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12 Years

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Hindi, English

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Monday to Friday  - 11am to 6pm

1st and 3rd Saturday- 11am to 6 pm

Sundays and 2nd and 4th Saturday holiday 

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Rajni Bhargava

I am an alumni of lady Irwin college, Delhi. Done my post graduation in dietitics. I am an home economist, a trained dietitian, a keen fashion designer, a philanthropist, volunteer at NGOs.

I got introduced to the world of spiritual healing and alternate healing therapies in 1998. I became a reiki grandmaster in 2008. I have conducted classes in Mumbai, Delhi, Lucknow, Kolkata and Port Louis in Mauritius 

As a grandmaster, the greatest satisfaction I draw when I find people who come to me with physical or mental trauma due to various problems, they have their lives totally transformed for the better just because of Reiki.

I am thankful to the almighty for choosing me to help people get rid of their diseases and problems 


Previous Experience

1. Did psychic surgery for a lady who was in coma. Gave her distance healing and she is totally cured.

2. Helped ladies getting pregnant where IVF had failed by healing for 9 months and by God’s grace all of them have healthy babies. 

3. A person had stone in kidneys which was successfully removed by psychic surgery and healing. 

4. Healing done for students during exams so they stay calm and get good results 


As volunteer when working with children of Akanksha in 2008 and 2009

As a judge in culinary contest in Mauritius for 3 consecutive years 


1. Certificates in all levels of Reiki 

2. Certificate in acupressure.

3. Certificate in Brahmasatya level1

4. Certificate in numerology.

5. Certificate in Sahaj samadhi 

Reviews & Testimonials

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02 Jun 19

Neeta Trivedi

I have known Rajani for the last 15 years. She is an excellent reiki teacher and I know several people who have benefitted from her healing techniques. She is an extremely dedicated and compassionate individual and comes highly recommended as a reiki teacher.

29 May 19

Namrata rao

It was a wonderful life changing experience for me ..made me feel sorted, clear n positive n removed lot of clutter from my mind...Rajni Ma'am s way of imparting spiritual lessons is v simple, clear interesting and u instantly start getting the positive vibes.????

29 May 19

Anmol Bhargava

Great place to learn Reiki. Easiest way of meditation.

if you are looking for a reiki master to teach you, you should definitely go for her.

14 May 19

Sushmita Dasgupta.

I know Rajni from 2003 ,when she came from Maurisious,we were neighbor (opposite flats) She is just like my younger sister We use to share every secret to each other. She never refused to help on any situation. I am a resrveved type of person ,,very friendly ,very helpful ,but something was missing in me , which  Rajni as a friend or sister judged but never disclosed to me  .It took about a year , one day she said if you don't mind  I want to ask you some questions about you.If you are comfortable  you can reply otherwise  just avoid She asked me few things ,she rightly questioned n I didn't hesitate to reply her..Next day morning she suggested me for Reiki n meditation. I took interest n learnt.She ibecame my Reiki Guru . Though I am not expert yet still practicing.. Truely Reiki helped me self healing. Must suggest everyone for Reiki

11 May 19

Priya Mohan

I have been in acquaintance with Ms Rajni Bhargav for the past ten yrs. Her persona has always been very impressive. Recently when I had an opportunity to attend her reiki and chakra sessions  I realised she is a person who steered my emotional as well as spiritual energies in the right direction.Her reiki n chakra classes were the driving forces which brought sudden awakening in me. Self realisation ,emotional stability and spiritual awareness in this mystic world are all some of the wonderful gifts which have been bestowed on me through her. I'm really greatful to her. May God give her more strength to lighten up many more lives.

10 May 19


i know Rajni from last 15 year  she is very amazing person and a very good teacher i hv learned reiki and meditation  and many more classes from her  I am also practicing  It is really amazing 

In today's life which sometime is so stressful meditation and reiki both help us we should do these courses and keep ourselves and others also fit 

I thank the universe for giving me such a beautiful person in my life has a friend  , teacher  and guide

Thank you a lot ????????







10 May 19

Dr Suruchi Agarwal

I have known Rajni Didi for the last 17 years.

She is an excellent Reiki teacher and healer.

Lots of people have benefited from her healing including my family

Wishing her all the best for her future endeavors


10 May 19

Yashomati Dasgupta

My first impression about Rajni Madam, when I first met her, was that she is a wonderful wonderful person, exuding so much positivity, that is really infectious. She is always there to help people and under her guidance and inspiration we did lot of charitable works, like helping street children and poor school students and giving funds to many orphanages and old homes. My personal experience with her as a great healer was when my mother in law and myself were seriously ill and she and her group did reiki for us and we experienced a very quick recovery. My mother, who is suffering from cancer, is also able to fight the disease and take all the chemos without any difficulty because of Rajni Madam's guidance and her group's reiki. I am extremely grateful for her help and support in these difficult times. Love you Madam! You are a great friend! 

09 May 19

Mrs Kamlesh Rastogi

Me too as a healer got associated with Rajni Mam. I think it'll be difficult for me too describe her in words. A wonderful person so as a healer she is extraordinary. The best part is, she is compatible with everyone, listens to each and every one very patiently, discuss the matter thoroughly n then move forward may be either it's teaching of any modality or may be it's for healing someone. My experience with her is no doubtly excellent with healing.

Her approach to teaching is very easy hence make students comfortable in class this in return gives them utmost knowledge with better understanding. Rajni Mam maintains proper and timely followups with her clients and students. 

I would suggest Rajni Mam, a very right and perfect healer to learn or to get heal.


09 May 19

Nikita Shah

I have known Rajni Aunty for many years. 

I have studied Reiki with her briefly and taken sessions for physical ailments related distress. 

Indeed,  helpful .

She is a wonderful person and a teacher. 

She is just a call away and is ready to help out. 

Thanks Aunty for your healing. ????????????

09 May 19


It's been a great experience learning reike from rajni maami...she is a great mentor and really a positive person ...she has helped me at each and every step of reike even after learning...she has been a great help in my day to day life...so is the reike...I guess everyone should experience the power of reike and make ur life positive with its powers.. 

09 May 19

Sheetal furia

Learning reiki from rajni aunty has been a blessing for myself and even for healing others.

Rajni mam always motivates me and guides me to use reiki in my day to day life which works like magic everytime...

Have even seen miracles of distant healing which Rajni mam has done for my brother while he was hospitalised with dengue.All his blood parameters started showing improvement and helped in speedy recovery..

09 May 19


In fact I was never aware of such a distant healing method... once I spoke to Rajni and casually shared my problem. She advised me to go for it and I thought why not if u can get relief.. and it actually worked for me... thanks to her ...

09 May 19


I learnt Reiki for the first time when I was in class 4th, there on went on to do the master level from well my mom here. Reiki has become a part of everyday life. It helps in remaining positive in all situations, no panic anytime even with a small baby. It is like having something in you and with you all the time to cure any problems of any kind.

I feel everyone must go through the experience once. 

09 May 19


Learning Reiki from Rajni has been a very  nice experience and she is very dependable even later. 

Even her distanthealings are very helpful for the sick and for students ! Great going 

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