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On Board the Reiki Bus (43 Years)

We are a group of Reiki-ists who love how it feels when we do Reiki as a group. We call it a Reiki Shower. We also practice Hypnotherapy, Tarot & Tarot Numerology, Oracle Card Readings, Handwriting Analysis, Crystal Healing & Teach Reiki and Oracle Cards.
We are Kanika Aswani, Sabinder Kaur, Dr Sujal Patel, Shivani Das & Darpan Kaur.


We follow the Usui Method of Reiki. Hypnotherapy from CHII. Tarot & Angel Cards from Doreen Virtue / Hay House.

I have boarded the Reiki bus a while back, and I feel absolutely great that I was called upon by Reiki! The Reiki girls are an awesome gang- transforming people's lives, energising them to manifest their desires and bringing greater harmony to this universe.

I've said it before and I say it again- I adore all the work you do, and I hope you can reach out to millions and bring to them the gift of Reiki the way you brought to me. ~ Saumya Pandey Jain, Vishakhpatnam

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20 Feb 16

Zeenat Lakdwalla

I met Darpan in 2009 -10 (the roughest years of my life). Through her I was introduced to Archangels and since then there has been no looking back on my journey. I distinctively remember through the sessions Darpan sit there patiently working with understanding my need for support and also my inhibation to the technique (had never heard of them before). She is an amazing guide and a healer. This week when I interacted with her after a gap of almost 5 years realised nothing between us had changed we picked it up right where had left it. 

It is beautiful to see that people are able to get their distant healing done through the ML Violet Flame group where Darpan gives us an undivided one hour attention helping us through Reiki. It is simply awesome. Thank you thank you thank you so much for your care and love.

God Bless you!!!

Love and Sunshine 




On Board the Reiki Bus 09 Oct 2015 12:37 AM

3 Mantras that can change your life

Our relationship with sound is at the primordial level, we feel the vibrations at the core of our being and respond to it. We know that music can make us feel emotions without the need for lyrics. When we hear drumbeats, it is not just the ears that hear the vibrations, we can feel it in our hearts. Chanting is a part of many cultures and civilizations and actually pre-dates any formal religion or religious community. Chanting has nothing to do with religion or even a particular god, but more to do with vibrations and sound.

When we chant we create a vibration in our body and that vibration clears our chakras and our energy fields, it changes our thought patterns and we know the power of positive words and a positive attitude! 

When we speak or chant a mantra, the words and their meaning is secondary. The important thing is the vibrations that produce the sound. And change occurs at a deep cellular level, where the meaning of words is meaningless. That is the power of mantras.

Mantra literally means a word or phrase that helps the mind (man) ferry across (tra) the ocean of emotions, pain, pleasure, anger, greed, lust, worry, ego etc. Chanting is an amazing way to stop our mind from going down the negative spiral. Ever tried to stop a thought? You cannot, right? But you can divert your mind and a chanting practice is a wonderful way of shifting your thoughts positively. 

The rule of thumb for chanting a matra is 108 times for 40 days. Seems like a lot but it takes all of 8 minutes to do a 108 round. A chanting meditation is best but if you can add on singing/chanting them through the day it can really make a day glorious. In fact, some of the tunes are so lovely, you could just sing along anyway. Deva Premal's mantra music is amazing on the ears. And so is the chanting of the Gamelan Monks.

If you decide to do the mantra practice, be aware that you will be a master manifestor, so watch your thoughts and keep them positive. 

Ganesha Mantra - This is often called the Root Chakra Mantra. It is related to basic needs of safety, security and protection. Many use it for financial stability or with things related to the home. And it is, of course, used when you start a new venture. But you can use this mantra for much more than that. 

When things are not going right, for difficulties or obstacles, or simply for clarity of mind, try this mantra ‘Om gum ganapatiye namah’. The vibration of this mantra bundles all the disparate thoughts into one cohesive thought. And we know that when the mind has single-minded focus then all things are attainable. 

It is referred to as the great obstacle remover mantra. The obstacles that the mantra removes are the ones in our mind, and as they clear, our external path clears. It is a great mantra for decision-making, especially when the mind is in conflict. 

After a few days of chanting you will notice the absence of noise in your head. Some people claim that they can see better or sharper after the 40 day practice of the mantra. 

The Ultimate Heart Mantra - For love, compassion kindness and gratitude there really isn’t anything like ‘Om mani padme hum’. The mantra actually clears all the chakras not just the heart. But it’s the heart where all healing starts from and it’s the first chakra it opens.

It roughly translates to ‘hail to the jewel in the lotus’, an ode to Quan Yin, the bodhisattva of compassion. Chanting this mantra is about invoking your own inner jewel in the lotus. The lotus is the symbol of enlightenment, as it grows in the mud, yet blossoms to it’s full glory. 

The mantra is about being that lotus, of not reacting to the world around us but gently opening our heart and blossoming, irrespective of what our situation in life is. 

As you chant this mantra you will realize that you feel less irritated at people, you will find yourself speaking more warmly to people, you will attract kinder, nicer people to your life. And you will smile a lot more

The most amazing thing about this mantra is the cool breeze that follows as you start chanting it. It is Quan Yin’s signature to let you know she’s with you. Keep watch for it, it’s quite incredible.

The Sikh Mool Mantra - This mantra is for finding yourself, finding or feeling the connectedness to self and to the universe around you, and finding that connect with the divine (whoever or whatever the divine may be for you). And for seeing and perceiving clearly, for headaches, ear ache and eye troubles. Called the mool mantra or the root mantra , ‘Ek Onkar, Satnam’, is the unity mantra that opens up the crown chakra and gets that connection going. 

Associated with the crown chakra this mantra clears up your crown like no other. So if you are feeling sad or depressed, chant this one. Or if you are not feeling the love for your fellow beings, chant this. If you are suffering from hair fall, chant this - seriously, it's amazing for your hair!

It is multi-layered and roughly translates to ‘there is one universal god and ‘om’ is the truth of existence. And god is within. So chanting this mantra unites you with the god or the universal energy, which is within and without.

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