the city where I was living to undertake a journey of healing,  rebuilding and 'becoming'...  I had no clue how I was going to do it.  I needed help.  And informed the universe,  through prayer to guide me to the right person. Somebody who was sensitive, sensible, and strong all at once.  It took the universe a month and a half to deliver my gift'.  But what a gift it turned out to be!  While reading through an article online,  I ended up in some page and there,  read about Swati.  I have heard about many reiki practitioners before,  but I hadn't got the 'yes'  from my soul.  But with Swati,  it was different, my soul could barely contain itself.  It propelled me to take my phone and dial her number.  And that's what I did.  And that's how I got introduced to my 'gift guide' arranged by the universe.  It took only a few seconds and I immediately connected to her.  She was the exact kind of person I was yearning to learn from,  get healed by.  What drew me to her more was how honest she was. Unlike so many others I have seen in my experience who would convince you to join their course or class at the very first chance,  Swati recommended something different and very sensible.  She suggested that I try out a few practices and see how it went.  Could I relate to them?  Did it make sense to me? Did the practice make an actual difference? Based on these experiences and my own judgement,  she recommended we will proceed. I was thoroughly convinced by her.  That is the exact mark of a healer.  Someone who is honest,  understands,  and treats everyone around first as a human being first.  And not just as a patient needing help or a prospective client. I loved her right from the beginning.  And my affection only grows as our engagement with each other grows.  Needless to say,  her practices worked wonders on my mental emotional planes which were completely messed up. I regained balance,  clarity,  strength and could slowly feel my whole being getting aligned. I found strength to do the things my soul was guiding me towards.  I began to write again. I found a wonderful teacher to undertake voice training. I found myself attracting into my life possibilities that had until then remained blocked and stuck. And all this when I haven't even met her in person yet. Our interactions have been online. A true healer,  she has been offering me support and guidance at a time when i was most vulnerable and needed help.  Such healers are rare and few.  And when you find them, you hold on to them with all of your heartfelt gratitude.  Looking forward to meeting her and learning from her presence soon.  The universe will..!  Thank you! 

04 Aug 16

Geetika Sharma

I met Swati as my friend’s wife and she remained that for long, before slowly progressing to a separate friendship and bond we developed over the years. Swati is a healer who doesn’t believe in offering solutions on a golden plate, she psychically opens you apart and gently pushes you in a space where all answers are present already, inside your own self.

I am a yoga therapist and when I am in a mental web of thoughts and worries finding it tough to collect myself together, it is then that I seek her help. A very talented and gifted person Swati attracted various methods like Reiki, Angel guidance, hypnotherapy, graphology and Bach Flower Therapy in her life. I access all her treasure rightfully like she is a mother and it’s my right to use all that belongs to her!

Swati is like a healer that we come across in science fiction movies, she must have been a magician in some life!  A storyteller who enchants you with her tales, soon for you to realise that she is teaching you life lessons by narrating your own life to you. Swati is often the messenger who turns into the voice of my guru that I might be too busy or entangled to pay attention to.

04 Aug 16

Namrata Sharma


I have come across many energy/reiki healers but my experience with Swati as a reiki healer has been extremely different . I don't even have to tell her what is my issue , I have to just call her and she would know , that is how Swati is connected to reiki . I have never felt reiki healings this powerful and instant , the way I have been healed by Swati ! I am very fortunate to have her as my Reiki teacher . She has not only guided me with my reiki healings but has literally walked with me in my journey of being a Reiki healer.

06 Jun 16

Annou Kryss Sharma

I don't words can justify amazing Swati and her magical healing powers. She has the perfect attributes of an healer; amazing healing skills, compassion, warmth, deep caring nature, loving and bonding. Whenever I met Swati, there was so much calmness around and I felt I've arrived home. Swati is one of the healers for whom I have deep respect and admiration. She genuinely cares about your well-being and does it so beautifully. I wish everyone would experience her magical healing. Love you loads Swati and miss your warm hugs.

16 Mar 16


Over the years I have consulted Swati on countless emtional issues that I was going through in the past. Be it her reiki teachings, angel card readings, graphology guidance or her inept ability to get to the root of the problem with her intuition, I have always left a 'Swati' session with more clarity and a sense of positive direction. Being a Life coach myself, she is my go to professional to help me sort out my life issues. Her warm and loving presence just amplifies what her session achieves. Take my word for it. Call her

10 Mar 16


Swati has been instrumental in turning my life around during a difficult phase in my life. A wonderful guide, Swati is calm and relaxed and her session was like a soothing balm to my frayed nerves.

10 Mar 16


Swati is an amazing reiki teacher, analyst of a persons hidden issues, accurate in advice, non judgemental and peaceful in her approach. One will be fortunate to meet her and do reiki with her. Divine touch and manages to make the pupil attain another state of mind. That alone is something that u cannot even get when u pay for it. Swati, thank u from the bottom of my heart. Her home has an amazing energy as u enter you only feel peace and love, she radiates warmth and mischief and is lighthearted and playful in the approach of very serious issues. Keep up the good work dear Swati. 🙏🏼

09 Mar 16


An amazing and exceptional giver... I wouldn't know anyone better than Swati in this field and many others too.. Am glad I know her.

09 Mar 16

Payal Shah

Swati is a beautiful human being. I've met her about 3 times so far. Each time I met her, before meeting her my mood was anxious and uneasy, but as soon as I was around her, her mere presence made me feel at peace. She's helped me get past multiple life issues with her accurate Angel card readings, powerful Reiki healing, Inner child consciousness.

10 Dec 15

darpan kaur

Not only does Swati have magic hands, she's a terrific teacher! 

13 Sep 15

Khushboo Agarwal

Immediately after meeting Swati I read about earth angels. When angels take form of humans and help us out.. and in my heart I knew it was true. She is truly my angel...who has guided me getting in touch with my inner child again, taught me self love..her hands are like magic... Just need to be in her presence n I know everything will work out in divine order. Thank you love for all u have done for me n my family. Loadz of love and gratitude ...xoxo 

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Swati Mishra 10 Mar 2016 12:16 PM

What exactly is meditation? 

What does it do to us when we meditate.

Read on to understand more 

Swati Mishra 30 May 2016 11:30 PM

Mind is part of us, We are not part of our mind. 

What happens when our mind starts controlling us?

Swati Mishra 03 Jun 2016 04:22 PM

Do what makes you feel happy.. Find your natural rhythm

Swati Mishra 31 Aug 2017 12:42 PM

New on the blog: About how I rediscovered who I really was and how to not be bound by perception. Read?



Swati Mishra 04 Jun 2018 09:43 PM

"Beautiful pictures are developed from negatives in a dark room, so if you see darkness in your life be sure that God is making a beautiful picture for you"

Swati Mishra 10 Jul 2020 10:09 PM

“Fake it till you make it”. Isn’t that a lot of motivational speakers say?

Affirm everyday and you will be sorted. You will achieve what you are seeking .

read more to understand why it may not work for few people

Swati Mishra 10 Jul 2020 10:10 PM

“Fake it till you make it”. Isn’t that a lot of motivational speakers say?

Affirm everyday and you will be sorted. You will achieve what you are seeking .

Read more to understand why it may not work for few people

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